09 Apr 2018

The community you live in matters as much as the house you choose to call home. When checking out potential neighbourhoods, it’s important to compare and evaluate a variety of aspects.

Here’s what to look for when comparing neighbourhoods and finding a suitable community for you and your family.

Are there accessible amenities close by?

How long of a walk or drive is it to grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and entertainment? Accessible amenities close to home provide less stress and less hassle when running errands or finding potential activities to do. If you need that one ingredient from the grocery store, a half-hour-long drive is slightly inconvenient. When scouting a potential neighbourhood, ensure there is a grocery store close by. If having restaurants and entertainment, such as a movie theatre or bowling, is important to you, make sure these are within a reasonable distance as well. Shopping centres and commercial hubs are also signs of a sustainable neighbourhood that will grow and expand.

Which schools are in the neighbourhood?

If you have kids, this is an important one! Check out google maps or inquire with your real estate agent into which elementary and secondary schools are in the area.

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Is there easy highway access?

Do you plan on driving to work? A highway on-ramp close-by could be important for a quick work commute. However, be wary of being situated too close to the highway. Noise could be a potential issue, and likely not a problem you want to have.

Is there public transit in the area?

Are there bus stops in the neighbourhood? Where do the bus routes go? It is good to find these things out before making a decision, especially if you intend on using the public transit system.

Are there parks or recreational facilities in the neighbourhood?

A recreational centre often provides an arena, an outdoor space with soccer fields or baseball diamonds, a gym, and a place to sign up the kids for March break or summer camps. Having these items close to home is definitely a plus. Further, parks in the neighbourhood offer a green space where your family can enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis.

All these factors can further determine if your house is a good investment. You may plan on spending years in your home, but if you ever want to sell it’s nice to know the value may appreciate.

Find the best neighbourhood for you and your family. Compare areas and communities before deciding on your new home.

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