17 Nov 2017

When you buy a new-build home, you get more control over the details — from the colors of paint you choose to the types of kitchen cabinets and counters. Customizing your new home is part of the thrill of buying new, but once you’ve built that new house and moved in — you’re faced with even more decisions: all the usual ones that come along with moving into a new space and making it your own.

The holiday season is coming up quickly – and here in London, Ontario we can already feel a chill in the air. If you are moving, or recently moved, into a new home, you may be starting to think about how you’re going to handle holiday hosting when you still have boxes to unpack in every room.

Below are three key steps to take to make holiday hosting in your new home as stress-free and easy as possible:

1. You Don’t Have to Deck ALL the Halls

If you’ve seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you get it. We love to decorate for the holidays. That being said, when you’ve just moved into a new house, doing your usual holiday decorations may not be possible this year. You probably have a lot on your plate and a lot you haven’t been able to get to: you probably don’t need one more major project to tackle.

This holiday season, let go of the idea of getting everything perfect. Do what you can to make your new home as festive as possible — but don’t overwhelm yourself with every last detail (and mini light bulb).

2. Focus on Your New Home’s Entertaining Rooms

Although giving guests a complete tour of your new home is something you may want to do, you can absolutely delay that tour until next time.

Instead of running around in the months before the holidays, and exhausting yourself in the process — try just focusing on the rooms in which you’ll be entertaining your company. Finish, for example, unpacking and decorating your living room, kitchen, and guest bathroom. If you plan to entertain in your new dining room, finish that, too.

Ask yourself: where will your guests be? Whatever your answer is, focus on that.

3. Create New Traditions For Your New Home

The best way to get into the holiday spirit…even if you still have some boxes to unpack or your favorite ornament is missing in action? Start a new tradition to mark your new home — something you can return to each year. Find a tradition, or traditions, that works best for your family: you could take an annual holiday photo on your beautiful new front porch, for example. If your new home has a large yard, you could take advantage of all the space and start an annual post-meal game of football; if your new home has a wonderful room for watching media, you could watch slideshows of the past year and holidays past as a way to unwind after all the festivities.

And, finally: the best way to spread holiday cheer and truly entertain your guests this holiday season? A positive attitude about your new home and recent move. Remember that we don’t remember details (like if you forgot to put out your ornament-themed glasses or not), we recognize the feelings.

Relax whenever you can. Keep a positive attitude. Smile. Focus on having fun. After all, aren’t making memories the main reason you bought a new home?

From all of us here at Forever Homes in London, Ontario to you and yours: We hope you have Happy Holidays!

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