16 Nov 2020

You may not realize it, but the colours of our walls can impact our moods. If you’re looking to repaint your home to change the look and feel, choosing paint colours that evoke the emotions we want will help you achieve your goals when it comes to your decor. If you wish to relax in a blue oasis bedroom or feel energized in your red home office, there are plenty of directions you can choose when it comes to your paint colours.


Choosing a paint colour


Neutral colours like white, grey, beige, and sand can help make your room feel more open and clean. It’s great if you’re choosing a minimalistic vibe or if you like to change up your decor often. Neutrals are a blank canvas that lends themselves well to those who love a clean, open space. 

Blues and Greens

These colours have a similar effect on us. They promote calming, reduced anxiety, and rest. Blue is often suggested for bathrooms and bedrooms, as it has a relaxing feeling associated with it. Green can feel like nature, promote restoration and prosperity. If you’re looking for your space to have a cozy and serene atmosphere, blue and green are excellent choices. 


Red is known for its excitement, energy, and uplifting characteristics. If you want to feel pumped up, red is the colours choice for you. It’s great in the kitchen or as an accent wall in your living room. Most people don’t choose to do their entire space in red because it’s a bit too overwhelming, so it’s an excellent accent wall option. 


There are a few options when it comes to purple. If you’re looking for a relaxing and calm space, choosing lighter colours like lilac or lavender will be the best option. Deep royal purple gives off a feeling of luxury and romance. If you’re looking for a level of sophistication, choosing a wine or plum colour will be best for your space. 


A very trendy colour right now is pink. Blush and rose gold are among many pink shades that many people love these days. Pink is more than just for a young girl’s room. “The Pink Effect” is when you’re in the presence of the colours pink for long periods, it can help calm and relieve anger and frustration. Choosing a beautiful pink shade for your home office or bedroom is very on-trend and can help your overall mood. 

Grey or Black

Grey can be a very neutral and relaxing colour, creating a zen-like feeling in your space. It’s clean and not as stark as a straight white hue. If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, grey may be an excellent option for you as it promotes peace and relaxation. When it comes to painting your walls black, you may want to stick to an accent wall. Going all black may be too dark and gloomy, but just an accent can be grounding and strengthening. Paired with the right decor, it can look very chic and trendy. 






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