15 Apr 2021

Keeping Your Kitchen At Its Best

It doesn’t matter how well-designed your kitchen was in the world of yesteryear. Over time, it will decline. There are signs it’s time to upgrade. You should definitely plan on upgrading or refurbishing kitchens every ten years; but, you need not do the whole thing at once.

What may be a wise choice is to approach things a bit more strategically. For example, at the right time based on your locality every year, you might want to do a “kitchen checkup”. If you’re in California, though it’s wisest to do such things in the spring, the weather is conducive to such checkups and appropriate upgrades year-round.

In colder climates, late spring or early summer is smarter; getting the work you need when there are several feet of snow on the ground can be difficult. That said, there are online options available today which make the process easy. Regardless, you should do checkups at intervals, and it’s smart to do them once a year. So what are they, exactly?

Well, a kitchen checkup is just what it sounds like. Every year, you should go through your kitchen—top to bottom—consider what’s there, and consider what should be upgraded, fixed, or replaced.

What Are Kitchen Checkups You Should Do Once A Year

Appliance Considerations

For example, your microwave is likely not doing as well now as it did when you bought it. Replacing it is a pretty simple matter and quite cost-effective.

Sometimes your microwave is part of an “oven” unit, though, and getting it replaced will be a little bit more complex. Accordingly, in that situation your best move is to determine whether the oven is still doing well, or if it would benefit from some sort of replacement.

The same sort of thinking should be brought to dishwashers and disposals. Also, look at your trash compactor. Is it sitting in its assigned position as it’s supposed to? Is it working as it did when you purchased it? Well then, perhaps it doesn’t need to be replaced. But if it isn’t, it’s definitely time to consider switching things up.

RTA Cabinetry

A big change that can be very good for your business overall involves upgrading cabinets. There are different sorts of conventions available right now, and one of the most efficient in the modern world is RTA cabinetry. RTA stands for “Ready To Assemble”. Essentially, you put in specifications of the cabinets you need online, and they’re shipped to your location.

Once they arrive where you are, you assemble them on-site. This is pretty convenient, especially for kitchens that have non-traditional dimensions. Follow the link to explore what’s available through a business providing the latest options in RTA kitchen cabinets. In your annual checkups, cabinetry is a prime consideration.

What Are Kitchen Checkups You Should Do Once A Year


Next, you may want to look at the flooring in your kitchen. As you explore the space, see if the linoleum is curling up at the edges. Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP, can be a cost-effective addition that is relatively easy to install; just assure that you push this flooring up under walls and trim without making it flush against the space at the interstice between floor and wall.

Here are some in-depth installation tips; this is the big one: you want about a half-inch of space on all the ends because there’s going to be a level of “flexing” owing to changes in weather.

Hot weather expands, cold weather contracts. Get LVP flush against the walls, and you’ll have bubbles in the floor. So it’s something relatively easy to install—you can probably get even a big floor done in a day, if you start early and work carefully. Just be careful to allow for expansion and contraction.

Keeping Your Kitchen Up To Date

Remodel and refurbishment can be expensive, but if you go with an annual kitchen checkup, replacing things as necessary going the DIY route is easy, you’ll maintain your kitchen’s value, and you can save money in the process. To that end, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances are chief considerations.

More in-depth work from checkups may involve replacing countertops or installing features that weren’t previously there; like a food prep island, or something of the kind. Provided you explore your kitchen every year or so to determine what can be done, and what should be done, you’ll always be on top of it.


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