03 Apr 2018

London, Ontario is the perfect Canadian city to raise a family. Located in Southwestern Ontario, London is situated right on the 401 and only 2 hours south from Toronto. It’s proximity to a major city offers a variety of opportunity and entertainment. With diverse and unique neighbourhoods, there is a place for everyone!

London’s population is about 383,822. However, the cleanliness and friendly atmosphere offer a small town vibe. The city has museums for the kids, a variety of outdoor space to play, family-friendly restaurants, and even a ski hill to ride out those dreary winter months.

Check out the London Regional Children’s Museum!

London has museum’s a-plenty! London’s Children Museum offers an interactive and hands-on learning experience for you and your kids. Science, art, culture, history, and heritage are many of the topics your kids will learn about. With 3 floors to discover and explore, you and your family will learn something new every visit.

Plan a family fun day at one of London’s many parks!

London has a variety of fun activities, indoor and outdoor. Walking pathways, parks, museums, and libraries offer low-cost entertainment ventures for the whole family. Due to the Thames River, walkways and parks are in abundance. Take the family on a bike ride and explore your city. Bike to one of London’s beautiful green spaces, such as Springbank Park, the Fanshawe Conservation Area, or Medway Valley Heritage Forest.

Make the Western Fair an annual family event.

The Western Fair takes place in London every September, offering a fun and enjoyable outing for your entire family. The fair is a 10-day event and has a wide variety of attractions and activities including rides, concerts, food vendors, games, rodeos, and extreme sporting events. Activities are suitable for all ages, providing suitable family activities that you and the kids can enjoy together.

Eat out at one of London’s many family-friendly restaurants!

With places such as Richie’s Family Restaurant and Prince Albert’s Diner, there is no shortage of places to take the kids out for lunch or dinner. We all know kids can be picky eaters! These restaurants have a vast supply of kid-friendly foods such as chicken fingers and fries. You won’t have to look far for family-friendly places to dine out.

Take a look back at history in the Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

The Fanshawe Pioneer Village hosts numerous family-friendly events. The village grounds provide an interactive and fully immersed experience into the lives of those who lived over a century ago. If your kids are into history, you will likely be hitting up this popular family destination on the regular.

Take an art class together at ArtVenture!

If your kids are the creative type, London has plenty to offer. At ArtVenture, they have classes for all ages. Sign up the kids or try a class out as a family! Dive into your artistic side.

Go tubing or skiing at Boler Mountain.

The winter months can be tough. The kids are tired of being stuck inside, and so are you! Plan multiple day trips to Boler Mountain to indulge in some winter fun. They offer tubing, skiing lessons, snowboarding lessons, as well as ski or snowboard season or day passes for those with experience. In the summer months, the area is open for mountain biking and hiking. You can even plan your kids birthday parties in conjunction with their treetop courses.

The city of London is a well-rounded community with museums, outdoor activities, educational events, and artistic excursions galore. You won’t have to look far for free or low-cost entertainment for your whole family.

The city, further, offers moderate living costs and spacious housing. At Forever Homes, we can help build your dream home in one of Canada’s top cities! Call us today and start your life anew in convenient and affordable London.

Still not convinced London, Ontario has it all? Read our blog, “The Ultimate Guide To Living In London, Ontario.


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