14 May 2020

Bathroom Decor Tips

When considering redecorating, your bathroom may not be the first room that comes to mind; however, freshening up the powder room or main bath can really make a statement. These smaller spaces are the perfect canvas to showcase your personal style and they give you a chance to be creative. Try one of these simple ways to update and refresh your bathroom:

Choose a Theme

Bathroom Decor Theme

When redecorating a bathroom, or any space for that matter, having a general theme is a great way to ensure all your pieces and colour schemes compliment each other. Popular themes for bathrooms and powder rooms typically feature light and fresh colours that open up even the smallest of spaces. Beach decor, rustic farmhouse and sleek and modern are some of the most common themes found in bathrooms.


Bathroom Decor Painting

Image source: thegoldhive.com

The simplest and most obvious way to refresh any room is with a coat or two of paint. This cost effective redo can transform your bathroom in a day! Generally speaking, most popular colours for bathrooms are light and bright, which open up the space and promotes a clean and airy feeling. That being said, don’t shy away from darker colours, especially for an accent wall. 

Update Light Fixtures

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Image Source: wayfair.com

Bathroom lighting has a tendency to be overlooked, serving more function than beauty. A quick and inexpensive facelift is to update the light fixture. Considering your overall theme, there are many lighting options to choose from. Rustic chic? Try something with wooden or cast iron accents. Modern and trendy? Chrome and stainless steel offer sleek options. 

Wall Art

Bathroom Wall ArtImage Source: decoist.com

The bathroom is the perfect place to display a fun and bold piece of artwork. Coordinating with your colour scheme, try finding a unique print to hang about the toilet or on a barewall. Think outside the box and do a gallery wall or an eclectic mix of pieces such as shells or baskets. Remember – when hanging artwork in the bathroom to ensure the piece is able to withstand moisture, especially if there is a shower or bath present!

Refinish Cabinets

Bathroom Decor CabinetsImage source: houzz.com 

A great way to pack a punch in a bathroom redo is by refinishing a tired and old vanity. If budget allows, replacing the unit can cause quite an impact and there are simple and cost effective ways of refinishing an existing piece. A fresh coat of stain or paint will make a statement without breaking the bank. Along with updated handles, a newly refinished vanity will immediately update the look and feel of any bathroom. 

Update Countertops

Bathroom Decor CountertopsImage source: thoughtcatalog.com

Countertops are arguably the main focus of the bathroom. Not only providing function, they can make or break the entire look of the space. It may not be feasible to replace existing countertops with top of the line granite or quartz, but by no means does that mean you are out of options. Lower cost countertops can offer a serious update without the same price tag. There are even paints specifically designed for such areas that can offer an entirely new look. Tip: Be sure to use the correct paint as bathroom countertops are subject to a lot of water and wear and tear!

Replace Old Fixtures:

Bathroom Decor FixturesImage source: overstock.com

A quick way to transform your bathroom is by swapping out old faucets, towel racks and toilet paper holders with newer fixtures. Keeping inline with your chosen theme, there are plenty of inexpensive options that will give a quick refresh. Choosing fun and unique fixtures are a simple way to add a bit of pizazz and character to otherwise functional, standard pieces. 

Add some greenery 

Bathroom Decor PlantsImage source: treehut.co

Plants are a great way to add some life into a bathroom, promoting an airy, clean look. Try shadow boxes or small shelves to showcase your greenery. Remember, when choosing plants for a bathroom ensure they are able to handle the inevitable humidity. If you are unsure, a faux plant can give the same impact and will require no maintenance. 

Focus on Storage

Bathroom Decor StorageImage source: housebeautiful.com

Using your bathroom storage to your advantage will help decrease clutter and give a clean and organized feel. Make the most of your vanity using baskets and storage units to keep everything tidy. Over the toilet shelves are an ideal way to store extra bathroom tissue, hand towels and facial tissue. 

Add Personal Touches

Bathroom Decor Personal TouchImage source: onekingslane.com

Your final steps would be to add a bit of personal creativity to the remaining areas such as: waste bins, soap dispensers and fragrance diffusers. Also one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to update or decorate in the bathroom is to replace old towels, hand towels and floor mats. Coordinating colours and patterns will pull the entire room together and add uniformity.

Regardless of how much or how little you are looking to do and spend, there are handfuls of simple ways to quickly refresh and renew your bathroom. From swapping out artwork and linens to a bit more work, such as painting – there are options to upgrade any bathroom out there.

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