24 Sep 2018

Fall brings back the warm colours – think inviting shades such as oranges and reds. The leaves begin to fall. The cold weather returns, and so does our longing for that cozy-feel around the house.

Luckily, we have got plenty of fall decorating ideas for you to draw inspiration from! Get ready to warm up your home and create a homey rustic fall-feel. Here are our top 75 fall decorating ideas for your home.

  1. Reclaim Old Wood for Decor

Reclaiming old and used wood is making a huge comeback. It also adds to the warm vibes around your house – it creates that rustic feel. You can use it to make frames or outlines for fall wreaths with pumpkins. Use your imagination! This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  1. Revamp Your Outdoor Space With an Outdoor Living Room

Set up cushioned chairs or couches around your outdoor fire pit for an indoor feel in the fresh air. Go for weatherproof rugs. Purchase woven baskets to store throw blankets, and to add to that cozy factor. Then, get the family together or invite friends over. Start creating memories.

  1. Use a Simple Bowl of Acorns for a Catchy and Outdoorsy Centerpiece

Not sure what to replace those summer focal points with? Try a simple and easy bowl of acorns. If it feels like it’s lacking something, place a clear milk jug with fake fall leaves close by. Bring the outdoors into your home.

  1. Are Acorns not your thing? Try Bush Branches.

Bush branches bring the characteristics of fall into your home. And they make for one cool centerpiece or display piece!

  1. Print Some Black & White Forest Photos

A black and white printed photo of trees can transform your space. Have you been glaring at that empty wall and been stumped as to what would look good there? Black and white fits any spot. You can’t go wrong.

  1. Create a Chopped Firewood Corner

With the cold weather, you’ll want to have firewood close by to throw on. Make it part of your home’s decor. Use an empty corner or a bookcase to stack your logs.

  1. Make a Birch Bark Candle Holder

Or a few. You simple need a silver plate (you can likely get these at the dollar store), a piece of birch bark, and a piece of twine to hold it all together. Place your candle on the plate, wrap the bark around it, and secure it with the twine – Voila!

  1. Place a Dried Wheat Sheaf on that Side Table

A dried wheat sheaf screams harvest time! Wrap a ribbon around it to give it a more in-place look. Or place it in a glass jar for a more minimalist vibe.

  1. Paint Old Buckets or Jars and Fill Them with Dried Corn Stalks

Bet none of your neighbours have thought of this one! Plus, it can be a fun activity for the kids to join in.

  1. Make the Fireplace Area Inviting with Blankets and Pillows

Those cold fall nights call for fireplaces and snuggles. Create that easy go-to space. Bring out the blankets and pillows again!

  1. Decorate Your Space with Lantern-style Candleholders

These create a fall feel while warming up your lounging area!

  1. Buy Mini-pumpkins for Easy and Simple Touches

These can replace bookholders or add a more fall-themed orange colours to the room.

  1. Frame Fall Leaves

Go for a fall walk and find your favourite leaves. Press them and frame them. You can showcase them above the fireplace or in the entrance way of your home.

  1. Bring on the Fall Veggies

They are great to add in meals and in the meantime, can offer up a beautiful display in your kitchen. Place them in that fruit basket or on a cake holder. Again, it’s all about bringing the outdoors into your home!

  1. Use Birch Logs for Side Tables or Table Legs

This is a great one – especially if you’ve recently moved. Big birch logs looks spectacular as table legs or as simple side tables in your living room.

  1. Grab Some Faux Sheepskins to Create a Warmer Space

Throw them over the backs of your kitchen chairs. Or place them on the edge of the couch. It offers up a cozy and warmer look to the colder and chilly air outside.

  1. Use a Harvest Wreath as a Candleholder

You can definitely find these style wreaths at the dollar store, or even down the seasonal aisle at your grocery store. Use it to frame a candle or 2!

  1. Display Branches as Sculptured Artwork

And you don’t have to be an artist! Simply place a branch against a wall or along the edge of a table.

  1. Align Mason Jars and Fill Them with Acorns, Pumpkin Seeds, and Mini-pumpkins

These look elegant when placed side by side in a row. It can add an inviting feel to that empty foyer table.

  1. Throw Rugs or Blankets Over Benches

This looks especially good if the bench is made of wood. Again, it’s all about those rustic fall vibes!

  1. Use a Tall Woven Basket for Umbrellas Near the Front Door

It adds to your autumn decor and offers a spot for your guests to place their umbrellas – especially on those threatening rainy days.

  1. Replace Fruit Baskets with Wood Troughs

These you can find in vintage shops or perhaps you have one hanging around your basement or garage. Clean it up a bit and place it on your countertop for an easy-access storage spot.

  1. Capture Lights in Mason Jars

Use mason jars to hold lights and create a firefly-style look!

  1. Amp Up the Navy and Rust Colour Schemes

Go for dark blues or deep oranges. The great thing about this colour theme? It can carry you on into and through the winter months!

  1. Fill a Basket with Sunflowers

Hang the basket on your door or use it as a warm addition to your living space.

  1. Do a Fall Makeover on Your Outdoor Dining Area

Use a thicker tablecloth. Use mini-pumpkins, white and orange, in a trough for the centerpiece. Make it welcoming! Then host your next dinner party outside.

  1. Plant Flowers or Fall Plants in a Washtub

Washtub planters add that reclaimed look to your outdoor decor.

  1. Place a Runner Over Your Table

This adds a great farmhouse style look. Go for cotton fabric – and the ends don’t have to be perfect! It’s about imperfections and a more laid-back vibe.

