18 Mar 2021

As a homeowner, decorating your home can be a lot of fun. Constantly reinventing your space with trendy home decor ideas can help you fall in love with your home over and over again.

There’s no better time to choose a new colour pallet or try a DIY reno than the start of a new decade.

If you are buying a new construction home, you have a blank canvas when it comes to house plans and design, so it can feel overwhelming to choose a direction. Here are some fantastic interior design ideas for each room in your new home.

5 New Home design ideas

When buying a new construction home, you have a lot of control over your home’s overall look.

 For the exterior, you can opt for different styles of siding and decorative details. The most popular new home design ideas include stone and wood accents, a stunning front door, and windows, creating a cohesive look and increasing your curb appeal. You can decorate your front porch with furniture that matches your style, little accents, and a funny welcome mat.

 Your builder will likely offer a set of colour pallets to choose from for the inside of your home. This is the basis of your home decor, so a neutral pallet to build upon allows you to have a lot of room for fun interior design ideas.

 Some of the most popular design styles include minimalist, modern farmhouse, vintage, nautical, and warm colours. Depending on your style, you may want to choose a trend and run with it for your new home’s interior.

 One of the most popular trends going into this year is high contrast decor. When outfitting rooms around your home, you don’t have to stick to neutrals or black and white. Adding colourful accents and creative designs can pull the room together.

 High-tech additions like USB ports in your outlets, a smart thermostat, upgraded appliances, and more can make living in your home a little easier.

5 New Home Kitchen design ideas

 In 2021, interior design ideas are moving away from neutral and all-white kitchens to include some colour. Opting for a beautiful colour for your cabinets is on-trend right now. Choosing a dark blue (the Pantone colour of the year is navy blue!) or forest green really brings your kitchen to life.

 Having a kitchen island that includes a space to sit and eat is another trend becoming more popular this year. As a space saver, this is exceptionally ideal. Since the kitchen tends to become the gathering place for the family and guests, it’s a natural transition for your home design ideas.

 The small details of your kitchen will add up to significant results. One-piece backsplashes are a detail you may not notice when first entering your kitchen, but they can make a notable impact.

 Having quality countertops installed when buying a new construction home is not only ideal for when you’re in the kitchen cooking, but the overall look and feel of the space. Quartz, dark, and warm-tone countertops paired with lighter wood cabinetry is in style.

 Custom shelving or cabinetry is not only functional, but it can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Working closely with your builder, you can create a custom space that allows you to pave your own way with your kitchen design.

5 New Home Bathroom design ideas

 The most prominent trend for 2021 bathrooms is “fun.” Bathrooms are the place to experiment with patterns, wallpapers, and risks.

 Switching up your fixtures is a great way to tie your bathrooms into your overall house plans and design. Opting for dark faucets and fixtures around your home can look beautiful and cohesive.

 If you have the budget for it, a stand-alone, asymmetrical tub will be an excellent addition to any bathroom in 2021, especially your master bathroom. Creating a spa-like and relaxing ambiance should be the goal while still looking incredible.

 Black tubs are gaining popularity and will likely be a top trend this year. Paired with a highly-saturated colour pallet, it makes a significant statement.

 Much like one-piece backsplashes in the kitchen, full marble walls is the ultimate in bathroom luxury this year. It’s dramatic and stunning, and many homeowners are opting for it with mixed medium flooring styles.

5 New Home Family Room design ideas

 In the past, accent walls have been a huge trend. They are in the past now as we move into 2021. Painting a room with one colour allows the room to feel enveloping, and it’s a chic way to design your family room.

 One of the most popular home design ideas for living rooms includes being ultra-cozy. Snuggle spots, fluffy textures, neutral colours all lend themselves well to creating the ultimate in comfort when it comes to your living room.

 Multi-functional furniture is not only convenient but great for parents. Creating functional living spaces with large families is crucial to keeping your space organized.

 Along with comfort, adding layers to your space will add to that trend. Blanket ladders, styled coffee tables, and shelves add to the texture of the space.

