20 Sep 2018

Dogs become part of the family. They make us happy – and maybe, sometimes make us sad (remember when that cute fur ball tore apart your new sandals?). But you love them all the same.

They often bring immense joy and fun into a household. Plus, how can you stay mad at the little guy that gets you out for a walk on those days even when you just don’t want to? They benefit our physical and mental health. What’s not to love?

Moving, on the other hand, can send your dog into a panic. They are used to their old surroundings. Change can stress them out and make them nervous. So, how can you make your buddy feel a bit more at home? What would make them happy in this new place?

Here are the top 5 ways to make your dog happy in your new home! These features are pet-friendly and can help you both adjust.

1. Invest in a Pet Feeder or Build One

This means something to put your dog’s bowls in. Are you tired of messes? Huge water puddles or food everywhere? Buy a pet feeder. Or build one out of wood – whatever works! It’s worth it. No more cleaning up after your pet. No more flipped over bowls.

These feeders can also include food storage spots – meaning easy access for you. Some also come with the food storage spot on top. All you have to do is turn or press a button, or simply set the time on it. And it does the job for you. You can fill it in the evening or morning first thing, and won’t have to remember to feed your little friend later on. Plus, it keeps their meals regular, which can help a lot when everything else feels a bit out of whack.

Not only will your mood feel uplifted without a mess to clean up or having another thing to remember, but your dog may pick up on it as well. In turn, they might begin to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

2. Create an Outdoor Space for Your Dog

If you look up ‘outdoor dog lounger’ on Amazon, a whole array of options pop up. Chances are that when you are outside, your dog also wants to be outside. However, comfortable places to sit for your dog often include the grass or cold stones. Why not get them something comfy for outdoors?


For those hot days, they could have a comfortable and cozy spot to lay outside with you. It can get hot outside in the summer – so a place with shade is an added bonus (however, there are also a lot of options without the shade part).

Or build your own mini dog gazebo! If you’re handy or crafty, it might be the perfect side project to start in your new home. And also yet another luxury that your dog might warm up to in your new space.

3. Give Them Lots of Love

This one should be fairly obvious. But by giving your dog lots of attention, it can help them adjust to the changes around them. It also serves as a distraction. Play with them! Take them for a walk. Try to stick to your normal routine with them so it isn’t all new.


Plus, it’s likely your dog has been feeling rather neglected. With moving, it’s bound to happen. You are busy packing, arranging things – it’s okay, it happens! But make sure they get plenty of your love now.

Another tip? Give them a few additional treats or toys. It will make them happy (bet your dog knows what ‘treat’ means). This is especially a good idea when leaving your dog alone for the first time in your new home. They will likely be scared and worried – it’s a new environment and will you come back? Soothe their worries with a few little treats that first time! Or toss him his favourite toy from the old house to provide comfort in your new digs.

Most of all, be patient with your furry friend. It might take time for them to adjust. That new dog gazebo or new feeder? Give it time and slowly introduce these new and exciting things.

4. Upgrade Your Doggy Gates

A new home means new upgrades! When leaving them home alone for the first time, try to leave them in one room. The whole house can be scary. And they may feel even more lonely and unsure with the whole place accessible. Plus, if it’s a puppy and they are still in training, it’s worth restricting the damage to one room in your new home. It isn’t exactly ideal to come home and find not just your pillows torn apart, but the toilet paper and your shoes ripped to shreds.


Invest in a doggy gate. Choose one you like – one that suits your new home and style. And make sure it’s easily retractable so that when you do get home, you can easily get to them (chances are they’ll be just excited to see you as you are!).

Shopping online is a great way to find vast selections of gates. If your dog isn’t going to grow too big, it’s likely a good idea to invest in one you love – and one that might be a little bit more on the expensive side. But remember, it’ll get its use for years down the road – so it is likely worth it.

5. All the Dog Beds

Want to make your dog feel comfortable in their new home? Buy some dog beds. Have a couple – or one for each floor!

Get creative with the dog beds. They don’t have to be an eyesore. Integrate them into already existing furniture, such as under the counter or a side table. Your dog won’t be in the way and will be less likely to get stepped on in the middle of a lazy mid-day nap.

As any pet owner knows, you want your furry friend to be happy! And moving can be a stressful time for them. Make them more comfortable. Make them feel at home again. That’s why we need the help of specialists. Therefore, if someone doubts that Xanax, of course, is addictive, then it is worth getting rid of these doubts immediately. Such an erroneous opinion can lead to serious consequences. Read more at . Try the 5 ways above to make your dog a little happier in your new digs. And remember, it might just take them a little bit of time to get used to it.



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