19 Dec 2018


A good home builder doesn’t have to be hard to find. In fact, with research, quality home builders should be fairly obvious – at least it should be if you know what you’re looking for.

So, what should you look for? What makes a good home builder?

Let’s take a look!

1. They Have a Great Reputation

How do you find out what their reputation is? Take a look at previous customer reviews or testimonials. These will tell you a lot about the company and how they work. What do previous clients think about them?

Another great part to check out here is how long the company has been in business for. Are they experienced? What’s their history like? Are there homes that they’ve build that you can go check out? Get a rounded idea and picture of their reputation. Your instincts and the evidence will tell you whether it is good or bad.


Perform a quick Google search of the company and read their Google My Business reviews. Are they positive? Do they have negative reviews left unanswered? Do the reviews look natural? 

2. They Show Flexibility

  • Do they have more than a couple house or floor plans?
  • Do they customize?

Some will change things for the customers. Others won’t. A good home builder considers each clients wants and needs – and is more likely and ready to make modifications where necessary. Plus, you want a home builder that suits your needs. If it doesn’t make a good match and you don’t like their style, chances are that you should go with someone else. It may vary from person to person.

3. They Seem Busy, But Not Too Busy

A sign of business is good. A sign that they are too busy for your business is not good. You might find your home build lacks attention. They might be hard to get a hold of if they have too many projects on the go. Make sure it seems like they can handle the workload (a good builder knows his or her workload limits).

In addition, if they don’t seem to have much business, ask yourself why. Are they new to town? Have you looked at their reviews? Are they just starting? What’s going on? A quality builder will have reviews, a portfolio, and frequently, obvious business.

4. They Have Credentials

Most builders have some sort of registration or credibility to their name. What organizations are they part of? What sort of qualifications do they have? Find out before you hire them.

Another important thing to watch out for is if they have a warranty or not. Look into the background on the warranty as well. How long does it last? A good builder will have a reliable and credited warranty for their services. They will also normally tell you about it or have it advertised on their sites or in their ads.

And if you aren’t sure… ask them! It doesn’t hurt.

5. They’re Honest With You

If what you want won’t fit your budget, they’ll tell you straight – as opposed to jumping around the idea. Normally, you should feel a sense of trust with the builder. You shouldn’t feel like you’re being told what you want to hear. Consider these things when you have your initial meeting with the builder. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough info or they’re brushing you off, go with a different builder.

6. They’re Staff is Attentive, Knowledgeable, & Professional

If you’ve called them a million times with no call back, they aren’t a good builder – or at least not a good match for you possible. Your builder should get back to you in a timely manner – normally within a 24-48 hour time period. When you ask questions, they should have a full-fledged answer. They should be knowledgeable on the topic.

You should also get a sense of professionalism from them. If problems arise along the way, you should feel like they will address them promptly, effectively, and correctly.

7. They Have an Obvious Commitment to Service

They aim to deliver a quality customer service experience. On their website, it states that they strive for top customer service. Or they might mention that they put their customers first. This is important. You’ll want to be able to communicate with them and talk over ideas with them. If you can’t talk to them or get a hold of them or you feel pressured to have a certain design, they aren’t demonstrating good customer service. You should feel like part of the team.

8. They Show Signs of Continual Learning

With new technology and products coming out all the time, a good home builder will stay ahead of the game. They’ll be on top of what’s new and improved in the homebuilding world. If not, they’ll fall behind. This aspect may align with how knowledgeable the person is when you ask them questions.

9. They’re Homes Look Good

Go check out some of the homes they’ve build. How are they withstanding the challenges of time? What do they look like? You want your styles to align. And if you like their previous work, they might be the right builder for you.

10. Are They Involved in Any Industry Groups?

Most good builders are part of Canada’s Home Builder’s Association. These memberships can indicate whether the company is up to speed on current events, regulations, and rules. Some will have this information posted on their websites. Others when you initially meet them may have signs of it hanging around their offices.

11. What is Their Level of Experience?

We brushed over this briefly before. But always make sure to check out how long they’ve been in business for and how long they’ve been building similar structures to what you’re after. If they’ve only done commercial properties, it might not be a good fit. However, if you’re looking for rustic homes and that’s right up their ally, you may have found your match.

This blog was brought to you by Adam Slivka of Western Pa Homes.

Don’t sell yourself short. Do your research. Meet with multiple builders. You’ll find the one. And when you do, it’ll be entirely worthwhile. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing your future home is in good hands.


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