31 Oct 2019

“Back to nature” is the motto for the upcoming year, with virtually every paint producer, home decor blog and home trends magazine touting that message. 2020 brings the start of a new decade – a clean slate – so to speak. What does “Back to Nature” really mean for your London, Ontario home in the new year? We’re glad you asked.

Hues That Bring Nature Indoors

Image source: https://www.dulux.co.uk/en/dulux-colour-year-2020

While the decor and design enthusiasts await the new Pantone colour of the year, many home decor companies have announced their colours of the year. Dulux has named “Tranquil Dawn,” a calming cool-tone light green as their shade of the year. Behr’s colour of the year is called “Back to Nature,” another earthy green tone. Other trendy colours include lilacs, blush pinks, greys, mushrooms, charcoal, and blues. Bright and beautiful shades that bring back nature and make the walls inside your home feel energizing seems to be the goal of the predicted 2020 decor trends! Coastal colours will be a big trend, and any hue that makes you feel relaxed, at ease and one with nature will be a huge hit.

Plants & Indoor Gardens

design trends 2020 houseplants
Image source: https://www.thespruce.com/small-living-room-photos-452695

The popularity of indoor plants has been on the rise for the last few years, and with the colour trends going the way of nature, plants and indoor gardens are going to be a top trend for 2020. There are plenty of DIY plant holders for smaller spaces, stylish and natural textured baskets for plants, and hanging plant holders. We recommend doing research on the types of plants you’re looking to bring into your home. Be sure the plants you choose will suit your lifestyle. Some plants need more attention than others, so make sure you know what level of care your houseplants will need. If you’re not a green thumb, there are some beautiful artificial plants available as well!

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Earthy & Textured Decor

decor trends 2020 earthy decor
Image source: https://nestingwithgrace.com/jute-rug-review-living-room/

Wall accents made of wicker, jute, and rattan are perfect for that natural vibe that will be trending in 2020. Whether you prefer wall decor, vases, furniture, or accent pieces made of these materials, these natural accents are the perfect addition to any space. A combination of light coloured furniture, earthy and textured decor, and natural elements will be a winning look in 2020.

Natural Elements

design trends 2020 wooden elements
Image source: https://www.melledesign.com/brentwood-revival/

If you haven’t noticed yet, wood is going to be the most significant trend for materials in 2020. From exposed wooden beams, wooden finishes, wooden furniture, and decor pieces, wood is the simplest and most impactful way to bring the overall feel of a room back to nature. Wood adds character to the room, and if it’s treated properly, it can last a long time, so it’s a sustainable option. It’s also low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Natural Light & Brightness


Keeping your decor simple and bright will always be on-trend, but it’s a key feature when you are looking to have a natural-feeling space. There are plenty of health benefits that come with having a lot of natural light in your area, so the more, the better. Improved sleep, increased vitamin D, and a fighter of seasonal depression, natural light is always on-trend. Keeping your furniture light coloured, adding bright white curtains, a white rug, and white decor elements will all keep your space feeling light and bright.

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Image source: https://www.wallsauce.com/blog/interior-design-trends-2020-our-predictions

Wallpapers have come a long way with time and come in beautiful designs with endless styles and options. Finding a muted pattern that feels tropical or nature-like adds something special to a room. From big and bold prints, watercolor flowers, rainforest prints, muted flamingo prints, and more, you’d be surprised which wallpapers can bring your room back to nature. You can also purchase easy-to-remove wallpaper if you like to switch things up often.

Nature Inspired Artwork

design trends 2020 natural wall art

If the wallpaper isn’t your style, but you’re still looking to add an artistic feel, paintings or photography add a nice touch. Watercolour leaves, forest and plant photography, and many more styles will be very on-trend. Large photographs of plants and animals that are either full colour or black and white are always a safe choice when choosing a nature theme. Supporting local artists in the London area is always appreciated, and you can find many local artists on Etsy or at local markets. They just might have precisely what you’re looking for to brighten up your space or put the finishing touches on your room.


design trends 2020 fireplace

Fireplaces that are the focal point of your space will be a massive trend in 2020. A beautiful fireplace is not just for keeping you warm and cozy, it can also be the centre of attention in your space. Stone fireplaces already have that natural feel to them, but you can change up a tiled hearth with paint or a pattern decal. If your home is an open-concept layout, the fireplace will shine in 2020.

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Kitchen Islands & Geometric Backsplashes

decor trends 2020 kitchen island

Big, beautiful kitchen islands can be the focal point of the kitchen, and the trend in 2020 is to make an impact. Geometric lighting, exposed beams, backsplashes that have intricate patterns are all projected to be big next year. Renovating your kitchen? Have your island make a statement, and don’t let it hide behind your stools. Don’t forget to consider installing different types of kitchen island lighting to brighten up the space. Pay attention to the details like your kitchen’s hardware. Trendy black faucets and fixtures are becoming very popular and add something special to your space. If you are sticking with the natural trend, housing some plants in your kitchen will brighten up your space.

Marble and Metal

decor trends 2020 marble

Marble is a favourite of many, it adds a sense of luxury and beauty to space. It can add a natural feel and elegance to bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and decor pieces in other rooms. Marble paired with natural wood elements is a home run.

Metal accents are so versatile, and we have seen them becoming trendier in the last few years. Whether you’re going for a modern, classic, eclectic, minimalist, or vintage look, metal accents in your decor can fit into all of the above. Metal accents add brightness and character to any space.

There you have it! Nature-inspired rooms will be the trendiest interior design come 2020, as we all feel the need to connect back to the outdoors. Creating a space that evokes happiness and feeling at peace is always on-trend, and we hope you are inspired by these decor trends.



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