23 Jul 2019

Looking for a new and exciting way to spend a friday night? Want to find that perfect team building activity? Interested in a challenging and immersive experience? Then you will want to try an escape room! Fun and interactive, escape rooms have become a hit across canada and the world. Check one out at any one of these locations and you will see why!


Trapdoor offers two adventures for singles or groups to choose from. Volcano’s ruin is an interactive game where players are challenged to find the ruins and save a priceless jewel before a recently erupted volcano covers it forever in molten lava. Try to beat the top time of 33 minutes and 22 seconds!

A brief mystery of time has players exploring an inventors old estate. Known for experimenting with time travel, this inventor has gone missing. Can you and your group find the missing owner before he’s forever lost in time? Top player finished in only 31 minutes and 53 second! Think your group can do better? Try it out!

Where? 248 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6A 1H3

Number? (519-914-1335

Website? www.trapdoorlondon.ca 

Mystery Escape Rooms

Test your wit and skill in 1 of 8 rooms at the Mystery Escape Rooms! These challenging and fun rooms range in theme and difficulty level. From the Mystic Parlour to the Blue Room, you and your team will be tasked to find clues and hints to escape in the fastest time possible.

Whether you are saving christmas and finding santa claus or pulling off a heist at a museum, you will be challenged and engaged the entire time. Rooms rotate in availability, meaning there are always new and exciting missions.

Mystery Escape Rooms has a resident phycologist on hand that is able to assist corporations and companies in using escape rooms as interview tests, team building exercises and personality analysis.

Where? 55 Waterloo Street, London, Ontario N6B 2R1

Number? 519-601-8989

Website? www.mysteryescaperooms.com


This award winning escape room is full of twists, tricks and surprises. Escapology has 5 rooms that are sure to test and challenge any gamer who participates. Antidote will have you racing against the clock to save your life! Infected with a deadly virus, your only chance of survival is to find the antidote and escape the laboratory within 60 minutes.

Budapest Express will challenge your investigative skills as you are tasked to locate clues and apprehend a murderer before your train reaches the next stop.

Along with these exciting games, there are Th3 Cod3, Under Pressure and Mansion Murder. Come back to try them all!

Where? 604 Oxford Street East, London, Ontario N5Y 3J1

Number? 226-777-9876

Website? www.escapology.com/london-ontario

Exodus Escape Rooms

London’s only escape room that offers players a virtual reality experience! Tasked with saving the world, this 4 player game, will have you and your group using the latest virtual reality technology to complete your mission!

Another completely unique quest is Rivals Revenge, which has groups competing against each other in a head-to-head, 2 room challenge.

Looking for an engaging and interesting way to build company morale? Exodus Escape Rooms offers mindful escapes which is customized experience for teams that includes instructions from an experienced mindfulness expert, escape room challenge and guided stretching.

Where? 520 Wellington Street, London, Ontario N6A 3R2

Number? 226-777-4141

Website? www.exoduslondon.com

Escape Canada

Constantly tweaking games and adding new rooms has people coming back to Escape Canada time and time again. 5 highly interactive and intriguing games will have guests participating in scenarios such as trying to escape an underground bunker infiltrated by zombies, being sent into a retro video game to save a princess, or going down the rabbit hole for a mad’der tea party.

As if those aren’t enough to keep you testing your skills and knowledge, you can soon explore the underwater lost city of Atlantis or go back in time to a 1940’s mental illness treatment center! Both rooms to be open soon!

Where? 335 Richmond Street, London, Ontario N6A 3C2

Number? 519-601-5040

Website? www.escape-canada.com/london

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