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Bouquet of flowers
Spring Decor Ideas: 50+ Whimsical Ways to Decorate your Home for Spring
Spring has sprung and for many that means it’s time to revamp your space. A few changes and some spring
What Are Kitchen Checkups You Should Do Once A Year
What are “Kitchen Checkups” You Do Once A Year?
Keeping Your Kitchen At Its Best It doesn’t matter how well-designed your kitchen was in the world of yesteryear. Over
The Art of a Feng Shui Home
For those who don’t know, Feng Shui is a practice from Chinese tradition that aims to create a balance between
Energy Efficient Home Tips
Tips To Keep or Make Your House More “Green”
Many people are making the switch more energy-efficient in their homes, and the environment appreciates every small change! There are
Choosing a paint colour
How Paint Colour Affect Us
You may not realize it, but the colours of our walls can impact our moods. If you’re looking to repaint