24 Jul 2018

One of the first steps to building your custom home is researching and picking a home builder. The hope is that the building process goes smoothly, with maybe a few minor hitches but nothing major.

Perhaps this builder cuts you a good deal. Maybe you know them and they really need this job. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong builder can drive up your costs and slow down your build. It’s best to get things right the first go-around, not the second or the third.

So, what are some red flags you should watch out for? What are the warning signs that you picked the wrong builder? 

1. The deal seems too good.

Their cost sounds too low. It sounds too good to be true. Research the expected costs beforehand, so you have a grasp on what you should be paying. If someone offers you something significantly less, they might not know their stuff. Shop around first.

2. They don’t have any credentials.

If they don’t have any proof citing their qualifications or licenses, find someone else. Most reliable and accredited builders will have an online presence that outlines their experience and qualifications. They will have reviews showing that they have done this before with fairly pleasant outcomes. Again, do your research! You want someone experienced, qualified, insured, and fully licensed. It indicates their care for safety, their reliability, and their ability to get the job done right.

3. They treat their staff or contractors poorly.

Watch how they treat others. If they treat their staff badly or their reviews indicate bad blood, it may be best to avoid them. They might very well treat you with as little respect as they treat their co-workers. Building the home of your dreams should be an exciting and happy time. If you have to beat down the door of your builder regarding questions or concerns, it can escalate quickly and become more of a hassle than it needs to be. 

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4. They don’t listen to your input.

“Trust me, you’ll love it!” “Don’t worry – we picked the best cabinets for you.” If you don’t get to pick and choose items for your home, what are you paying for? Building your custom home is about customizing your new place the way you want it to be. If someone isn’t looking for your input or is choosing everything for you, that’s not a good sign. Communication is important to ensure you are happy with the end product. You have to live in the new home. Thus, your happiness and input should be at the top of your homebuilders’ lists.

5. It just does not feel right.

Like relationships and like jobs, sometimes it just isn’t a good match. You value different things, you don’t feel comfortable, or your personalities don’t mesh. It happens. There are many builders to choose from so don’t settle. Find one that works for you and your dreams.

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