14 Jun 2022

Are you looking for date night ideas in London, Ontario? In a busy, vibrant city such as London, it might be overwhelming to think of something to do, never mind come up with the best outdoor date ideas London, Ontario has to offer!

London, Ontario, is a Canadian city situated slightly north of Lake Erie. It’s a vibrant city with arts, culture, and nature. Tall, majestic trees shade the city, and lush, velvety green parks blanket large open spaces. London, Ontario is an enchanting place! Keep reading to find the best romantic activities in London, Ontario, for your next date night.

The best part about this specific guide is that there is something for every type of date night. We’re covering everything, including the best date night restaurants in London, Ontario. In addition, we’ll explore adventure, adrenaline, tranquility, and so much more. When you’re in London, Ontario, you have the gift of nature right in your backyard. The lush green grass might make an alluring picnic blanket while the tall trees shade you from the sun. All in all, London, Ontario is a panoramic gem. You must continue reading to find out the best romantic activities for a date night in this vibrant city.

Whether you’re a couple married for 50 years looking to celebrate a monumental anniversary or going on your first date, our guide will share the ins and outs of the best date night spots the busy city has to offer. So get your notebook, grab a pen and get ready to take notes because we’re getting creative with our romantic dates in London, Ontario!

1. Take a wine tasting tour/visit a brewery.

Depending on your lifestyle, this one might be a skip for you. If it is, don’t worry about it. Keep reading because we haven’t shared our best romantic date night idea yet! London, Ontario has many wineries and breweries. Many offer guided and self-guided tours with terrific tasting samples to try. Visiting a local brewery is a fantastic way to support local businesses and explore unique, interesting flavors. It makes for a very romantic date, especially once you start talking about what you like and don’t like about various tastes and flavours. Exploring something new together is a great way to bond and build a relationship.

2. Plan a fairy-tale beach picnic.

London, Ontario, offers residents a few great beaches to choose from. Pack a picnic with sandwiches, a bottle of your/their favorite wine/drink, and a snack. Don’t forget a blanket to lay out on the sand and perhaps one to use to cover up with in case the date goes later into the evening and it gets chilly. If you’re looking to amp up this beach picnic, light a few candles and place them inside lanterns at each corner of the picnic blanket and meet your date at the beach at dusk. The evening glow gives a romantic kiss to the entire experience. Watch the sun go down over the glossy waters and sip on your favorite drink. A fairy-tale beach picnic is inviting, alluring, and beautiful.

3. A romantic dinner.

Would any list of romantic dates be complete without the iconic romantic dinner? Imagine dimly lit rooms, spaced-out tables to bring a level of privacy, and soft, seductive music playing in the background. The food is satisfying, and the entire vibe of the whole date is so picture-perfect we can’t help but love it.

Date Night Restaurants London Ontario

These restaurants combine their intimate environments with terrific meals. They make for a great date night.

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4. Make a new recipe.

The benefits of cooking together are enormous. The need for effective communication to cook together can strengthen your bond and relationship. It can create a sensual connection while exploring the new recipe’s textures, colours, aromas, and flavours. Explore chopping, mincing, stirring, and, best of all, eating! Spending time together cooking or baking in the kitchen can be an intimate, romantic date that both parties will love.

5. Go strawberry picking.

Is there anything better than taking a big bite of a juicy strawberry on a hot summer night? Well, maybe a satisfying glass of wine alongside it would be good as well. Enjoy exploring the strawberry patch, picking ripe strawberries, and chatting about the many recipes to explore with your basketfuls of strawberries! Strawberry picking is a fun date night idea. It’s also budget-friendly.

Strawberry Farms London Ontario

6. Visit The Grand Theatre.

The Grand Theatre is a spectacular venue. (Located at 471 Richmond Street.) It features classic architecture, an impressive interior, and enchanting shows. The Grand Theatre makes for a magical night out that your date will surely remember! The venue frequently hosts different types of shows and concerts, so you’re sure to find something you’ll both adore! The ambiance of The Grand Theatre is inviting, and the exquisite touches on the décor make for perfect photo opportunities.

7. Take an evening stroll.

Depending on your relationship, you might need a small but still romantic date idea. Something that you don’t have to commit a vast amount of time to but still provides a level of intimacy so you can bond and build a connection. That’s where an evening stroll comes in. Besides all the obvious health benefits of walking, it’s also easier to establish and build positive, effortless communication because you’re not just sitting and staring at each other.

Date Questions To Try

  • What are some random facts about yourself?
  • Where is your favorite place on earth?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • What are your hobbies?

8. Play tourists and explore together!

Explore the streets of an area in London, ON, that you’re not familiar with. Take new roads and get lost in a new community. This is a fantastic way to support all of the local businesses (yes, we know you’ll need a coffee or an ice cream) and better get to know your local surroundings. Explore at night and watch the city light up. Hop on a bus and explore a larger area. Exploring is a unique, intimate date night that can bring a ton of laughs and smiles. Imagine the wrong turns, the missed bus stop, or simply getting lost. (Of course, play tourist in a safe area and take all precautions to maintain safety!)

9. Go for coffee.

Going out to a coffee shop can be a very romantic date. It provides a sense of simplicity while giving a soft, gentle vibe. Going out for coffee is typically inexpensive and is a great environment for conversation. It is casual, laid-back, and intimate.

Excellent Coffee Shops in London, ON

A Summer 2022 London, Ontario Event Guide

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10. Spend a night in a local B&B.

Take a night off from regular programming and indulge in soft, high-thread-count sheets, cozy blankets, and the delicious smell of breakfast greeting you in the morning. If your relationship is at this level, then consider a night at a local bed and breakfast.

Local B&B’s in London ON

Unique Romantic Date Nights

Maybe you’re a little quirky, unconventional, or just not the traditional couple. Are you searching for adventure, knowledge, adrenaline, or something new? That’s awesome. Please keep reading to discover some of our most unique romantic date night ideas.

  • Participate in a paint night
  • Take a paddleboarding lesson
  • Visit a psychic
  • Spend a night camping

A Few More Date Ideas

Finding the perfect date can be stressful! Choosing the date and time is one thing, but deciding how to spend the time can be very challenging. So if you haven’t found the perfect date here yet, don’t worry, we still have a few more date night ideas up our sleeves for you!

  • Do a double date
  • See a movie
  • Candle-lit dinner
  • Take a long drive

How do you choose?

We’ve put it all out for you to understand easily, but how do you choose? First, choose something that feels good for you. Planning a romantic date can be stressful, so having the date be something truly enjoyable can make it much more manageable. Think of your style, your hobbies, and the kinds of things you enjoy in your free time to decide on a date. Afterward, think of your date. Don’t be shy! Get ready to explore something new, as that’s what brings new connections and exciting moments.

Finally –

Don’t go just yet. We have a few dating tips you can take with you for your romantic evening. Make sure you go with confidence, know that you’re fantastic, go somewhere public and safe, and let someone know where you’ll be. Choose an outfit you feel awesome in and ask your date meaningful questions. Follow our guide to create a romantic date in London, ON.

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