22 Feb 2018

Out with the old, in with the new!

With the start of a new year now underway, the time is now to reveal what home design trends will be popular in 2018. Last year’s popular subway tiles, rose gold and exposed lighting are on their way out, only to be replaced by some fantastic new trends. See ten of them below:

1. Rich Colours: Cooler neutrals are expected to be overtaken by warm grays, earthy reds, statement pinks, organic greens and bold yellows. As rich and moody colours, they compliment homes aiming for a soothing, diverse environment and will help showcase muted furnishings or decorative décor.

2. Natural Elements: Coppers, concretes and granites make an appearance to help create a serene environment throughout the home. As an eye-catching design element, these natural elements can be used in more places than just countertops and flooring; think furniture and lighting, too.

3. Vintage Lighting: Retro fixtures are outfitted with new technology to become beautiful, eye-catching sconces, lanterns and chandeliers. Lighting will be less exposed, and popular finishes will include brass and copper.

4. Agate Wallpaper: 2018 will see last year’s trend of wallpaper usage continue, but this time agate wallpaper will make a popular appearance! Agate wallpaper’s vibrant colours, natural uninformed lines and colours compliment 2018’s bold and natural trends.

5. Floral Patterns: Just like in the 70’s and 80’s, floral patterns will be popular in 2018, too! Think high-contrast colours and exaggerated patterns for this year’s popular floral print.

6. Flashy Sinks: Goodbye, boring white and stainless-steel sinks! Welcome, farmhouse style sinks made out of darker hues of concrete, stone, copper and granite composite! Besides the kitchen, this trend will spread to the bathroom and laundry room, where trough or bucket sinks will make a big comeback.

7. Colourful Kitchens: In 2018, homeowners are looking to personalize themselves more in their kitchen. Rather than using boring hues, rich colours like warm wood tones and neutrals will give kitchens a fresh, fun new look. Think mahogany, gray and blue when envisioning this trend in your own kitchen!

8. Wallpaper-type BackSplash: Whether it be your kitchen or your bathroom, wallpaper-like backsplashes take the spotlight from subway or hexagon tiles. Choose a tile design that resembles wood, concrete, resin, fabric or wallpaper.

9. Velvet Furnishings: Back from the 70s era, velvet decor will reappear as one of 2018’s most sought-after trends. Once viewed as stuffy and old-fashioned, velvet is now seen as funky and elegant.

10. Calming Bedroom Environment: Master bedrooms will be designed with more minimalist and modern furnishings, utilizing soothing, neutral colours and soft fabrics.

Incorporating 2018 Home Trends into Your Home

Are you planning on building a custom home in the London and surrounding area this year? If so, Forever Homes has the experience and knowledge to build a custom home that will remain in style for many years to come!

Whether you’re building a new home or updating your current one, we’d love to know which of these exciting home trends you plan on incorporating into your own home! Comment below to let us know.

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