17 Jul 2019

We all have a go to dish when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Whether it’s chow mein, sweet and sour pork or crispy and delicious egg rolls, there are a number of restaurants in London to head to for your favourite meal. Here are 15 amazing Chinese restaurants you need to try!

Zen Gardens:

Zen Gardens is an authentic Chinese restaurant that uses top quality ingredients to create traditional dishes. From sushi to duck, Zen Gardens serves it all, piping hot and with a smile. Don’t feel like going out to eat? Skip the dishes provides delivery service for all your favourites from Zen Gardens.

Where? 344 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6B 1V7
Number? 519-433-6688
Website? www.zengardenslondon.ca


If you are looking for options then Mandarin is the way to go. Having over 100 different dishes and items to choose from, this buffet style restaurant has become a quick favourite. Come with a hefty appetite for their all you can eat buffet, including a wide variety of desserts and even a sundae bar.

Where? 387 Wellington Road, London, Ontario N6C 4P9
Number? 519-680-5000
Website? www.mandarinrestaurant.com

Congee Chan

Congee is a traditional rice porridge popular in many asian countries. Along with this dish, Congee Chan has a wide variety of options to suit every palate. Clam, duck, chicken and pork dishes are just a few of the items that can be ordered hot off the menu.

Where? 735 Wonderland Road North, Unit 20, London, Ontario N6H 4L1
Number? 519-641-5685
Website? www.congeechanrestaurant.com

Hong Ping Restaurant

If you are looking for generous servings of authentic chinese cuisine then Hong Ping Restaurant is the place to get it. Offering meals such as curry squid, bbq pork rice noodle crepes and chicken feet if you are feeling adventurous. Served daily are dim sum, stuffed dumplings and also hot pot, where patrons cook raw food at the table in boiling broth.

Where? 339 Horton Street East, London, Ontario N6B 1L6
Number? 519-858-3074

Tak Sun Restaurant

Tak Sun has been serving delicious, chinese dishes to the city of London for over 30 years. They consider themselves one of the original restaurants in London to serve dim sum, and due to its popularity with customers, consider it one of their specialty items. However, an equal amount of care and quality ingredients go into all their menu items which are available for dine in or take out.

Where? 122 Wellington Road South, London, Ontario
Number? 519-438-2913
Website? www.taksunrestaurant.ca

Shanghai Restaurant

With over 100 menu items to choose from, it’s no wonder customers keep returning to Shanghai Restaurant. The dishes range from curry to chicken, traditional appetizer to pork and beef choices. There is even a “chef’s suggestions” that will help anyone who may be unsure of what to choose.

Where? 304 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario N6J 1G5
Number? 519471-4420
Website? www.shanghaichineseonline.com

Golden City Chinese Restaurant

Come and enjoy delicious, made to order dishes using quality ingredients. Golden City Chinese Restaurant offers indoor seating as well as quick delivery. Vegetarian and Gluten free options are available for those with dietary restrictions.

Where? 509 Commissioner Road West, London, Ontario N6J 1Y6
Number? 519-473-8898
Website? www.goldencityca.com

Jay’s Garden

If you are in the market for hot and tasty take out then you will want to give Jay’s Garen a try. Specializing in take out and catering, Jay’s restaurant serves a wide variety of authentic chinese meals. On a budget? They regularly offer coupons and discounts for customers.

Where? 1444 Glenora Drive, London, Ontario N5X 1V2
Number? 519-204-9268
Website? www.jaysgarden.ca

Macau Chinese & Thai Restaurant

Macau Chinese Restaurant has been serving the London community for a number of years and is known for quality ingredients and great tasting menu options. Whether you head to their convenient location for a dine-in meal or enjoy tasty plates at home, Macau Chinese & Thai Restaurant won’t disappoint.

Where? 699 Wilkins Street, London, Ontario N6C 5C8
Number? 519-668-1133
Website? www.macaulondon.com

Golden Dragon London

Time tested, classic recipes are served up at Golden Dragon. Either partake in their old fashioned dining room or enjoy a meal on the go with take-out or delivery service. Located in Byron, Golden Dragon offers individual items as well as meal options that will serve an entire family.

Where? 1285 Commissioner Road West, London, Ontario N6K 1C9
Number? 519-472-2180
Website? www.goldendragonlondon.ca

Chopstick House

A savory menu with a mix of classic and contemporary chinese dishes are available at Chopstick House. Hot soups, schezwan chicken or crispy spring rolls are just a few of the items to choose from. Open daily for ordering, the Chopstick House remains busy thanks to loyal customers and serving London since 1966.

Where? 734 Adelaide Street North, London, Ontario N5Y 2L5
Number? 519-432-1124
Website? www.chopsticklondon.com

Chinatown Restaurant

At Chinatown Restaurant they are equally committed to provide patrons with quality meals as well as superior customer service. They understand that a great dining experience is important to all who come to their restaurant and eagerly welcome couples, families and even large groups. Give them a call to book your reservation to take the stress out of your next group dinner.

Where? 431 Boler Road, London, Ontario N6K 2K8
Number? 519-657-8577
Website? www.thechinatownrestaurant.ca

Canton Restaurant & Tavern

Canton Restaurant & Tavern provides guests with a top notch experience and quality chinese plates. Local favourites are the dim sum and peking fish, along with a number of options on their extensive menu. Catering an event? Canton will be happy to provide the food. They also offer take out and delivery as well as dining in their establishment. Kid friendly as they have a canadian menu option with favourites such as grilled cheese, fish & chips or chicken nuggets.

Where? 972 Hamilton Road, London, Ontario N5W 1V6
Number? 226-289-2146
Website? www.londoncantonrestaurant.ca

Asian Wok

Family owned restaurant, Asian Wok, prides itself in offers customers with a personalized dining experience. their open concept kitchen and made to order meals ensures each dish is perfectly crafted. They are happy to add or omit various ingredients to suit all different preferences. As stated on their website, “enter Asian Wok and we promise you won’t “wok” out disappointed”.

Where? 1319 Commissioners Road E., Unit #E3C, London, Ontario N6M 0B8
Number? 519-686-8882
Website? www.asianwoklondon.com

Li Garden (formerly Wings Kitchen)

Li Garden is sure to satisfy all your chinese food cravings with their long list of quality made menu items. From traditional dim sum to lobster, there are any number of dining options that will keep you coming back time and time again. Craving chicken balls but already in your pj’s? No problem, they also offer quick delivery.

Where? 1141 Highbury Ave., N., #5, London, Ontario N5Y 1A5
Number? 519-659-8888
Website? www.wings-kitchen.com

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