29 Jul 2022

A guest room is such a nice luxury to have, and it can be tricky to figure out the best way to show off space that’s only used periodically. Many people have a guest room that is full of clutter or a room that doesn’t quite go with the rest of the house. If you want to redo your guest room to make it look a little more suited to your home, then continue reading for our best guest bedroom design ideas.

Before looking at guest bedroom ideas, you have to consider how long your guest usually stays. Many people have friends who always pop by and hang out for a night or two, but others may host long-term guests that will be there for weeks. Make sure you design your guest room with your home and potential guests in mind.

Short-term guest ideas

1) Make it cozy

You don’t want your guest to feel like they are staying in a place where they can’t get comfortable. Don’t make the room too sterile or fancy, or your guests won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Bring in things like extra pillows, fluffy blankets, and some lovely personal photos (bonus points if you have any pictures of you and your guests together that you could print out and frame), so your houseguest feels like they are at an intimate B&B instead of a hotel.

Your guest room should also have a dresser or a spot for your guests to store their clothing while they are there. Some people prefer to live out of a suitcase, but others might have clothing that needs to be hung. If you need to use the closet in the guest room, make it easy to transfer the items in and out so you can clear up the space for when your guests arrive. If you have the space, you can also look into buying a large armoire or stand-up dresser for guests to use instead.

2) Two are better than one.

If you have the space, choose two single beds over a larger double or queen. If you have a smaller guest room, you can also look into incorporating two adult-sized bunk beds to save some floor space which is a great small guest bedroom idea. You can also look for a modern convertible chair instead of an extra bed so that there is more than one option for sleeping.

If you have multiple guests, then look into other options that can be tucked away when the room isn’t being used. Cots, murphy beds, air mattresses, and rollaway beds have come a long way, and you can find plenty of comfortable options now. You can easily store these under the existing beds or in the closet to give your guest a few more options.

3) Double-duty room

If you don’t have guests all the time, then you might want to utilize your guest room in another way so that you can easily convert it. This is one of the best modern guest room ideas for those who want to use their space all the time. Let’s look at a few room ideas that you won’t likely need to utilize when guests are around.

One great multi-function room idea is creating a guest room/library by using the empty wall space to display all of your books and making a small reading nook that you can use when guests are not there. We won’t tell anyone if you end up curled up in the guest bed with a good book!

Another way you can use your guest room when it’s not being used by others is to try turning it into a hobby room. Whether you enjoy painting, yarn crafts or sewing, keeping all of your supplies in your guest room is a great idea for smaller homes. There are so many great storage options (check out the Dreambox if you want excellent all-in-one storage for multiple crafts) that can allow you to put away all of your crafts in a snap and turn the room back into a usable space for everyone.

If you are into the latest movies, then you can think about making the room into a media room with a few quick additions. A large white wall (or a pull-down projection screen) and a wi-fi-enabled projector will allow you to watch movies without needing a giant television. Sofa beds are much different than they used to be, and it’s a great way to make a room go from a lounging space to a sleeping space in an instant.

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4) Make it adjustable

Unless you have the same guests staying every time, you will likely have people over that might need things to be switched around a bit so they can sleep comfortably. Try and figure out ways to make your lighting and curtains adjustable, so guests don’t have to worry about waking up with the rising sun.

You should also ensure your guests are at a comfortable temperature by giving them whatever extra fans or blankets you have around so they can maintain their own temperature at night. If you have noisy mornings (looking at you, barking dogs and wild kids), you can also provide your guests with some disposable earplugs so they can get a good night’s sleep.

5) Clean it up

Cleaning seems like an obvious thing to do, but for most of us, the guest room isn’t part of the daily cleaning routine. There are plenty of places where dust can collect, and it can make the whole room feel untidy. Ceiling fans are one of the worst places for collecting dust, and if they aren’t used often, the dust will end up coating the room once they’re turned on, so make sure you get them cleaned up before guests arrive.

As for the bed, if you only have guests every few years, then you should replace the bed sheets instead of washing them. You can usually find them for under $20, and it’s a nice way to show that the room is clean and ready to go. If you have a constant rotation, then invest in a few higher-quality sheet sets that you can swap in and out as needed.

Long-term guest ideas

If you have long-term guests that will be staying at your home for a few weeks or months, then you should add in a few things to make them comfortable. Take a peek at a few things you can add to your room to make the guests feel comfortable.

6) Add a whiteboard to their door.

Texting or talking is the way most of us communicate in the home, but it sometimes feels awkward for a guest to ask about things, or they might need to let you know about something trivial when you are not at home. Explain that guests can use the whiteboard to ask for grocery items they might be too embarrassed to ask for (“chunky peanut butter please. I don’t like the smooth”), pass on messages (“I will be napping for an hour”), or ask questions (“when is dinnertime?”). Depending on your guest, this could be very helpful for making both of you feel comfortable with them there.

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7) Give them some necessities

Many people like to have a stash of toothbrushes to give to forgetful guests, but you can easily go a step above and prepare a small assortment of toiletries that they might need. One way to make it easier on your guests is by offering to buy them a set of their regular toiletries so they don’t have to worry about lugging them on the plane or worrying about them spilling in their bag. Each person is different, and some might prefer to bring their own, but it’s a nice thought, and it will help them reduce space in their luggage.

8) Have some fun with your design

When it comes to the interior design of your guest room, go ahead and have some fun. You can stay with a neutral theme if you want to ensure that the space looks inviting for your guests, or you could add some of your eclectic taste to the room. The only people seeing this room will likely be your friends and family, so go ahead and add some funky art or a cool-looking lamp to the space to make it look fun for the guests.

9) DIY decor with your guests

For those who have guests all the time, why not let them add to your decor! Take a photo of each of your guests before they leave and print it out so you can frame it for the guest room. If you have a small friend group or a close family, it will be fun to see everyone’s photos. This is a great conversation starter, and it can be a fun way to keep up with the memories of years gone by.

There are so many things you should consider if you use your guest room all the time. It’s easy to make your guest room functional and fun-looking, so your friends and family will love staying at your place. Take your guest’s wants and needs into consideration to make sure they have a stress-free time staying at your home with you.

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