11 Nov 2021

Couches can be used in virtually any room to add a sense of coziness and warmth to the space. They come in all shapes and sizes with so many different styles to choose from. Choosing the best couch for the space you want it for can be tricky to do.

There are so many options as far as size, shape, colour and even the texture you’re looking for. You also need to consider what the couch is going to be used for and how long you want it to last. Let’s have a look at how to match a couch to the room you want it for and get the most functionality out of it. 


The perfect couch should be able to actually fit into your home so the first thing you need to do is measure the space it’s going into, the space it’s going through to get there and possibly the space of whatever is going to transport it to your home. Many couches can be broken down into smaller pieces for easy movement so ordering a couch unassembled online or from a furniture store is the best bet for small spaces like apartments. 

You also need to consider the finished size of the couch after it’s been assembled, compared to the space it’s in now. A fun way to do this is by using some old boxes that are similar in height and width. Your cardboard couch will show you if the choice you’re looking at is going to take over the room or end up looking like a doll chair. 

If the couch is going to be more decorative than functional then stick to a small loveseat that can be adorned with some throw pillows but for a large living room with a big family, look at a sectional that will take up more space and give family members a place to relax together.  

Shape and Style

Couches have come a long way in the design world and there are so many different shapes and styles available now. Consider the space you’re looking to place the couch and choose the style based on the rest of the room. A retro print couch will stick out like a sore thumb in a modern-looking living room but a uniquely shaped chair will look sleek and elegant so keep the overall style in mind.

There are plenty of modern and contemporary couches that are made to be the focal point of the room based on their shape or colour. These are gorgeous statement pieces but they can sometimes be lacking as far as function, comfort and durability. These couches are best suited in areas like bedrooms or offices where they won’t be used as often and they can be visually enjoyed. 

The shape of your couch should align with the shapes that are already going on in the room for a balanced look. Pay attention to the back of the couch, the arms, and the cushions to get an idea of whether the couch has more of a “rounded” or “squared” look. Rounded couches are great for living rooms with arches, rounded mirrors and a cozy vibe while squared couches look great in modern or farmhouse style living rooms. 

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Colour and Texture

Take into consideration what the couch will be used for when you think about the fabric choice.  Nobody wants to have a couch that they need to clean, wipe or de-fur on a daily basis so choose the fabric and colour wisely.

Anyone with pets or children should stick to fabrics that can be wiped down and dark colours that will easily camouflage messes. Faux leather is very popular but it’s difficult to repair larger areas when it’s torn so you’ll have to fix any rips or tears as quickly as you can. Microfiber is another great idea for anyone looking for an easy to clean fabric but it has a reputation for absorbing smells so it might not be the best idea for animal lovers that enjoy snuggling with their pets on the couch. 

If you’ve found the colour or fabric you’ve chosen doesn’t fit the space as well as you like then it’s usually a quick fix. Slipcovers are a very inexpensive way to completely change the style of your couch in a few minutes. Measure your couch to make sure you’re buying one that will fit perfectly and it will only take a few minutes to give your couch a whole new look.


For some people, the couch is where most of the families’ time together is spent but for others, it’s just another decoration in the living room. If you know your couch is going to be used quite a bit then look into what investments you can make to make it last as long as possible while giving you the most functionality.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a snooze on your couch over your bed then look into a reclining couch. They have come a long way as far as style goes and many reclining couches look like a regular couch with most of the hardware well hidden. Some can even be placed all the way back so you can get a comfortable sleep without lugging yourself to your bedroom. 

The most updated couches go way beyond just a place to sit and give you more features than you can count. From USB charging stations for your devices, heating or cooled seating, built-in coolers and even hidden storage, there are so many different options you can look for when you want your couch to be functional. Anyone who spends lots of time curled up on the sofa will love taking advantage of these extra features. 


This is one of the most important things to consider if you really want to love your sofa for a long time. This is going to be a personal choice for each person with some of us liking a firmer couch with a solid seat and others enjoying the feeling of sinking into a dense and deep cushion. 

Couches can be made in different ways and filled with different materials. Take a look at the specifications on the couch you want to see what type of filling the cushions have. Goose down is a great choice for a cozy couch but it requires rotating the cushions often while memory foam is great for anyone that wants a harder cushion. 

If you’re buying online, you can usually see the dimensions and colour well but you can’t tell what it will feel like. If you’re able to, take a trip to a local furniture store and have a seat on some of the couches to get a good idea of what you want. It will be very helpful to know what specific fabrics and styles will feel like before you make a big purchase online. 

Wear and tear

If you want your couch to last from your child’s baby years until they’re in college then you need to consider a few things when buying it. Check out what the actual frame is made of and pay attention to the fabric on the cushions. If they’re both high quality then you’ll have a couch that will last you for years. 

The longest-lasting couches are made with durable wood like maple, walnut or teak. Anything made from metal or plastic can be warped or bent after too much use. A solid couch should be able to be “wiggled” without the couches frameshifting around too much. 

The fabric should be a high thread count or be naturally durable to stand up to the test of time. There are sprays and treatments you can do over existing fabric but if it’s well made in the first place then this won’t be necessary. Fabrics like linen, leather, microfiber and suede will last a long time over anything synthetic. 

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Don’t forget to add some of your own personal flair to your couch when it comes to accessorizing it. Choosing the right amount of extras can go a long way. 

Pillows are a great idea and they can be done in so many different ways. Simple couches can be given a fun look with funky mismatched pillows. If you want something a little sleeker then stick to the same shape or colour for a nice cohesive look. 

Make sure you include a cozy blanket that can be draped over the back or hung on a nearby blanket ladder to keep yourself warm while you relax. Pick fabrics like faux fur or silk to give your couch an instant luxury look and feel. 

Purchasing a couch can be a difficult decision with so many factors to consider. A good quality couch can be a large investment in your furniture so you want it to last you as long as possible. As long as you keep a few of these things in mind, you know you’ll be choosing the perfect couch that fits your home, family and lifestyle. 

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