29 Jul 2019

There’s something about cold beer and great wings that brings people together. Whether it’s happy hour after a long week of work or catching up with friends to watch a game. Wing night has become a staple for restaurants and their patrons alike, with many using it as the perfect excuse to gather. In London there is no shortage of places to enjoy great wings. Take a look at our top picks!

Bernie’s Bar and Grill

What’s better than wing night? How about two wing nights! A Bernie’s Bar and Grill you have two opportunities to indulge in this fan favourite. With thirteen flavours ranging from salt and pepper to ultimate suicide, you will be sure to come back regularly to try them all!

Location #1

Where:1290 Byron Baseline Rd., W., London, Ontario N6K 2E3

Number: 519-471-7098

Location #2

Where: 1225 Wonderland Rd., N., London, Ontario N6G 2V9
Number: 519-657-0597
Website: www.berniesbarandgrill.com


Palasad may be known for their entertainment, but did you know they also have ½ priced wing day every Wednesday! From traditional flavours to famous signature sauces, Palasad offers unique choices and mouth watering blends. Try Buffalo Hot, Canadian Maple BBQ, Bobcajun or Dragon Fire. Looking for something less saucy? Try one of the butter basted dry rubs such as Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper or Garlic and Parmesan. All flavours and rubs are available in classic or boneless wings.

Location #1

Where: 141 Pine Valley Boulevard, London, Ontario N6K 3T6

Number: 519-685-1390

Location #2

Where:777 Adelaide Street North, London, Ontario N5Y 2L8


Website: www.palasad.com

Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse

Having a case of the Mondays isn’t a bad thing when it comes to Kelsey’s! Beat the Monday blues with wing night. Done eight ways, Kelsey’s wings are steeply discounted and full of flavour. With prices this good you will want to try as many options as you can handle. With three locations around London, there is no reason not to make your way over.

Location #1

Where: 805 Wonderland Road S., London, Ontario N6K 2Y5

Number: 519-668-1105

Location #2

Where: 900 Oxford Street E., London, Ontario N5Y 3J7

Number: 519-519-455-9464

Location #3

Where: 1395 Fanshawe Park Road W., London, Ontario N6G 0E3
Number: 519-473-2332

Website: www.kelseys.com

The Morrissey House

The Morrissey House prides itself in creating all its sauces in house. Sourcing local ingredients when possible, not only are the flavours, but the wings themselves from the London area. Head over on Thursdays to enjoy ½ priced wings, only $6.37/lb! Some completely unique and authentic sauces include: Sea Salt & Pepper, Citrus Honey Garlic, Gojuchang (Korean BBQ), Mo’BQ, and MoHot.

Where: 359 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6B 1V5
Number: 519-204-9220
Website: www.themorrisseyhouse.com

Beertown Public House

Beertown London may be known for their brews, however, nothing compliments a good beer like great wings. Seasoned flour dusted in a choice of Beertown bbq, buffalo style sauce or dry cajun, these oh-so-succulent wings are the perfect match to any drink off the menu.

Where: 109 Fanshawe Park Rd., E., London, Ontario N5X 3X3
Number: 519-679-5424
Website: www.beertown.ca

Fatty Patty’s Bar and Grill

Fatty Patty’s is the perfect spot for those with a big wing appetite! You can indulge to your heart’s content with these prices. 1lb of wings is only $8.95 and 2lbs $14.95! These tasty and flavourful wings are fan favorites and keeps customers coming back time and time again. Try them in mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic or honey hot!

Where: 390 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario N6J 1G9
Number: 519-473-5521
Website: www.fattypattysbarandgrill.com

Lou Dawg’s

At Lou Dawg’s, serving up superior southern bbq is their speciality. Their wings are no exception. Slow smoked for at least 2 hours, these wings are carefully coated in dry rub seasoning. Hormonal contraception (birth control pills, injections, implants, skin spots, and vaginal rings) may not be effective enough to prevent pregnancy during your treatment. Talk to your doctor about the best birth control methods to use when taking Provigil. You will be able to taste the pride in every bite. Choose from dry rub, original bbq sauce, smokey bbq, hot or honey hot. Whatever your preference, they will have your mouth watering as you wait for your order.

Where: 519 Richmond Street, London, Ontario N6A 3E8
Number: 519-204-0822
Website: www.loudawgs.com

Player’s Sports Hub, Bar and Grill

Player’s Sport Hub, located in southeast London, is the perfect setting for meeting up with friends to catch a game. And nothing says game night like a piled high plate of wings. Player’s knows a thing or two about both. There are some unique flavours to choose from such as mild, hot, stupid hot, 40 creek whiskey and Player’s own signature sauce. Come in on a monday and you can enjoy all day wings at just $0.50 a piece!

Where: 1749 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N5W 3E4
Number: 519-452-1030
Website: www.playerslondon.ca

Loose Rooster

The Loose Rooster is the place to be if you are looking for variety. Their extensive sauce list will please those from timid to brave. Sauces range from smokey BBQ to honey garlic, from mild to thai. If you are looking for something to set your taste buds ablaze you’ll want to try the rooster on fire, staying true to its name. Into dry rub? Try the Lemon Pepper, Cajun or Chipotle Mango!
A pound of wings is just $9.99 regular priced or on Monday’s only $0.75/piece!

Where: 1295 Highbury Ave., N., London, Ontario N5Y 5L3
Number: 519-659-9900

Squire Pub and Grill

The Squire Pub and Grill is located right across the street from Budweiser Gardens, making it a perfect before or after stop for shows, concerts or games. Monday’s and Thursday’s offer up the best deals on wings. With plenty of variety in sauces and flavours, Londoners flock to Squires to try them all. A bit adventurous? You’ll be wanting to try the White Cheddar or Ketchup seasoned wings. If you are more traditional when it comes to your wings, no need to fear, Squires has Honey Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Mild and Apple Butter Mesquite.

Where: 109 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6A 1E8
Number: 519-204-0173
Website: www.squirepubandgrill.ca

Do you agree with our top 10 places to get wings in London, Ontairo list? Are we missing any? Let us know below!

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