08 Dec 2017

Presents are being wrapped. Candles are being lit…it’s starting to look a lot like the holidays here in London, Ontario. Are you rushing around to finish your holiday shopping? Need the perfect holiday gift for a loved one who recently built or bought a new home? Whether it’s a housewarming gift, or something to put under the tree, the new homeowner in your life is sure to love our top gift ideas for the modern home.

Make Your Gift Picture Perfect

Need a thoughtful, and personal gift to give a new homeowner? If you happen to be a talented photographer or know someone who is, capture a photo of their beautiful new home — print it, and frame it. A different spin? If you’re an artist, paint them a picture of their new house and frame it. It’s a thoughtful, classy gift that’s perfect for any modern homeowner. Graphic designers can also have fun with this idea — and create something a little bit more abstract.

Make Your Gift Sparkle

Depending upon the custom options the new homeowner has selected, unique cleaning products may just be needed. Different types of countertops and appliances sometimes require particular kinds of cleaners to help these surfaces look their best and last as long as possible: ask the modern homeowner in your life whether they use special cleaners. If they do, consider putting together a gift basket just for them.

Make Your Gift Smart

Many new homes will already have smart features — from intelligent thermostats to digital doorbells and even electronic locks — built right into them. If you find out the modern homeowner in your life is lacking a particular smart feature that they want nothing spreads holiday warmth quite like a thermostat that can make adjustments based on minute temperature changes in the air.

Make Your Gift Local

If the modern homeowner in your life is new to their town or neighborhood — give them a gift that gives them a taste of their community. Newspaper deliveries, gift certificates to local restaurants or coffee shops, or a gift certificate to a local landscaper or garden center are sure to be appreciated (and put to use).

Make Your Gift Memorable

It’s the holiday season: what’s better than something to hang on the tree? A personalized ornament is a great, and low-cost, way to mark someone’s big move in the past year. You can order a customized one — or make it yourself (Pinterest is full of ideas for those of us who are more artistically inclined).

Ultimately, the perfect holiday gift is one that shows you care. If you know someone who recently moved into a modern home, you may just want to ask if they need any help getting settled or unpacked. And, once they’re all moved in, and you get the full house tour: don’t forget to give them the ultimate gift: compliments on their beautiful new home!

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