04 Oct 2022

Your kitchen sink will likely be one of the most used places in your entire kitchen, so you should make sure you are getting one that suits your needs the best. It can be easy to see a beautiful sink that looks amazing in a store, but you should think about whether or not it will actually work well in your kitchen. If you want some great inspiration, you should check out these excellent kitchen sink ideas for your new build or remodel so you can get some great ideas before you even start.

Let’s Get Dark

One of the hottest kitchen ideas that have started to make a splash in the kitchen design world has been dark sinks. They look stunning in neutral kitchens and even better in kitchens that already have a dark theme. The tricky thing about these sinks can be the maintenance, and many people prefer to go for granite to stay on the safe side.

A sleek and modern sink in a rustic-looking farmhouse kitchen will look awkward, so make sure you’re choosing a design that suits the space well. You can decide to go for a sleek all-black look by using a black tap to go along with it, or you can get a little more rustic and look for something like a copper tap. These bold sinks can make a room stand out in a good way or a bad way, so you have to make sure you are using a sink that has a good flow with the room.

Deep Integrated sinks

These sinks are usually made using quartz, and they are one of the sleekest designs you can have for your kitchen sink. The tap is built onto the counter, and the seamless design means there will be less mess to deal with. Imagine if you built your sink into your counter, so you didn’t have to worry about the extra cleaning that comes along with lipped sinks.

This is great for anyone who wants a modern and updated look but keep in mind that it will likely cost you. These are one of the hottest kitchen design trends right now, and that means they have become hard to come by in many places. Talking to a local kitchen design expert is one of the best ways to see if there are any companies nearby that specialize in this sink style.

Bamboo sinks

If you are looking to give your kitchen an eco-friendly upgrade, then a bamboo sink is one of the best choices you can make. These sinks are beautiful, and they have become one of the most popular kitchen sink design ideas for those who are looking for a neutral and calm space for their kitchen.

People love the hardwood look of bamboo sinks, and they enjoy how unexpected they look in modern kitchens. They instantly draw the eye because many people expect something understated. The sinks are often made using bamboo and ceramic to ensure they are sturdy and waterproof, so you can rest assured that your sink won’t ever leak.

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Island sinks

Sinks have not only upgraded in style, but they have actually moved around the kitchen to a more accessible place. Many people have started to consider an island sink instead of a counter sink because they prefer to prepare their food in that area. Countertops can become full of appliances and decorations, so placing a sink on the island can save you some precious space.

People have also chosen to add a sink to their island while keeping the existing sink on the counter. For anyone who cooks large meals or uses their sink to defrost, you know that having multiple places to clean your hands is ideal. Additional sinks are also great for resale value as they make any kitchen seem extra luxurious.

Apron Sinks

These are one of the most popular looking sinks that have started to pop up on home design shows due to their rustic and farmhouse style look. These sinks are often made fairly broad, and they can take up quite a bit of space, but they look amazing when they are paired in the right kitchen. These sinks will usually have an outer lip that will protrude slightly, and it adds a fun country look to your kitchen.

These sinks are built to last, and they are one of the best ways to add some drama to a bland kitchen. Most of these come in a porcelain style, so you can use them with any room colour, but you can also get them in granite which offers quite a few more colour options. A black apron sink is a striking look that can go along with plenty of different kitchen styles, so it can be a good choice if you are looking for a modern upgrade.

Copper Sinks

We discussed using copper hardware on a black sink to give a rustic look, but if you want to go a step further, look into installing a copper basin style or bowl style sink for a fun Mediterranean look. These can be tricky to clean, so make sure you know what you are getting into, but they can turn any kitchen into a fun-looking space.

Some of these sinks come with delightful designs etched into the front so you can match them to the theme of your kitchen. These sinks work well when paired with an off-neutral like eggshell, grey, or taupe. They can even look lovely against a marble countertop if you get a colour that compliments the shade.

Colourful Sinks

We mentioned earlier how you could get plenty of different colours for your sink if you shop around and choose a material like granite. Make your kitchen a statement piece by using a fun colour choice to make a bold statement. It’s the perfect way to add a splash of colour in an unexpected way.

There are also plenty of sinks in more muted tones like hunter green or burgundy. These are great if you want to find the perfect thing to base your accent colours on. You can also choose a contrasting colour to use as your wall paint to make the sink really stand out.

Prep Sinks

Many people have started to find that they need a heavy-duty sink to keep up with all of their cooking. They have ditched the standard decorative sinks for a “prep sink” that has a stainless steel counter combined with a stainless steel sink. These are commonly found in commercial or cafeteria kitchens, and they are perfect for chefs who are looking for a space to prepare their food with quick access to water.
These sinks fit well in almost any kitchen, and they are perfect for anyone who wants a quick cleanup as they are easy to wipe down. They are usually built as one piece, so you have far fewer nooks and crannies to clean. They give a great appearance of a professional-looking kitchen, and they have plenty of storage underneath.

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Tiered Sinks

These are longer sinks that are placed near the front of the counter, and they often have multiple taps and sprayers. They also usually have panels that you can slide around so you can cover the sink to use it as a prep station. These have started to become hugely popular for people who do lots of meal prep, and they are one of the best additions to a professional-looking kitchen.

The panels that work with the sink come in an array of styles, and you can move them in and out, depending on what you need. They have panels for strainers, bowls and cutting boards so you can cover the sink when it is not being used. These sinks look fantastic in any kitchen, and the wooden panels make the sink look sleek.

Corner Sinks

If you are looking for a less traditional shape, then try looking for a corner sink. These are beautiful when they are done in a modern-looking kitchen, and they are perfect for anyone who has an awkwardly shaped counter. Another significant benefit to these sinks is the size, and they are perfect for anyone who likes to have enough space for washing those large casserole dishes.

Corner kitchen sink design ideas are unlimited and you can do tons of different styles but you will likely have to get it fitted and custom built, so it’s perfect for anyone who is building a new home. They are a unique and interesting take on a traditional kitchen staple.

There are unlimited possibilities if you are building or remodeling a home, so now is the best time to look for a new sink that will bring something extra to your beautiful kitchen. Kitchen sinks can be done in so many fun ways, and they don’t have to be another boring part of your kitchen. Have some fun with it and get a sink that suits your needs and style but make sure you are choosing one that is functional for the space.

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