07 May 2018

Your front yard is your first impression on people passing by or guests arriving for a visit. It’s important to make use of this space and make it look aesthetically appealing to an outside perspective.

How? Follow our best tips and tricks.

Add Patio Space

Patios are not just for the backyard. If you have room, create a deck space or stone patio in your front yard. It can be nice to sit out front on those warm days or nights. It can connect you closer to your neighbours and serve as a great spot to relax after a hard day’s work. Add small flowers or hedges around the area to make it homey yet inviting.

Take That Troublesome Slope and Make it Something You’ll Love

Slopes are a bit of a nuisance when it comes to landscaping. Instead of trying to grow and mow grass along a hill, add flowers such as perennials or other plants that can last all year round. It will make the area look more appealing and possibly provide less of a maintenance issue.

Choose Plants and Landscape Items that Work with Your Region and Climate

Since we live in a cold area, try incorporating flowers and plants that will naturally grow back with the seasons. Use nature and the wildlife to your advantage. Don’t battle with it. Just go with it! If there are a lot of birds around, install a birdbath or feeder and welcome them! Enjoy all that your location has to offer.

Include Greenery for Privacy and a Low-maintenance Yard

Add shrugs, bushes, or large trees to your front yard. Varying green colours can be warm and inviting. Select greenery that won’t overtake the yard and will mature over time. The last thing you want is maintenance 10 years down the road to remove the overgrown plants, shrubs, or trees in your yard.

Counteract Street Noise with Plants

Surprisingly, your plants and vegetation can act as soundproofing mechanisms. They can also make your yard look bigger. Play with different textures and colours. Find something you will enjoy looking at, and that will buffer the outside street noise.

Paved Front Yard? You Can Still Have a Garden!

Grab some potted plants. Create a vibrant landscape you will love with various sizes and colours. Just because most or all of your yard is paved doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some colour and greenery.

Hide a Less Than Appealing Driveway with Gardens and Plants

Border your driveway with attractive flowers. Fill the space or hide things you don’t want the eye to be drawn to.

Create a Prominent Entrance

This is especially important for smaller homes that can get lost amongst the surrounding structures. Add a white fence for contrast. Or an arch around the pathway entrance. It will make your front step stand out.

Combine Your Landscape with Art

Use that tree to outline your porch. Incorporate nature and your vision. Create a place where nature and design flow and shape each other. The result is spectacular, and it will create a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Create Pathways

Walkways can shape your yard differently. It, also, can allow you to reach all parts of the garden. Play with curves or forks in your walkways. Find what works best.

Make that great first impression, and transform your front yard today. Add colours, textures, pathways, or eye-catching structures to create a space and home you’ll love.

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