Ways a New Home Can Save You Money

The price of building a new home is often a barrier for people looking to purchase a house. They like the idea of designing and building their own dream home, but are too intimidated to check on the price of a new home. While upfront it may seem expensive to buy a new home as opposed to buying an older one, when you purchase a new home there are many ways that you are going to save money in the long run.

No renovations required

Building a new home with an experienced company such as Forever Homes means that you are getting a new home built to your specifications. This will save you on renovation costs such as getting rid of the dastardly carpet or knocking out a wall to open things up. It will be painted in colors of your choice and move-in ready when it is completed. When you design and build your own home, you are getting what you want right from the start.

More energy efficient

New homes can also save you money on your monthly bills because it will be much more energy efficient than a home built, say 20+ years ago. All new appliances and other fixtures mean that you can opt for the most energy efficient models to save on electricity and power. You will also save on water when you have new water heaters that are much more efficient than the older models.

No maintenance

Because everything is new there will not be as much expense for maintenance. It is less likely that you will have problems with anything and if you do, most items will be under warranty and will not be your expense to have it fixed. With a reputable builder like Forever Homes you will also have a builder’s warranty when you purchase one of their newly constructed homes.


New homes have a higher resale value. When people are looking at homes they are often wary of purchasing an older home knowing there may be expenses such as replacing windows and doors or repairing an aging roof. With a new home that is not a concern. With a new home you know that you will be buying a quality home that is equipped with the latest features and one that complies with the building code. With the purchase of a new home you will have to pay GST but you may qualify for a GST rebate.

If you are ready to build a new home that is energy efficient, requires minimum maintenance, no renovations and has a high resale value, contact us today. We have been building dream homes in London, Ontario for over 20 years.


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