13 Feb 2020

Whether you are planning to move and need to downsize or you just want to minimize the amount of “stuff” in your home, decluttering can be a breath of fresh air to anyone’s space. Though it may feel like a daunting task depending on the volume of items in your home, bit by bit, small steps towards decluttering will make a huge impact! 

The quickest and most effective way to declutter one’s home is by attacking one room at a time. Breaking up the house into smaller, defined areas will make the process significantly less overwhelming. Major areas of the home that seem to attract the most items such as bathroom and kitchen will easily become manageable. 

Let’s begin! Here are a few tips for decluttering your home:

Decluttering Your Home? Start with the Kitchen

kitchen decluttering tips

The heart of the home! The kitchen generally acts as the central area in most houses, which can quickly make it the gathering place for miscellaneous items. Clutter piles up on counters and islands transforming the heart into a congested mess. From last week’s mail to today’s groceries, countertops are clutter’s best friend. The fastest way to bring organization to one’s kitchen is by clearing away the mess. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s what inside that counts”, and when referring to kitchen cabinetry, truer words have never been spoken. Utilizing your cabinetry space effectively will ensure clutter doesn’t stand a chance. Go through each cabinet and analyze the space and contents. Donate any unnecessary items such as excess dishware, keeping only what you and your family use on a regular basis. Less commonly used items should be stored in lower traffic cabinets, where as daily use items should be kept in the main storage areas. 

Bring Relaxation Back to the Living Room 

decluttering the living room

The living room is a space where one should be able to relax and unwind, however there is nothing relaxing about excessive amounts of clutter scattered about. Coffee tables generally act as the focal point of the living room, so having a clean and clutter free table will allow you to truly enjoy your space. 

Depending on your lifestyle and living situation your storage needs for the living room will differ. For many people, the living room also acts as a play area for their children and can quickly become overrun with toys. If that is your situation, then stylish storage is key! Having a storage unit or system for managing toys is crucial when hoping to achieve a clean and clutter free living room. 

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

bathroom organization

Decluttering the bathroom will give you a chance to go through a number of products and medications that may be no longer necessary or expired. First things first, if you have any old or expired medications, properly dispose of them. Next, go through the sea of lotions, conditioners, shampoos and cleansers. Discard any empty bottles and combine contents if possible. 

Completely emptying each area of storage space such as medicine cabinets and drawers is the quickest and most effective way to declutter. Examine the contents and only return what is necessary. High traffic areas such as the bathroom will need routine decluttering as they have a way of collecting items over time. 

Minimize Clothing to Organize Your Closet Space

closet decluttering

Closets have a way of becoming a breeding ground for clutter. Out of sight, out of mind. Whether it is clothing, linen or pantry, a clean and organized closet will not only look great, it will be easy to locate specific items. Going through one’s closets can feel overwhelming, so the easiest way to tackle this job would be by category. Analyzing the purpose of the space and then removing all unnecessary items is the first step to minimizing what is stored in each closet.  

The quickest way to declutter bedroom closets is by donating any clothing that you no longer wear. It is said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Letting go of items that no longer fit, or we no longer wear will make a big impact on space!

Optimizing storage is also a great way to maximize your closet space. Purchasing a closet organization system will allow every square inch of your closet to be used purposefully. Occasion items, such as formal wear, can be either kept in a separate location or stored in lower traffic areas. 

For linen closets or front entry closets, daily use items should be easily accessible. Using storage units for towels or shoes will help keep closets neat and organized. Other low cost storage items such as hooks and baskets will also keep the areas clutter free. 

At the Office – Tips for Organizing Your Workspace

office organization

Yes, there are rumors swirling around that Einstein had a messy desk and cluttered up work space. That being said, most of us are not working on the theory of relativity and probably could benefit from a clean and organized office. Your office should be a space that promotes productivity and calmness. Not only will you be more relaxed and comfortable in an organized office, you will also be more efficient, wasting little time locating items and documents required for your job. 

If your job requires you to meet with clients, your office will be a direct reflection of your professionalism. Walking into a space that is overrun with clutter and paperwork will give the perception of disorganization to prospective clients. Conversely, a well kept and organized office will allude to an efficient and organized business. 

The desk is the focal point to any office space and as such should be kept clean and clutter free. Utilizing storage space for items such as pens, pencils, calculators and paperclips will keep the clutter at bay. Filing systems for paperwork will not only aid in the organization of the office, it will allow for easy storage and safekeeping of important documents and forms. Emptying out each drawer and going through the items routinely will help with ongoing maintenance and decluttering of your office space. Condensing items and returning them to their rightful location as well as discarding things no longer required should be a routine task. 

Shelves can provide great additional storage and if kept minimal and organized can also be aesthetically pleasing to the look of the office. A mix of business materials and tasteful decor will maximize shelf space. Keep in mind your office is a space that is constantly growing and evolving, so leaving open storage space on shelves and in drawers/desk will ensure that you don’t find yourself bogged down by clutter. 

Decluttering your home can feel very overwhelming, often deterring you from getting started. However, starting small and staying consistent will make significant strides to minimize unnecessary items and clutter. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to organize and declutter. It is a personal experience and testing out methods and tips to find what works best for you and your lifestyle is the key to success!

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