10 Dec 2018

Ah – the dream home. We all have one based on our personal comforts and preferences. But, how do you get there? How do you finally get that dream home that you’ve always imagined?

Well, dreams can come true! Here are the 10 steps you need to take to build your dream home.

  1. Plan & Budget

There’s no denying it. Building a dream home requires funds. The average home build can cost you anywhere from $149 000 to $430 000 – or even more. Plan for about $150 per square foot. Assess your finances, then come up with a budget. What can you afford?

Pro Tip: Look into getting a pre-approved mortgage here as well.

  1. Determine Your Needs

What are your priorities? Think about your lifestyle and your 5-10 year plan. What will you need? Make a list. It can help you narrow down the possibilities.

  1. Find a Builder or Designer

Narrowing down the company you want to build or design your dream home can help you figure out other aspects as well – such as choosing a site or lot to build your home on. Go with someone who is credible and reliable – someone you can trust!

Pro Tip: Research and interview multiple builders and designers.

  1. Choose a Site

Most builders have options. Explore the neighbourhoods they are building in – is it a good fit?

  1. Start Selecting Your Design

Choose your floorplans, front rendering, and other features. Weigh your options here!

  1. Review Your Blueprints and Material List

Look over the blueprints. Is this your dream home? Make sure you’re happy with it before moving past this step. Also, go over your material list with your builder. Costs can add up here so make sure you know what you’re getting.

  1. Give the Consent to Build & Get the Right Permits

Do your research in your local area. What do you need to begin building? Make sure you have the correct permits and permission necessary.

  1. Building Begins!

Start getting excited! The foundation is going in. Your dream is becoming a reality.

  1. Prepare for Setbacks

Delayed shipment of building materials.

Weather conditions.

The terrain.

All these things can cause setbacks. Prepare for them ahead of time. Plan for them, then when they happen, they are a non-issue.

  1. It’s Time to Move in!

After months of planning and building, the time is here! You are ready to move in. It’s time to choose your furniture and really make this place all your own. Take the time to enjoy it. You finally got your dream home!

At Forever Homes, we can help you build your dream home. Contact us for more information. Let’s start planning the home of your dreams today!

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YOUR DREAM home worksheet

Use this worksheet when going through the building process to help identify the priorities for your dream home!