14 Jun 2022

Summer in London, Ontario, is beautiful and the city welcomes many tourists each year. The weather is terrific, and the city has become a fantastic place to relax and unwind. It’s usually warm and pleasant, with an average temperature of 24 – 26 degrees Celsius. Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy London. If you’re in London, Ontario, things to do this summer are simple to find as the city is always bustling and maintains an outstanding balance between busy and serene.

Getting around London is surprisingly simple. There are plenty of bus routes, ride-sharing companies, cycling, and walking trails. But, if you’re visiting summer 2022 London Ontario, with little ones, it might be even more exciting! There are plenty of things to do with excitement waiting around every corner. London, ON, is a fantastic city with everything you need for fun, excitement, and entertainment.

Our guide is sharing the top things to do this summer in 2022 London Ontario offers. You’ll find activities with all different price points, ranging from low to high. Our list is comprehensive, so get your pen ready to take notes! We bet by the end, you’ll have a few ideas in mind that you’ll want to try.

1. Ride your bike.

If you don’t have a bike, visit London Bicycle Cafe at 355 Clarence Street and rent one! Biking is a great exercise and mode of transportation. London Ontario offers more than 350km of bike paths, including the Thames Valley Parkway, connecting several paths. It’s a great city to get out and pedal.

2. Feed the ducks.

Take a walk to a pond and feed the local ducks. First, it’s healthy to get moving and be active, and second, ducks are so cute!

Ponds In London, Ontario

  • Westminster Ponds – This nature preserve has five ponds, 10 km of walking trails, and an enormous amount of lush green trees, plants, and wildflowers. You’ll spot various birds, ducks, and other wild animals right in their natural habitat.
  • Canterbury Pond – See how many turtles, ducks, and beavers you spot when you visit Canterbury Pond. Tie up your hiking boots and get lost in nature!

3. Make smores.

Host a backyard bonfire and make smores. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows roasted over a fire make for a tasty summer treat!

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4. Go stargazing.

Sprawl out a soft blanket on the prickly grass and lay down. Gaze up at the stars and see if you can spot any constellations! There are a few places that are fantastic to spot the stars. If you’re up for a drive, check out Binbrook Conservation Area to see beautiful skies.

Popular Constellations To Spot

  • The Big Dipper
  • The Little Dipper
  • Orion
  • Taurus

5. Build an epic sand castle.

Building sand castles is fun, but just lying on the beach is so relaxing. We’re not judging here. Here are a few beaches in London, Ontario, to check out this summer.

  • Port Stanley Main Beach – This beach has soft, fine sand, a children’s playground, beach wheelchairs, a concession stand, and is environmentally friendly!
  • Port Bruce – This beach features soft, shallow waves and a very relaxed vibe.
  • Grand Bend – This beach has warm waters and extensive sandy shores. (Perfect for sand castle building contests!)

6. Visit the zoo.

No matter your age, visiting the zoo is fun. It’s educational, informative, and fun. Luckily for you, there are many places in/near London, Ontario, where you can explore animals and their protected habitats.

Zoo’s In/Near London Ontario

  • African Lion Safari – Take a vehicle tour through several habitats and see the African Lion. This activity is very family-friendly and even has a children’s splash pad!
  • Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory – This conservatory is filled with lush, colorful, tropical gardens, exotic birds, and approximately 2,000 butterflies!
  • Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary – The Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary is home to thousands of birds. It’s an immaculate place to visit.
  • Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch – There isn’t anything better than Alpaca’s, is there? Visit this ranch and play with the Alpacas!

7. Visit a theme park.

Theme parks are exciting. They’re a gateway to immerse yourself into a fantasy world, test your fears and boundaries, and have a lot of fun. Luckily, London, ON, has plenty of amazing options!

Theme Parks In/Near London Ontario

  • Storybook Gardens – This theme park has nursery-themed rides. It’s perfect for families and little ones!
  • Fantasy Fair – Fantasy Fair is an indoor amusement park. It features many rides and concessions. In fact, it even has a 1911 carousel!
  • Centreville Amusement Park – This amusement park has a ton of fun rides.

