05 Mar 2018

If you’ve decided to build a new home, you’re in for an exciting time ahead! Building your own home provides you with the opportunity to make your dreams a reality. But before the process even begins, you need to make one crucial decision: choosing a location.

Forever Homes knows that building a new home begins with choosing a great lot. Check out our tips below for making the right decision when selecting a lot for your new home.

Get a Feel for the Area

Spending some time in the community where you are interested in building is key. Check out the area not only on foot but in the car, too, at various times throughout the day and week. If there’s any undeveloped land in the area, find out what its intended uses are to see if anything other than residential is planned.

Pay attention to how far the potential location is from the nearest stores, churches, and hospitals. If you commute, determine what the drive is like during rush hour.

Be sure to check out the local schools whether you have children or not; quality of nearby schools affect a home’s resale value. Also, research the area’s real estate taxes and determine whether there are any planned assessments or increases soon.

Consider the Lot Size

After you have an area chosen where you would like to build, it’s time to actually start selecting an appropriate lot.

The size of home you are planning to build will help narrow down your lot choices. You want to choose an appropriate lot for the size of home you’re building. No matter how beautiful a house is, if it’s too big or small for a lot size, it could look out of place.

Determine if any physical characteristics could limit the lot’s buildable area. Look for things like utility easements, embankments, or swampy grounds.

Determine Personal Preferences

Depending on what type of homeowner you are, different shapes of lots could be more appealing.

If you’re a gardener, considering your lot’s relationship to the sun is crucial. Planning lots of landscaping for the front of your new home? Then ensure there will be maximum sunlight there. Corner lots, which frequently offer both a side and backyard can provide extra room for future gardens – but could be noisier if located on a busy corner.

Do you enjoy peace and quiet? If so, then choosing a lot near the front of a subdivision could be louder than a cul-de-sac – but offers quicker access in and out of the subdivision.

Consider your lot’s dimensions to see if they work for your plans. If planning a backyard pool or large garden shed, ensure your lot is wider in the back. If a home is narrow in the front, you may have to place the home further back on the lot – which could mean a longer driveway is necessary, too.

Putting it All Together

Building a new home is a time full of possibilities and decisions! Regardless of whether you’re building in the country, suburbs or city, choosing the right lot for your new home is important.

We’re curious: what made you choose the lot that you did when building your new home?

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