21 Mar 2018

Choosing the lot for your new house and picking out the various features is step one toward making your new house your new home! Next, is decorating and selecting a colour scheme for your new place. It can be tough making these decisions; the number of different colours and hues can be overwhelming at times.

Don’t panic! At Forever Homes, we are here to help.

Let’s start with the basics.

Light and bright colours make a space appear more open. If you have a small area, this may be beneficial to make it look less cramped!

Dark and deeper hues can create bold and edgy contrasts. However, depending on where the darker shades are applied, they can also make a room feel smaller.

There is, also, a distinct difference between warm and cooler shades. Warm colours create a more homey and cozy feel to your home. Whereas, cooler shades lean toward a more calm and peaceful vibe.

To start, many designers recommend choosing colours for your main or central rooms first. The other option is to start with the area which will incorporate more bold colours. You can branch out from these central points and gradually choose colours that compliment. Further, building a palette with the same or similar hues can avoid conflicting colour schemes.

So, what are the colour trends of 2018?

If you want to stay on top of trends, we have you covered! The following are home colour trends that have taken off over the past few years.

1. Black is in!
Black shades offer bold and serious contrast statements. However, be careful with the darker shades! As aforementioned, they can make big rooms look small.

2. Berry shades add rich and vibrant colour to your interior space.
Choose deep raspberry, strawberry reds, and blueberry hues. These colours will add beauty to your home. They can also function as an accent colour, especially if you prefer to stick to more neutral main options.

3. Sunshine yellow adds a cheerful vibe to any room.
Yellow hues grab attention! Again, you can use yellow as a bright accent colour, or you can use it as your main choice. According to psychologists and various studies, yellow colours tend to exhibit a more happy and upbeat atmosphere. Many love this shade for their kitchens or bedrooms.

4. Blue and green trends create a calming and peaceful space.
Naturistic hues offer a mellow and beach feel to any room. Use these in spaces you want to relax in and promote a serene energy.

5. Neutrals continue to be everyone’s go-to!Shades of grey are the top neutral colours right now. Warm beige hues are other options that are currently big in interior design. Going neutral can make it easy to match with furniture, and decor. Choose lighter neutral colours to open up your space. You can’t go wrong with a straight-forward neutral shade! Further, going neutral means, you can easily choose any accent colour, or easily switch up your accent colour if you ever get sick of it.

Remember, you can always repaint the space years or decades down the road!

It is your space to do with what you want. Make it yours and make it unique to your personality and lifestyle! Most importantly, have fun with it! Create a space you enjoy and love.


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