26 Aug 2022

Rustic decor has become such a popular design scheme in the last few years, and people have been using the trend in clever ways to highlight their homes. Rustic decor is a mix of neutral and simplistic designs that are done in a way to make them seem much older. If you want to spruce up your bedroom with some rustic decor, keep reading to see the top tips for farmhouse and rustic-inspired bedroom design.

What is rustic and farmhouse style decor like?

Some design trends speak for themselves, but “rustic” and “farmhouse” are buzzwords used to define a similar home design style. The style idea is basically reclaimed, refurbished, or modern items designed to look much older. Raw wood, neutral tones, and natural fibered fabric are all hallmarks of this decor style.

The design idea is loosely based on the settler way of life in the pioneer age of the 19th century, but rustic bedroom inspiration has come a long way. Furniture back then was often handmade, which made it heavy and difficult to move. This resulted in a minimalist style, with decor items being items that you would typically use around the house, such as milk pitchers or old scales.

1. Start with the bed

Adding a rustic touch to your bedroom is a great way to make it look warm, and your bed is a great place to start. Use an exposed wooden bedframe or stick with a dark iron to make the bed look charming and vintage. Farm-style headboards are also popular, and they are very easy to DIY with some old palettes and some paint.

When it comes to your bedspread, think about replacing your synthetic fabrics with something that’s a little more natural. Linen and cotton are excellent choices for bedspreads as they are light enough to be used all year round. When it comes to colours or patterns, look for neutrals or understated patterns that aren’t too busy.

2. Put up your walls

The walls in your bedroom are a great way to add some farmhouse-style touches to the room. Shiplap is one of the most common ways to make the room look rustic and give the walls a “faux exposed wood” look. Choosing one wall is a great way to make it look like an accent, but alternate walls (or extending them to the ceiling) are another great idea if you want to make the room feel rustic.

As far as paint colours go, you should try and keep them neutral and calm. Wheat, sage and eggshell are great colours that go with everything and make the room feel warm. Keep the theme going by using soothing and natural tones all around to make the space feel cohesive.

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3. Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish

Pioneers didn’t have Homesense and Ikea, so they did the best they could when it came to making furniture and decor out of recycled items. Instead of shopping around, look at what you can make with what you have or things that someone might normally toss. Barn board used to be all that was available to make furniture, but now it’s seen as some of the best wood for decorative flooring or accents.

Antique stores and estate sales are fantastic places to find statement pieces that you can use for decor in your bedroom. Vintage items like lighting, side tables, or wall decor can all be found at thrift stores, but you can easily make your modern things look thrifted with a coat of paint. There are plenty of great “crackle” style paints that will add a vintage look to your existing furniture, and it’s easy to replace smaller items like drawer pulls with a style that looks a little worn.

4. Light it up

Lighting is another significant factor when it comes to making the bedroom have a farmhouse feel. The pioneers didn’t have adjustable lighting or wifi-enabled smart lights, but you can still use the design scheme and give it your own modern twist. Small iron chandeliers are a great idea for a larger room, but smaller rooms can benefit from wall sconces or lantern-style lights.

Dimmer lighting is more suited to a vintage-style room, but bright lights are great for opening up small areas. If you have a natural light source, use that as much as you can to keep your energy costs down while lighting up the room. Sheer curtains or adjustable blinds are a great way to let in as much light as possible while still keeping it private.

 5. Add some personal touches.

If you’re thinking about some modern rustic bedroom ideas, then look at your life. Personal photos are a cute touch if they are done in a clever way. Vintage photo frames or simple wood frames are fantastic for adding some personality to the room while keeping with the theme.

You can also add your own personal motto by displaying a fun-looking sign. These are very common for farmhouse-style homes, and they can make the space feel fun and welcoming. Bible verses, poetry, and sleep-related phrases are all popular choices for bedroom signage.

6. Bring in the nature

While pioneers may have become experts at tending to a garden, they weren’t big on having live plants throughout their homes as we do now. Dried flowers might seem like they’re more suited to your grandmother’s decor taste, but they can be done in so many beautiful ways to add a touch of beauty to bland spaces. You don’t need to add anything too fancy, and a simple vase or mason jar will hold them perfectly.

Dried Babys Breath flowers in a small vase are a great touch to any bedside table, and you won’t even have to worry about watering them. If you have ample space to take up, try putting some large pom fronds in a vase to spruce up the area. Mini topiaries are also a popular addition, and they can add a nice natural touch to a dull-coloured room.

7. Go big or go home

If you want to do a bit of extra labour to give your room a rustic twist, then look at installing a sliding barn door. These do take a bit of extra work to install but sliding barn doors look absolutely amazing when they are finished. They are a great way to make the space look fresh and unique, plus it allows you to have a nice wide doorframe.

Another larger improvement you can make is by replacing the carpets with something that feels a bit more natural. Wood flooring or short piled carpet is much better, and they are easier to care for than a long shag. Rugs were also very popular, and large area rugs look great when they are placed under a bed or in front of a dresser.

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8. Get comfortable

Comfort and coziness are two of the main feelings you want your rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas to evoke. Making the room comfortable means you want pillows, blankets, and sitting spaces all around so you can enjoy the room as much as possible. You don’t need to worry about everything matching either but sticking with a similar tone for the accessories is a great way to keep the room cohesive.

A stacked pile of pillows on the bed or a decorative ladder full of hanging blankets give the room a nice warm feeling. To add texture, go with different sizes of pillows and other fabrics for the accent blankets. Flannel and cotton are excellent choices, but for accent blankets, you can get away with something a little thicker, like knitted fabric with some clever-looking tassels.

9. Bring in the heat

Adding a fireplace to your home might sound like a crazy endeavour, but luckily you can get a modern version that doesn’t require any construction. While fireplaces are traditionally used in areas to heat the whole home, some pioneer homes had fireplaces in bedrooms to make sure you stayed nice and warm through the cold winter nights. Electric fireplaces are a great way to make the room feel warm without worrying about burning logs.

There are plenty of great electric fireplaces on the market that are made to look slightly vintage, and these are great for decor. The faux facades will make it look like the fireplaces have been installed in the home for years instead of days. If you want something that will actually provide heat, look into installing a gas fireplace into the space so you can get the bonus of feeling cozy while having an attractive decor piece.

There are so many amazing ways you can add a touch of rustic or farmhouse decor to your bedroom and give it a fun look. This trend has been incredibly popular in the last few years, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Embrace the comforting and welcoming atmosphere of farmhouse decor and add a few of these touches to your bedroom to make the space feel warm.

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