01 Feb 2022

If you feel like your bedroom style is in a rut then now is a good time to switch it up a bit. We’ve all spent the last few years inside and most of us have started to get a little tired of how their home decor looks. There are so many fun new trends in bedroom decor for you to try out!

Whether you want the whole room to have a new look or you just want to upgrade a few small things and change it up a bit, there are so many ideas to try. If you want to make your bedroom look fresh, keep reading to find out some great tips.

  1. Add some greenery

    Plants are the hottest accessory this year and everyone has dove headfirst into becoming a “plant parent”. Bringing some plants into your bedroom will give it a slice of nature and make it feel less sterile and boring. You can choose to place a large plant in a corner for a nice focus or hang a shelf and place some plants that hang like (ivy, Spider plants or a String of Pearls) to add depth to the area.
    If you don’t have a green thumb then try to care for a plant like a succulent. These require very little watering and they look super cute on a corner shelf. If you know you won’t even be able to handle those then there’s no shame in using fake plants as decoration. They can look just as realistic and you won’t need to worry about watering.

  2. Upgrade your quality

    Many people have chosen to take some time this year and make some much-needed upgrades to the furniture and decor in their homes. Gone are the simple Ikea shelves and in are the handcrafted artisan shelving units. Take some time to figure out what major pieces in your bedroom need a quality upgrade and go for the best you can afford.
    Even something as simple as upgrading your sheet set (ditch the scratchy set and invest in high-quality Egyptian cotton or silk) can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bedroom. Luxury doesn’t always mean costly and adding something like faux fur is a great idea if you’re on a smaller budget.

  3. Get eco-friendly

    Bringing in plants is a great way to add an eco-friendly touch to your room but you can keep going with the idea and make some eco-friendly adjustments to curb your carbon footprint a bit. Try looking for upcycled or thrifted decor instead of purchasing it right from a store to help out those overflowing landfills.
    There are so many other great ways to give your room an eco twist. Using natural and sustainable materials (cork, bamboo, etc.) will give your room a natural feeling while keeping your mind at ease. Swap around the lights in the room for a low-energy bulb to complete your eco-friendly bedroom.

  4. Turn it into a gallery

    One of the most gorgeous trends that have started to come up in bedroom interior design is making the room feel curated like a gallery. Placing paintings on the wall and leaving a minimal look makes the room look fancy and luxurious. Try to keep things off of the ground to give the walls and floor a clean and cohesive look.
    Paint the walls a simple white and let the artwork you choose shine alone on the walls for a fun look. Keeping one wall full of art and adding mirrors to the opposite wall will make the room feel larger while adding an artistic flair. You can even add a chaise lounge or some classy-looking bench seating to add to the whole effect.

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  5. Add some seats

    Another fun trend that has started to appear is adding coordinated seating to your bedroom. Whether you choose a chair, an oversized couch or even a gorgeous square ottoman, adding some seating to your bedroom makes the room feel more welcoming and inviting.
    Seating in your bedroom is a great idea if you find that your bedroom has started to turn into more of a living room during the pandemic. If you notice that the bedroom has become your happy place in your home then adding some comfortable places to lounge will make your bedroom feel extra cozy.

  6. Maximalism in a structured way

    Some people prefer to have everything out and nothing hidden and for those people, a maximalist approach is a way to go. The best advice for this trend is to keep it slightly organized so it doesn’t start to look like clutter. Have an area for knick-knacks, a wall for all of your hanging art and lots of shelves to store things in an organized way.
    Sticking with a theme for each area will make your design look like it’s a curated museum collection of your life instead of a pile of stuff at a thrift store. Extend the design scheme to your bed and grab some extra throw pillows for a comfy and clever look.

  7. Get jewelled up or play in the sand for your colour palette

    For colour trends, look on your fingers, necks and ears for jewel tones that can add a pop to any room. For bold colours, look for jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, deep topaz and ruby red to make your room feel bathed in luxury. An accent wall in a deep jewel tone can give the room some attitude without being too bold.
    Neutral tone trends this year are leaning towards the ocean and tend to be toned-down versions of popular “beach” colours. Think sand, peach, light blue and moss green if you are looking for a neutral colour palette. A beachy combo will give your space a soothing and meditative vibe while reminding you of trips to beautiful sandy shores.

  8. Bring the colour off of your walls

    Painted furniture is a great idea if you want a room to have cohesion or if you are in a tight space that looks cluttered. Painting the furniture the same colour (or a similar shade) as the walls will give the space a tight-knit feeling and make everything else stand out. Choosing a shade that’s slightly off of the wall colour will make both colours look crisp and fresh.
    If you have a room where you want an art piece or lighting design to be the focus of the room then painting everything in the bottom half of the room the same colour will make the eyes focus there immediately. A large statement piece doesn’t always need a naked and bright room and keeping everything below the eye line the same colour will allow you to have a bit of colour in the room while the statement piece still shines.

  9. Revamp that headboard

    Headboards have gone from just a part of your bed to a piece of your room where you can let your style shine. Oversized and textured headboards are super trendy right now so try a few different ideas and see what works for you. You can go with the same theme as the decor you have or switch it up and make the headboard the focus of the room.
    Textured headboards are a fun idea and they’re relatively easy to DIY if you have the time and materials. It usually requires a piece of foam, fabric (try faux silk, faux fur, or crisp cotton) and a staple gun to transform your headboard into a luxurious piece of art that happens to function as a headboard too.

  10. Tuck away the clutter

    Clever storage ideas have started to pop up in bedroom trends in recent years. For anyone who wants a crisp and clean look, check out storage solutions and look for spaces in the bedroom where you might be able to tuck some things away. Baskets are a great idea but they can become overflowing quickly and still end up looking like piles of junk so look into any storage solutions that have a lid or storage that’s opaque instead of clear.
    Keeping everything like clothes, books, and even your television (if you happen to have one in your bedroom) hidden away will make the whole room look cleaner immediately. Utilize some closets, use rolling drawers under the bed and hide dirty laundry in a bin with a lid. If you’re worried about losing things, make small labels for your storage so you can keep things organized and remember where things are.

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There are plenty of amazing design ideas this year that can turn your bedroom from boring to beautiful in a snap. Your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and comfort and adding some small touches can make the space feel like it’s your little slice of paradise. Adding a few new decor touches to your bedroom will make it feel like a brand new space that you can enjoy.

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