26 Aug 2022

The last few years have led to people being cooped up inside their homes for months on end, which means they have been binging HGTV and side-eyeing their interior designs. This has led to so many fun and fantastic new trends popping up in home design, even in the lighting department. If you want to check out some of the top best interior lighting trends of 2022, then have a look at this great list.

Illuminate the outdoors

The first place you should look at is your exterior lighting which will likely need to be updated. Many people have started installing more lighting outside to spend more time enjoying the fresh air so look for lighting that goes with the same theme as the exterior of your home. Upgrading older exterior lighting is a great way to make sure your exterior has the illumination it needs while adding in some new features to help out your energy bills.

Exterior lights are a great way to add some illumination to dark pathways, and people have started to use them for decoration too. For farmhouse-style homes, look for hanging lanterns that can be dimmed to mimic candlelight, and for modern homes, check out some of the amazing garden lights (like globe lights or cube lights) that have become popular in the last year.

Light up the living room

Living room lighting has taken itself to a new level, and people have become much bolder when it comes to the living room lighting trends of 2022. Large art deco-style chandeliers and space age lamps have started to come back into style. People have begun to look at lighting as something they can use as a focal point or statement piece instead of looking at it as a boring essential.

If you’d prefer to stick with traditional lighting for your rustic farmhouse home, look into wooden chandeliers with exposed Edison-style bulbs. These are a great addition to your vintage living room, plus they bring in some old-world charm, and they don’t look too modern compared to other fixtures. You can also use smaller lamps like faux lanterns to add some light to the lower levels of the room.

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Brighten up your kitchen

Kitchens have started to see a similar trend as the living room with ample lighting making a big statement right now, but the theme is a bit more understated. Long hanging lights are very popular, along with iron chandeliers that add a nice rustic look. People have also started to add lights underneath their cabinets to make the space much brighter during the night hours.

Most of the kitchen lighting trends of 2022 involve the lighting being nice and bare. Exposed bulbs and wiring are popular, and they can make the space have a funky loft-style look. Matte black fixtures have also become very popular as they go with everything and provide a classy look to any room.

Shed some light on your dining room

Dining rooms are great because you usually don’t have to worry about people bumping into your light fixture all the time. The dining room is a great place to use whimsical-looking lights to add a bit of fun. You can get away with some gorgeous low-hanging lights above the table that have exposed Edison-style bulbs or fun covers like globes.

If you have a larger dining space that needs a bit more light, then look into mixing and matching your light style or hanging your lights at different heights. Hanging multiple lights at different levels adds depth to the space, and using multiple styles can make the room look unique and interesting.

Bring the light into your bathrooms

Your bathroom is one place where you want to make sure you are giving it as much light as possible. There are plenty of ways to do this, but natural light is one of the best choices. To achieve this look while keeping your privacy intact, look at using a window treatment like static privacy film that can turn your window frosted in a few minutes so you can let the light in and keep prying eyes out.

If you aren’t in a good position to capture the rays of the sun, then you can fake it with bright lights. Vanity lights are still trendy, especially with the rise of people filming makeup tutorials. Another fun interior lighting trend for 2022 has been surrounding your mirror or lighting it from the sides (instead of from up above) as a great way to light up the whole space and make the mirror much more accessible.

Make it shine in your bedroom

Your bedroom is another great place to rework your lighting and add some of the best bedroom lighting trends of 2022 in there.

Many designers have started to shy away from bedside table lamps and started to favour hanging pendant lamps instead. These can be hung above the bed or above a bedside table and controlled by themselves so you can enjoy as much or as little lighting as you’d like.

Another huge trend that has come along with the rise of people turning to eco-conscious ideas are lamps made using natural materials. With the rise of LED lights, people have been able to use things like leaves, tree bark, and bamboo to make lamps that won’t become fire hazards. These are perfect for rustic or natural-themed rooms that are looking for an excellent focal point.

Let a little light in your entertainment room

The pandemic made many people choose to upgrade their entertainment areas after spending so much time stuck inside watching tv. Wi-fi-enabled lights are great but with a smart tv enabled LED light system, you can dim the lights and let the LEDs extend the colours from your screen into the rest of the room.

Many popular systems include a strip of LED lights and a camera that tracks the colours on the screen and matches them to the lights, so you get the full experience when you’re watching an underwater or laser fighting scene.

If your entertainment room is less for movies and more for music, then have a look at some of the great sound-triggered lights on the market. You can use these lights to brighten up the space in the daytime but switch them to the perfect party accessory at nighttime with the click of a button. These lights will pulse along to the heavy bass and add an extra layer of excitement to your next dance party.

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Extend the shine in your backyard

If you want to extend the time you spend outdoors during the night hours, then lighting up your backyard is one of the best ways to do it. The pandemic has also made many people focus on their yards and gardens as a way to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way, so this has brought a huge boom in people upgrading their outdoor décor.

People have started to ditch their old string lights in favour of path lights, stair lights, wall sconces, and stake lights to make sure their whole backyard is lit up nicely.

There are so many different lights for different areas and if you want to be able to control them all together, then look into replacing your bulbs with smart bulbs that can be controlled using your voice-activated systems (like Alexa or google home) or using a separate hub. These are easy to install, replace and control, and they will save you quite a bit on your energy bills.

Get eco-friendly

When it comes to lighting up your entire home, it can cost you if you tend to leave lights on when they are not needed. Many people all over the country have started to become concerned about their carbon footprint, so they have started to switch the entire home over to smart bulbs or low-energy bulbs instead of the higher wattage incandescent. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills, and the bulbs typically last much longer than the cheaper alternative, so they are worth the price.

Smart bulbs have so many great features, but they are great for those who are a bit forgetful as they can be easily controlled, even if you aren’t at home. Low-energy bulbs are also a great option if you want to start making some inexpensive changes around the house, and they can be easily found at hardware stores.

Lighting is one of the best ways to change up the look of the space without doing too much work. A small change in the bulb wattage, the lighting fixture or the lights’ position can make the room different. These are just a few of the significant lighting trends of this year, but there are plenty of others you can find online if you want to add some new lighting to your home.

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