30 Jan 2018

Although there will be countless decisions to make when building your new home, the most important one is made right at the beginning: choosing a home builder.

Building a home takes a large financial investment and can require many months to complete. Choosing a builder that can meet your new home build desires is important. However, with the many builders available, it can be overwhelming to select the best one for your needs.

To make this decision easier, the following should be completed when choosing a great home builder.

1. Verify their Reputation

The best home builders have a quality reputation, and will freely give out references for older and newer clients.

Besides checking with clients they’ve recently built homes for, be sure to reach out to clients who have been in their homes for a few years, too.

Ask about their experience throughout the home building process, and whether they would use the same builder again in the future.

2. Check for Permits and Licenses

Look into whether the builder is accredited or belongs to a building association, such as the Canadian Home Builder’s Association.

Belonging to an organization not only proves the builder is in good standing but also indicates whether the company is current on the latest regulations.

Don’t take the builder’s word at face value – instead, verify what the builder tells you with the accreditation body itself.

3. Ensure Quality is Present

Drive around the neighbourhood to see if the builders’ homes look properly constructed and maintained.

When touring show homes of potential builders, look for signs of high-quality construction. Using energy efficient materials and product materials produced by award-winning companies are indications of a quality home builder.

4. Ask About the Warranty

Requesting to see paperwork that verifies your home will be constructed in a safe, timely and legal manner is crucial. The work of a quality builder should be insured and covered with a warranty.

Warranty coverage details differ between builders, so take the time to review these specifics.

5. Look for a Solid Communicator

A quality builder should be readily available to address your concerns throughout the entire process. They should be able to answer your questions directly and communicate in a clear, respectful manner.

When building a home, a builder should show a genuine interest in your home’s desires. The builder should listen closely to you and consistently act in a punctual and professional manner.

Anything less is not someone you want to deal with when building your dream home!

Let Forever Homes Be Your Builder!

For over 25 years, Forever Homes has been constructing high-quality homes that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, high level of customer service throughout the entire construction process. Besides having a solid reputation, we also have years of experience and expertise in building quality custom homes.

Contact us today for more information on how we can make your custom dream home a reality!

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