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For Now Homes are the ones that get you where you want to be. Ownership isn’t what makes a house into a home. It’s the community, the energy, and the families within the walls that define these important spaces.

This chapter of your life is deserving of a safe place to rest, work, and play. Located in London, Ontario, these high rise residential and rental developments are central places to build families, memories, and more.

A home for the go-getters and dream makers. Located with access to retail, offices, transit, and amenities, Tempo 2 living saves time and energy. The central Andover trails location provides hassle-free London living.

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A home for the go-getters and dream makers. Tempo 2 has a selection of 3 bedroom back-to-back townhomes ranging from 1830 to 1860 square feet, perfect for the Londoners that love lively living. Situated in a mixed income housing neighbourhood, this diverse community provides a wealth of incredible resources, from schools to shops and everything in between. These units were built for hassle-free London living, with modern and spacious design in a sought after and convenient location.

Built with Heart and Skill