Forever Homes was founded in 1993 by Richard Fung and Betty Tam. Arriving in Canada only 3 years earlier, the founding pair sought after the Canadian Dream, which included the significant moment of purchasing a new home. The foundation of Forever Homes was built on the importance of family. As Richard and Betty raised their own family, they started creating an impact for others by turning their skillfully crafted houses into communities, neighbourhoods, and homes.

In 2013, their son Jeff joined the team full-time, and now operates the company on the family’s behalf, alongside long-term valued employee, Phil. As we continued developing relationships with London locals, Forever Homes eventually expanded from building 10 single family homes per year to servicing all of London and surrounding areas with five pillars of service; residential single family homes, high rise residential buildings, multi-family homes, land development, and rentals.

Specializing in traditional and contemporary designs, we pride ourselves in providing excellent craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation to each and every property. With over 750 homes throughout 20+ neighbourhoods in London and surrounding areas, we have helped Londoners with their life-defining milestones, being a part of building for now homes, future homes, and forever homes for decades.

The purpose of this business has been and always will be the people. We provide quality places for people to live that suit their lifestyle, create memories for their families, and build communities like no other. Our operational values rely on communication and quality workmanship to tailor the home-building experience to each customer’s dream. As a family owned company, we are focused on helping provide resources to other families in need. Giving back to the communities that we serve is imperative to our operations, and we continue to partner with local organizations to give back to families just like ours.

It’s more than just a well-built house. We build communities, neighbourhoods, and places you can call home.

Considering every element that it takes to make a “house” into a “home”, from quality design to nearby amenities and a tight-knit community feel, you can embrace lifestyle, connection, and community with Forever Homes.

It’s more than just a well-built house. We build communities, neighbourhoods, and places you can call home.

Built with Heart and Skill