15 Mar 2019


Spring is in the air. And you know what that means. It’s time to jumpstart your annual spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new. And we’ve got everything you need to make this spring clean your best one yet!

Here are our top 50 spring cleaning hacks you wish you knew earlier:

1. Revamp Rusty Kitchen Knives with Bar Keepers Friend

You can purchase this one on Amazon so you won’t even have to leave your house for the items you need. It’s your answer to all things rusty. You can treat almost any metal with Bar Keepers Friend so it’s absolutely worth the buy.

2. Make Your Own Cleaning Device for Those Hard-To-Reach Vents

Do you ever find that no matter what you do your vents just always look kind of dirty still? Try this hack: Take a long rod – it could be a knife or anything that works here – and attach a rag or paper towel to the end. Then push it through the various parts of the vents. You’ll finally get all that dust off!

3. Spring Clean Screens with a Lint Roller

Wait – what? Yup, you can use a lint roller to clean of those hard-to-clean screens on your doors or windows. Try it out!

4. Vacuum and Scrub Your Bathroom Vents for Optimal Results

Vacuuming on the ceiling sounds silly – but it works. You can then scrub the vent down afterwards. Also, make sure to save cleaning the floor or anything under the vent until after you’ve cleaned the vent above.

5. Use a Magic Eraser for Oven Glass

It’s named magic for a reason. It gets out those grimy-looking stains – finally!

6. Use a Rubber Band, Ziploc Bag, and Vinegar for Your Shower Heads

Pour the vinegar into the bag. Wrap the bag around your shower head and seal it off with the rubber band. Voila! Let it clean itself for a little while, then return to remove it.

7. Got Some Old Pillow Cases Lying Around? Use Them For Your Ceiling Fans

Another hard to reach spot! But the pillowcase will reach it and catch the dust for you.

8. Use Dryer Sheets on Your Baseboards

You’ll wish you knew this one sooner. It won’t only clean it but will keep it clean for longer. It’ll help your baseboards repel all that dust that tends to gather in those corners.

9. Mineral Oil + A Cleaning Cloth = Be Gone Grease Dust!

Stove tops get gross. Let’s be real here. Oil is hard to clean. Use mineral oil and a cleaning cloth and you’ll finally be able to get off that sticky oil.

10. Pet Hair Problems? Water and Squeegee It.

For pet hair on the couch or car seats, spray it with a bit of water. Then use a squeegee to get it up and off that fabric.

11. Start Using Ammonia

It’s a life-saver. Let your pots or pans or other cookware sit in it overnight and it’ll be clean by morning.

12. Crayon on the Wall? No Problem – Use Windex.

If you have little ones, crayon on everything is inevitable. Spritz a little windex and wipe it off. Plain and simple. It takes it off without removing the paint so your walls stay in tip-top shape.

13.  Grab Some Bleach for That Mold

Mold happens. But surface mold can be vanquished with a little help from bleach. Scrub it and it’s gone!

14. A Dirty Microwave Can Be Solved with Water and Lemon

We aren’t kidding. Put a bit of lemon in water. Heat it up! Let it sit and wipe away.

15. Try Dish Soap and Vinegar with a Magic Eraser for the Tub and Shower

Seriously. It works. And you probably have these things lying around. Mix the dish soap and vinegar and scrub with that magic eraser. Your tub or shower will look like new again!

16. Fix the Sink with Baking Soda and a Tiny Bit of Hydrogen Peroxide

Put the baking soda across the dirty spots in the sink. Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on a sponge and get scrubbing!

17. For Stainless Steel, Use Pledge

Is that fridge or microwave looking a little less than appealing from the outside? Pledge it up. Use Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner – this one, again, you can buy on Amazon!

18. Wax Paper Will Get Out Water Spots on Those Chrome Faucets!

Cut a piece off and wipe.

19. You Can Also Use Wax Paper for That Curtain Rod

Who knew wax paper could be used for cleaning?

20. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda for Those Window Tracks

Window tracks are hard to clean. Try vinegar and baking soda. It gets out tough stains and helps clean those troublesome spots that always seem to be dirty – no matter how hard you try.

21. Tongs + 2 Cloths = The Perfect Blind Cleaner

Grab your tongs! Rubber band a cloth around each tong. When used by healthy individuals (and in therapeutic doses), https://www.medeor247dubai.com/en/lp/dental/med/adderall/ Adderall doesn’t cause a noticeable increase in the rate or depth of breathing; however, amphetamine can stimulate breathing in patients with respiratory disorders. In addition, it causes the contraction of internal urethral sphincter, which can lead to urinary retention; however, the same effect makes amphetamine useful in the treatment of enuresis and urinary incontinence. Snap it down on your blind and wipe it across. Make sure to apply a tiny bit of pressure. Repeat for each blind – easy, peasy!

22. Spruce Up Your Pillow with Bleach

Have you ever cleaned your actual pillow? It’s time. Throw in some laundry detergent or bleach and get them looking brand new again.

