01 Feb 2022

Worried about the environment? Then it’s time to change some things in your home. Fortunately, making your house more eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to completely remodel your abode into a treehouse. There are plenty of ways that you can work on making your house more environmentally friendly while still staying comfortable and functional.

Below we will look at 15 different ways one can make their home more eco-friendly.

1. Use Green Cleaners

Go green this year by switching over to these types of cleaners which are both environmentally friendly and effective! Not only are there a handful of organic and natural cleaning products on the market, but one can also make solutions with everyday ingredients such as vinegar.

If you do switch over to using a new cleaner, make sure that it is safe for the surfaces that you will be using it on as well as safe for the people that will be cleaning those surfaces (especially if you have kids).

2. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to start using renewable energy in your home and cut down on costs as well. If you live in an area where it is sunny most of the time and not very windy, then solar panels may be a good option for you.

If space or cost don’t allow for solar panels, you may want to check out some other options such as solar-powered lights, solar-powered hot water heaters or even solar-powered generators.

3. Unplug Your Electronics

Unplugging your electronics from the power source when not in use is an easy way to give back to the environment! In addition, buying “smart” electronics which do this automatically cuts out wasted electricity by as much as 25%.

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4. Buy Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are gaining more popularity these days with people who like to work on making their homes more eco-friendly. Buying recycled materials and furniture, such as tables and chairs, is a great way to do just that. If you can’t necessarily buy a recycled object, check for companies that use recycled material for their packaging!

5. Opt For Organic Food

Organic food is better for the environment for a variety of reasons. Firstly, organic foods have to be grown without synthetic fertilizers and most organic food has to be grown in soil which has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides. In addition, buying organic ensures that you and your family will get the freshest and healthiest food possible!

The most cost-effective way to feed your family organically is by growing some food yourself! A simple garden planted in your backyard can produce tons of vegetables a season such as peppers, cucumber, lettuce, beans and more! Not only will they taste fresh and delicious, it will benefit your grocery bill as well!

6. Use A Low Flow Toilet

Low flow toilets are a great way to conserve water and help the environment at the same time. These saving grace of toilets will save about 90% of the water used with each flush while still giving you excellent performance every time you use it.

7. Recycle Your Waste

Recycling your waste is one of the most important, and simplest ways to make your home more eco-friendly. There are many different types and sizes of recycling bins available today. The most important thing though is to make sure that you and your family use them!

A great way to make sure you recycle as much as possible is by getting the entire family involved. There are plenty of resources online that can explain to children the benefit of recycling and explain to them what goes where.

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8. Turn Off Your Lights

This is another simple way to help the environment by turning off lights that you don’t need or won’t be using for a while. You will be surprised how much energy you can save by turning off the lights in your home when they are not being used.

9. Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat makes it easier to keep the heat turned down while away from home which reduces wasted energy significantly! This is one of the easiest ways that you can make your home more eco-friendly because it requires no action from you whatsoever – all you have to do is install the device, set your preferences and forget about it.

Smart thermostats are also a great way to conserve energy as you are able to monitor your home’s temperature while you are away from home with your tablet or phone.

10. Try To Use Less Water

This one seems obvious, but it is a step that many people fail to take when they try to make their homes more eco-friendly. Everyone needs water to use for things such as washing the dishes and taking a shower but simple steps like shutting off the water when brushing your teeth or only filling the sink half full for dishes can go a long way.

Another great way to use less water is by installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels collect rainwater which can be used for watering your garden or washing your car. Once the initial investment to purchase the rain barrel is made, you will have a cost free way to water your garden that will help conserve water!

11. Go Paperless

Going paperless is an easy way to make your home more eco-friendly by reducing the number of harmful chemicals that are used in making paper as well as cutting down on using trees for paper which is better for the environment.

Many companies are promoting paperless options and if you read the fine print, some will even give you a small discount on your bill if you opt-out of paper statements each month. Not only does it save the environment, but the company also doesn’t have to pay postage and you can potentially get a few bucks knocked off your bill.

12. Re-Insulate Your Home

This is another step that will help your pocketbook and the environment at the same time. By re-insulating your home, you can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30% which creates savings for you during the months when it would usually be difficult to maintain optimum temperature.

Another great way to keep the drafts at bay is by making sure your windows and doors will properly seal. If not, depending on where you live, you may be eligible for a government rebate if you were to replace your drafty features with new, energy-efficient ones.


13. Buy Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances are appliances that use less energy than standard devices which helps reduce the amount of wasted energy in the country. Energy Star appliances can save you up to 30% on your energy bills so they are definitely worth looking into if you want to make your house more eco-friendly!

14. Compost Your Food Scraps

Composting is an easy way to turn your food scraps into compost which helps improve the quality of your soil and reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Along with food waste, there are many other things that can be put in a composter such as used paper towels, paper plates, pizza boxes and more!

15. Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

Another simple way to help the environment is by switching out your light bulbs for CFLs which will reduce the amount of energy wasted while still giving you sufficient lighting. CFLs use up to 70% less energy than standard light bulbs so if you are still using the older technology, it is definitely time to upgrade.

In an effort to reduce energy wastage, many people are making their homes more eco-friendly. There are a number of easy ways that you can do this from installing smart thermostats and going paperless to composting your food scraps or buying Energy Star appliances. By implementing these 15 tips into your life, you could have a house so green it’s envy-worthy!

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