07 Aug 2019

For many of us, our day doesn’t get started until we have had that first cup of coffee. In London there is no shortage of locations to grab a cup, however, if you are looking for an elevated coffee experience you will want to try one of these great cafes. With various locations all around the city, an exceptional cup of coffee is just around any corner.


Located in Old East London, 10Eighteen is everything one would want a cafe to be. Charming atmosphere, excellent customer service and amazing coffee are all available at this cafe. Specializing in handcrafted poured over coffee and espressos has Londoner’s making 10Eighteen a part of their morning routine. The Cafe uses Trebilcock Coffee Roasters out of Pickering, ON and is passionate about supporting local when it comes to ingredients for their tasty treats and pastries.

Where: 1018 Dundas Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-601-1118

Locomotive Espresso

Locomotive Espresso is the perfect location to enjoy barista crafted coffee, iced brews, espressos and plenty of snacks and treats. This cafe was named one of the top 10 coffee shops to visit in Southwestern Ontario.Locomotive Espresso features Pilot Coffee Roasters who where named Roast Magazine’s 2014 Micro roaster of the year. Having served London topnotch expressos and coffees for the last 5 years, Locomotive Espresso is becoming a staple for residents in the area.

www.locomotiveespresso.com 408 Pall Mall Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-601-3896
Website: www.locomotiveespresso.com

Fire Roasted Coffee Co

Proudly roasted in London, Ontario, Fire Roasted Coffee Co. is available in a number of different locations around the city. Cafes throughout the city include locations on King and Talbot, Wortley Village, The Western Fair Market and the Roastery on Dundas Street. With one of Canada’s largest selections of fire roasted coffee, Fire Roasted Coffee Co. serves 35 different kinds of coffee from around the world. Certified fair trade, these brews are what coffee lovers dreams are made of.

Location 1:

Where: 105 King Street, London, Ontariod
Number: 519-679-3003

Location 2:

Where: 630 Dundas Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-438-5225

Location 3:

Where: 900 King Street, London, Ontario 
Number: 519-438-5225

Location 4:

Where: 136 Wortley Road, London, Ontario
Number: 519-204-9055

Website: www.fireroastedcoffee.com

Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

At Black Walnut they understand that coffee isn’t just a drink, its a form of art. In order to provide the best coffee possible, they decided that roasting their own was the way to go. Black Walnut sources coffee from around the world and uses the best beans possible so each cup is a sip of perfection. Roasting is done in small batches at their Richmond Street location. Combined with their tasty treats from the bakery, residents of London have happily supported Black Walnut. Enjoy a cup either in their downtown location or their Wortley Village location.

Location 1:

Where: 724 Richmond Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-850-2253

Location 2:

Where: 134 Wortley Road, London, Ontario
Number: 519-438-2253

Website: www.blackwalnutbakerycafe.com

The London Bicycle Cafe

The London Bicycle Cafe is one part bicycle shop and one part cafe. The idea behind the cafe was to be a place to bring together cycling enthusiasts and provide a location to enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation. The coffee served is Rosso Coffee from Calgary, Alberta, and can be enjoyed as a great pour over cup. The cafe is the perfect spot to come by, grab a cup and take a seat on the couches provided in this cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Where: 355 Clarence Street, London, Ontario
Number: 226-289-2670
Website: www.londonbicyclecafe.com

Edgar and Joe’s Cafe

Edgar and Joe’s Cafe serves up more than just excellent coffee, it is a cafe with a purpose. Edgar and Joe’s is a meeting place for all members of London’s community and hopes to serve as a platform for conversation, social networking and the fostering of collaborations. At Edgar and Joe’s patrons are able to purchase a community coffee, which will be given out to a guest in need. The beans are purchased and roasted locally by Las Chicas Del Cafe. What is better than enjoying a great brewed cup of coffee, all while strengthening and supporting your community.

Location 1:

Where: 255 Horton Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-645-0900

Location 2:

Where: 201 King Street, London, Ontario
Number: 519-675-1733

Website: www.edgarandjoes.ca

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