8. Tie up your rollerblades and get skating!

Rollerblading is fantastic low impact cardio and super fun. It’s a great way to improve heart health, muscle endurance, and overall wellness. Check out Harris Park or Springbank Park for well-maintained paths ideal for rollerblading.

9. Get some ice cream.

London, Ontario, is home to some tasty ice cream shops! Check out Haven’s Creamery on Piccadilly Street or Roli Poli Ice Cream on Richmond Street. Summer is ice cream season, after all.

10. Visit the farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets are a very important, integral part of the community. They’re a great place to get fresh seasonal produce, support small businesses, and be more earth-friendly. In addition, you can talk with the farmers, make new friends and support the “little guy” essentially.

Farmer’s Markets In/Near London Ontario

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11. Visit the library.

Libraries are fantastic places to visit and spend time. Reading is a brain-strengthening habit that helps to increase your vocabulary. In addition, it helps to increase memory and relieve stress. The library often hosts free community programs and various reading clubs as well.

Libraries In London, Ontario

12. Attend a festival.

Going to festivals is a fun way to spend time. You’ll create memories and experience culture, music, and so much more. London, Ontario, is a place that hosts an enormous amount of festivals on all size scales. You can find both large and small events celebrating various things.

Festivals in London Ontario

  • Vintage on the Block
  • Annual London Pride Parade
  • Gathering on the Green
  • London International Food and Drink Festival

13. View a movie at a drive-in theater.

Visit The Mustang Drive-In and watch a movie. The drive-in has a terrific concession stand filled with goodies!

14. Catch fireflies.

Fireflies typically hang out in long grass near marshy areas. Simply wait for the sun to go down and look for tiny flashing lights to find them. Fireflies are delicate, so be sure to handle them with care.

15. Play water balloon baseball.

Fill up some water balloons and grab your baseball bat. Water balloon baseball is a fantastic activity for families. It’s simple to set up in a backyard or a park. It will provide hours of fun and cool you down from the London, Ontario, summer heat.

16. Enjoy outdoor live entertainment.

Summers in London, Ontario are filled with music and entertainment. There are many outdoor venues to take in awesome music, sunshine, and great people.

Outdoor Concerts in London Ontario

17. Go thrifting!

Visiting and shopping at thrift stores is an affordable, eco-friendly way to revamp your wardrobe, decorate your house, find incredibly unique gifts, and more. Thrift stores have an ever-changing selection, so it’s always an adventure to visit.

Thrift Stores in London, Ontario

  • Talize Thrift Store
  • Mission Store
  • St. Vincent de Paul Store
  • Goodwill Center

18. Go kayaking.

Kayaking is a terrific way to see and feel the deep waters. It requires some energy and strength and increases your upper body and core endurance. It’s a great mood booster and, when done frequently, can improve heart health. Kayaking is relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. You’ll see sights from a new angle and feel the waters in a new way.

Excellent Places To Kayak in London, Ontario

  • Thames River
  • Fanshawe Conservation Area Trails
  • Westminster Ponds Trail

19. Pitch a tent and go backyard camping.

When was the last time you pitched a tent? It can be a hilarious experience. Pitch your tent in your backyard and take in some good ol’ simple camping. Listen to the grasshoppers, watch the stars, and maybe even have a fire? The fresh air is so, so good for you, and we bet you’ll have a lot of fun. Should you have little ones, you can even get them involved too. (Unless you want a night away, we’re not judging here.) Camping is so great for you in so many ways. More importantly, though, it’s a ton of fun!

20. Hit the patio.

Summertime is patio season, and London, Ontario, knows how to do patio season. The city has hundreds of restaurants with patios located throughout. It’s a great way to soak up the sun, enjoy some excellent food, drink, and mingle.

Patios To Check Out In London, Ontario

There are many awesome things to do this summer in London, Ontario. Regardless of what kind of adventure you’re seeking, this city has it waiting for you. So if you still need a few more ideas for fun things to do this summer in London, Ontario, don’t worry; we’re not done yet. Below you’ll find a few more simple ideas of what to do this summer.

What to do this summer in London, ON:

See? The amount of things to do this summer in London, Ontario, is huge. There are festivals, events, enchanting parks, impressive waters, and so much more. So whatever kind of adventure you’re craving, we’re positive London, Ontario, has it.

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