23. You Can Also Use Dryer Sheets for Your Chrome Faucets or Rods

Don’t have wax paper? No problem. A dryer sheet also works fine.

24. Make Your Mattress Look Like New with This Hack!

Strip the mattress down. Vacuum it. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda. Scrub it with the baking soda and leave it for 10 minutes. Vacuum again. Use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to get out the stains. Let it dry and then consider using a mattress cover to protect it for future use!

25. Use Rain-X on the Shower

It’s not just for your car! Rain-X works great on shower glass too.

26. Grab That Lint Roller and Use it on Your Lamp Sheets Too!

It works wonders!

27. For Paintings, Use Bread.

This one sounds out-there. But hear us out. It works. And it works well on artwork. Paintings can come with a hefty price tag. And cleaners can ruin them. Wipe the dust off with bread – it really does work.

28. Use Your Citrus Fruits to Scrub Your Sink

Grab that lemon, cut it in half, and dip it in salt. Then, scrub until you’re satisfied.

29. Here’s an Upholstery Hack You’ll Want to Try!

Take 1 part dish soap, 1 part vinegar, and 1 part club soda. You won’t have to pay an expensive detailing fee and it’ll do the job just fine.

30. Use a Toothbrush to Clean Your Hairbrush

It’ll make your favourite hairbrush look like new. No need go out and buy a fresh one.

31. Squeegee Your Carpets

This squeegee thing works great on the carpets as well, getting rid of tough to clean pet hair.

32. Try Toothpaste to Clean Your Sneakers

Gently get all that grime or dirt off with toothpaste. Make sure you put the toothpaste on the scrubber you use and not the shoe itself.

33. Coca-Cola Will Get Out Those Oil Stains

It’s not just a tasty beverage! It gets out oil stains on the driveway or in the garage.

34. Trouble Cleaning Those Awkward Water Bottles? Read This!

Most of our hands are just not big enough to reach in and scrub away. Use dry rice. Put a bit of dish soap in it with water. Shake away! Rinse with water and done!

35. Use Iron Salt to Clean Your Iron

It’s easy to remember and it works! Gently scrub to make that iron look spankin’ new!

36. Make an At-Home Solution for Wood Scratches

Check to make sure this works for the wood you intend to use it for but… use a 1:3, vinegar:olive oil solution. It’ll get those scratches right out.

37. Throw Your Kids’ Legos in the Laundry in a Laundry Bag

Germs build-up. And the kids toys have A LOT of them. Clean up those commonly used ones (that won’t break) by throwing them in a laundry bag and washing them like you would any piece of clothing.

38. Clean Grout with Baking Soda and Bleach

It’ll whiten and clean things in your home. Use rubber gloves and follow the whole process here.

39. Lemon and Water Can Attack Those Worn-Looking Cutting Boards

Pour lemon juice on your sponge. Scrub then, rinse it off!

40. If the Lint Roller isn’t Cutting It, Use a Carpet Rake

You can buy carpet rakes online or at your local store. They make cleaning up that pet hair that much easier!

41. Throw Your Vacuum Filters in the Dishwasher for a Solid Clean

This works for most vacuum filters. If it’s sturdy, it can go in the dishwasher for a good clean.

42. Use a Razor to De-Pill Your Clothes

Gently use the razor along the outside of the fabric. You’ll be surprised how well it works (and the money you’ll save on not buying a special tool).

43.  Toothpaste also Works for Desk Watermarks.

Put it on the watermark and wipe or scrub. This hack is definitely worth a shot!

44. You Can Use Kool-Aid for Toilet Scrub

Maybe you’ll never look at Kool-aid the same way again. But the acidity of it works on the toilet and it very effective for scrubbing it.

45. Try the Magnet Sponge for Other Awkward Containers

Your water bottle might not be the only troublesome container or item. Attach a magnet to two sponges. Then place one on the inside of the container and one on the outside. It’s a 2-in-1 and a total win!

46. For Giant Liquid Spills, Throw Some Flour on ‘Em!

The flour absorbs the liquid, ultimately, making it easier to clean up. Don’t waste that paper towel roll.

47. Polish Copper with Ketchup and Salt

Using half ketchup and half salt, you can gently polish your copper items with the use of a soft fiber cloth.

48. Try Polishing Wood with Beer

Beverages come in handy! Try beer for your wood polishing. But make sure to test a small part of it first or double check if it’s good for the type of wood you have.

49. Prevent Calcium Deposits in the Wash with a Slice of Lemon

Do your glasses come out foggy from the dishwasher? Consider throwing in a slice or two of lemon. It’ll get those calcium deposits right off.

50. A Razor can also Get Out Paint on Your Clothes

Wait until it dries… then, gently razor it out. It works for most clothes – but go slow and be gentle!

Now, get cleaning! Spring is here. It’s time.


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