 Natural accents and elements are hugely popular going into 2021. The addition of plants, natural woods, textures, and warmth helps us remember our favourite vacation destinations and bring the outside indoors.

5 New Home Office design ideas

 The latest trend for the home office goes beyond improving productivity and creating a functional workspace. Creating the office space as the focal point of the house plans and design is becoming more and more popular.

 Your home office certainly doesn’t need to be boring. Adding in colour, accent pieces that inspire you, and knick-knacks that you love can help break the monotony of working from home.

 Adding plants to your space has become one of the most popular trends over the last year, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Pops of green can boost your mood and help you be a bit more productive. It also gives you something to take care of in your office space.

 Finding ways to incorporate more natural light or attractive lighting fixtures are becoming critical with the number of video conferencing calls we’ve been doing. Natural light is essential in any space in the home, but creating an office space where the sun can beam in will also help you get some extra vitamin D.

 If you don’t have a designated room for a home office, blending work-life balance is becoming a big trend. As long as you’re not working from your bed, having a desk in your bedroom can be an ideal space to work.

5 New Home Guest Bedroom design ideas

 We don’t typically spend a lot of time in our guest rooms, but one thing is for sure: we want our guests to feel comfortable and at home. Designing a bedroom with that in mind will help create a relaxing space. Including the essentials, like a mirror, extra bedding and blankets, extra towels, and more, will help your guests feel welcomed, and they won’t feel like they are imposing, asking you where everything is.

 If you want to have fun with designing a guest room, it’s the perfect place to make a statement. Bold and colourful decor, interesting artwork or headboards, and built-in lighting are a great way to create a fun space in 2021.

 Opting for a minimalist design style in a guest room can be another excellent choice this year. You don’t want another room that takes a lot of time to clean and organize, so keeping it simple can save you time and energy.

 Another excellent guest room trend is setting up a workspace for your guests. Many of us are working from home, so it’s a great idea for everyone to have a spot to have some privacy to get work done if it comes up.

 Incorporating a sitting area is another thoughtful idea for your guest if they require some alone time or space to unwind that isn’t in the common areas of the home.

5 New Home Kids Bedroom design ideas

 Designing a bedroom for your kids can be a lot of work. As we are growing up, our tastes frequently change as we mature, so having the ability to adapt is vital. Using paint to create a mural or having a fun colour pallet is great because it’s easy enough to paint over and change when they’ve outgrown it.

 Creating a multi-functional space is another 2021 trend that is becoming very popular. Like adults working from home, having a separate space for homework and crafts versus reading and relaxing is critical for our brains to recognize where we work and where we relax.

 Eco-friendly designs for kid’s spaces are a huge trend that will only continue to gain popularity. Choosing decor options with the environment in mind is critical, especially as they’re growing and items are being replaced more frequently.

 Abstract prints or fun wallpaper is another notable trend for our kid’s space. It’s fun, full of wonder, and allows them to feel creative in their rooms.

 Working within a theme is a big one for kids. In 2021, we will see more space-themed rooms, floral-themed rooms, but most importantly, choosing a theme your child will love.

5 New Master Bedroom design ideas

 Designing a bedroom that is your personal oasis is vital for the master suite of the home. The newest styles emerging for master bedrooms include classic, majestic, romantic, minimalist, and rustic as we move into 2021.

 Toning down the neutrals is gaining popularity this year as many of us welcome colour back into our rooms. Many of the most popular bedrooms feature dark, moody tones, but it works well in the master bedroom.

 Like our kid’s rooms, focusing on environmentally-conscious decor options is only going to continue to become trendier.

 Statement headboards are reclaiming popularity in 2021. Whether you’re opting for a unique design, upholstered, or something totally custom, it’s very much on-trend.

 Another huge trend is pallet bed frames made from wood. As we welcome more natural elements into our spaces, like wood, plants, and natural light, the desire for a bedframe made out of untouched wood has increased.

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