17 Nov 2020

For those who don’t know, Feng Shui is a practice from Chinese tradition that aims to create a balance between the natural world and our homes. It utilizes energy forces to create harmony between you and your environment. At first glance, Feng Shui may seem a bit abstract, but once you dig a little deeper into the principles and philosophy, there are plenty of practices that are common sense that is readily applicable to your home and lifestyle. Feng Shui can have a positive effect on our moods and overall well-being.

Your Entryway

Within the philosophy, your home’s entryway represents how energy impacts your life and how it enters your home. The front door is the “Mouth of Qi.” The entrance is the first impression of your home and the first thing you see when returning home from a long day. Decluttering this space, keeping it clean and organized is essential to maintaining the balance. Typically, many extra items and debris become collected at the front door of your home, which can create chaos. As long as you have a system that works for you without extra clutter, it can work. Due to coming and going, the entry and doormat can become dirty, so ensure you’re wiping down the area, any windows, the doors, handles and keep the mat clean. Add any decor items that help make the space feel more welcoming and removing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Ensure the area is well lit and has a lot of light. Maximizing natural light is another crucial element.


Remove the Clutter

Especially in your daily path, there should be minimal clutter. Reflect and recount where you physically spend most of your time and keeping that area clear. Feng Shui is less about reducing clutter and more about creating more space. 


Balance the Elements

Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water should be incorporated into your space, either physically or symbolically. For example, for fire, you could have a fireplace or keep candles lit, or you can have fire-inspired artwork or incorporate reds and oranges in your decor. Striking a balance between all the elements and playing into which elements will help motivate you is a great strategy. Plants also embody life energy, so they are an important item to incorporate into your spaces. 


Slow Down the Energy

If your home has a layout where your front door and back door align so that you can see the back door from the front of the house, it means that the energy is flowing through your home too fast. It’s believed that it will pass through your space in one door and directly out the other. You can add elements to slow down the energy, like a great rug or some beautiful artwork. 


Functional Kitchen Space

Experts suggest having a triangular set up between your fridge, stove, and sink for the ultimate kitchen efficiency. There is also a deeper meaning, having two elements across from each other, water and fire. Since water extinguishes fire, there can be conflict having them directly across from each other. 





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