06 Nov 2022

design-trends-2023Interior design trends have been all over the map lately, and it’s difficult to predict what will be a hot idea next year, but we have some great guesses.   These ideas are fantastic for anyone who is designing a new home or for those who want to update their current home with a modern look. If you want to see some great predictions for next year’s style, have a look at this list of the top 10 interior design trends we’re looking forward to in 2023.

What are the Decorating Trends of 2023?

#1 Keep it calm

With so many people worrying about their tight schedules and busy lives, it can be hard to find time to remember to stay calm. This has led to people choosing to create a space in their home that is just dedicated to becoming and remaining in a calm area. These are commonly used in children’s elementary school classrooms, but many adults have adopted them to give their homes a safe space to relax and unwind after a hard day.

These areas are typically full of natural light and feature comfortable seating areas along with soothing decor. Look for soft fabrics and neutral tones for the area, and ensure you are catering to all senses. Bring in relaxing smells, dimmable lights, and some small water features to add a space in your house where you can feel connected to nature. 

#2 Collect some gems

Gemstones have started to become trendy decor pieces, and people have begun to use their collections to create unique spaces in their homes. Gemstones and crystals are a great way to add a bit of natural-looking luxury to a small table or shelf, and they come in an array of stunning colours. Crystals are everywhere and they will likely be one of the big 2023 interior design trends. 

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These gorgeous stones have also inspired some interior design colour trends in the last few years, with jewel tones like red, sapphire, and emerald becoming popular accent colours. Jewel tones are usually vibrant and deep, so it’s a good idea to stick to using them for accent walls and accessories in neutral-toned areas to give them a burst of colour. 

#3 Plant your roots

Having plants in your home is great for so many different reasons, and you can easily create a space where your plants can thrive. Plants became a trendy decor item during the pandemic, and this trend has continued on and gotten much bigger. People have started to dedicate entire spaces in their homes to their new plant friends by creating plant rooms or plant walls where they can create their own personal jungle.

Putting a plant in every room is a great way to help the air quality in your home while giving it a healthy dose of cute-looking decor. While some people have chosen to make a plant area in their homes, others have decided to let the plants spread out. Make sure the plants you are choosing are suited to their locations (make sure plants that need sun are placed in windows and stick with succulents or other shade-friendly plants for other rooms) so they can enjoy thriving in your beautiful home. 

design trends 2023#4 Go green

The switch to eco-friendly homes has been coming up slowly for years, and people have finally started to see how easy it is to make small differences in their homes. Many companies have begun to offer a sustainable or “green” option for their products so people can reduce their carbon footprint while using the items they already love. 

People have also started to switch to low-energy appliances along with low-energy lighting systems, which allow them to adjust brightness easily. High energy bills have plagued homes all across the country, which has made many people consider using less energy in their homes. 

#5 Have it made

DIY has taken on a whole new meaning after the pandemic, and some people ended up creating entire businesses from their stay-at-home hobbies. Buying from a small business has also been encouraged over the last few years, and this trend will continue in the home decor sector. Having a custom creation in your home has become a sign of luxury, and it adds personality to a boring space. 

You can have so many different things customized and created just for you on sites like Etsy or by contacting a local artisan who specializes in that art form. Hand-knit blankets, hand-painted family portraits, and wood-crafted name signs have all become very popular on Pinterest in the last year, so we’re likely to see some more handmade product features in home decor. 

#6 Get smart

We mentioned above how low-energy appliances have started to become more popular. Another way people have begun to adapt their appliances to their needs is smart appliances. These are designed to be connected to your wifi system, which allows you to control them with the push of a button. 

Smart refrigerators have become a huge hit with those who love to cook and shop for ingredients. They have a full screen on the front, which allows you to make a grocery list, and others have built-in cameras so you can actually check your egg supply at home, right from the grocery aisle. People have also been going wild about smart washers/dryers, which send you a text when your load is done! 

interior design trends 2023#7 Multi-purpose spaces

In the last few years, many families have chosen to downsize from a medium-sized home to a smaller one, like a townhouse, to save some money for their future. This has led to people doing their best to make use of smaller spaces. Multi-rooms are a great way to make a spare room work for your entire family. 

Storage is key to a good multi-room, so you need to have a place for everything. If your spare room seems to end up being a game room/movie room/hobby room, and playroom all in one, then unique storage is the best way to make it work for everyone. Look at a couch or coffee table that has storage underneath so you can hide the kid’s game controllers for your movie night.

#8 Call the office

In the last few years, home offices have gone from a functional space to a must-have for those who are working from home. Offices have always been a space that is considered to be a little uptight and boring, but now that people are spending their whole day inside, they need to make it a little homier. Functional offices are a huge hit, and it’s all about making your office space work for you.

Make it as comfortable as possible by giving yourself multiple seating options. If you prefer to sit at a desk, then look into a high-end ergonomic chair to make sure you aren’t feeling any pain after a long day. You should also think about adjusting the lighting to something a bit more natural so you don’t end up feeling like you are stuck in your own personal cubical all day. 

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#9 Focus on texture

Texture has always been an essential part of home design, but people have started to take it beyond a furry rug and add texture to places that aren’t usually a focus. Textured wallpaper has become a huge hit with people who want that unique focal point that nobody else has. These come embossed with patterns or designs that add an extra layer of luxury to your walls.

Adding interesting texture is a great way to play around with new colours and shapes in the space. You should also look at adding some extreme texture to act as a fun accent. Look for things like unfinished stone with rough edges or a lampshade with small spikes to make a statement.

#10 American Gothic

Farmhouse has been a strong interior design trend that has managed to stick around for years. Many people have tried to do their own take on the trend, which has created a sort of anti-farmhouse idea. Think of a farmhouse owned by the Addams family. Dark and rustic kitchens have taken over, and people have started to use dim light fixtures instead of relying on natural lighting. 

Dark kitchens have started to creep up in popularity over the last few years, but now people have started to accent with colours like eggplant, navy, and forest green. These pops of colour are perfect for cabinets or accent pieces, and they make the space look larger. You can also use grey tones if you are looking for a more muted colour palette for your kitchen. 

There are so many fun and exciting trends coming up on the horizon for interior design in 2023. These ideas are great for spicing up your boring interior, and they are great for anyone who wants to try a modern design trend without changing too much. Try a few of these ideas in your home today so you can step into the future and get a jump ahead of the upcoming interior design trends.

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