  1. Grab Some Dried Corn Cobs

Put them in a glass bowl or vase. Show off that rustic nature feel.

  1. Put Up Textured Woven Shades

This fits bathrooms or bedrooms the best. It creates privacy and can add coziness to that relaxing bath area.

  1. Go For Heavier End Blankets in the Bedroom

Pile them on! You’ll want them as the cooler fall nights set in.

  1. Mix and Match Candlesticks

Grab 6-7 candlestick holders and place them in a line for a eye-catching and unique display. It’s simple. And the varying heights can add some intrigue to your space!

  1. String Leaves Across the Fire Mantle with Twine and Clothespins

Bring the autumn colours indoors! Create a temporary decoration for those fall gatherings.

  1. Change Up the Main Colours

Swap out the summer bright blues and whites for pumpkin and dark browns. Do this with pottery, centerpieces, pillows, and blankets.

  1. Frame a Fall-themed Fabric

Have extra fabric lying around? Cut it and place it in a frame for a beautiful wall display.

  1. No Basket for Throw Blankets? No problem!

Find a stool and stack ‘em! Make them easy to access for yourself and your guests.

  1. Create a Wheat Sheave Wreath

Into a more simplistic look? A simple wheat sheave wreath on your front door can add a lot, while being slightly understated. You don’t need to be too bold to add fall-style to your home.

  1. Make a Statement with Fiber Art

Place wool in a frame. Or pack textured fabrics in a shadow box. It adds warmth during the chilly onset of fall.

  1. Make Reclaimed Wood into Pumpkin Shapes

… then, display them on your front porch! As aforementioned, reclaimed wood is in right now! Make use of your old wooden items. Make something beautiful out of it.

  1. Embrace Aged Furniture

That chair you never got around to updating? Leave it! Embrace the aged look. Throw a warm blanket over the back of it. These older pieces can add charm and warmth to your home.

  1. Grab Some Wispy Twigs for a Cool Fall Look

Make a wreath and hang it over your fireplace. Or arrange them in a glass jar. Whatever works for you and your home!

  1. Line Your Front Porch Stairs with Pumpkins

Go for all white or all orange. Stagger them! Get ready for those trick or treaters come halloween time!

  1. Update Your Neutral Couch or Chair with Warm Hues

And you don’t have to do a thing, besides buy or swap out pillows. Redecorating doesn’t have to be complicated! Go for dark orange and red pillows. Add a little subtle colour.

  1. Place Pumpkins On Top of Summer Planters

If your flowers have run their course, top your used planters with pumpkins!

  1. Go for a Fabric Headboard in the Bedroom

It’s all about that coziness. Hang the fabric curtain-style.

  1. Bring Out the Plaid and Tartan Items

It’s the time of year to do it! It goes with the autumn colours. Plus, plaid can add texture and layers to your space.

  1. Wrap Burlap Around Vases or Jars

Need a fall upgrade? Grab some burlap. Glue or tie it around your decor items for a quick improvement. For a more fragile and homey look, use lace to tie it all together.

  1. Layout Copper Pots or Accent Pieces

Copper goes hand-in-hand with the warm fall tones. Aged or glossy – it can spruce up your space for the new season.

  1. Make Bird Prints and Hang Them Side-by-side

Bring nature into your home! Use the same print with the bird facing different ways or different simple pictures. Make sure they fall within the same colour scheme so it’s not clashing.

  1. Go for Pumpkin Toned Table Settings

Have fun with this one. Play around with different orange and red hues for your napkins, tablecloth, placemats, and dishware.

  1. Eager for Something Different? Go for Dark Plum Colours

This can be for your table setting or in your living space. It adds a bit of drama and can make a more bold statement than the settle orange and red shades.

  1. Go for a Dark Green Accent Wall

If you have brown-coloured furniture, a green wall can add contrast and a naturistic feel. If you’ve been debating what to add to that plain room – this one might be for you!

  1. Bring Back the Fringe

Go for throw pillows and blankets with a little fringe on the ends. It’s all in for the fall season.

  1. Switch Up Your Entry Table for a Comfy Bench

Place some pillows on it and your guests will have a comfy spot to remove their shoes. It also makes your home more inviting, and sticks with that cozy-vibe.

  1. Use Those Branches for Subtle Decor In Between Place Settings

It makes you feel like your in the outdoors, but in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Paint the Town Gold

Try eye-catching gold painted centerpieces and decor. Spray paint old vases. Watch it glam up and open up your space.

  1. Trade Out the Bath Ruge for a Patterned Fall Version

It’s all in the details. Again, go for fall themed shades. Match it with your other fall ideas!

  1. Go Ahead and Finally Display that Quilt

Handmade looks are in. It softens any space, welcoming your guests and making it an area you won’t want to leave.

  1. Set Up a Reading Spot

Grab a lounge chair and set the stage for the perfect relax and detox spot. Lose yourself in that new novel and snuggle up surrounded by fluffy pillows and blankets.

  1. Layer Your Rugs

For a real cozy-feel, layers is what it’s all about! Layer rugs in your living or family room. It adds texture and that homey finish.

  1. Tent Out Your Bed, Literally.

Drape curtains across your headboard in a tent-like appearance. It creates a snug and comfortable vibe, which is exactly what you want in the bedroom.

  1. Set Up More Lamps and Lights

The days are getting shorter – meaning there is less daylight. You’ll want those extra lights around the home to brighten up your space!

  1. Place Orange and Red Pillows on the Back of Your Dining Chairs

It’s all about comfort in fall. Add it in where you see fit – like to the cold backing of those dining chairs. Play into the cozy theme.

  1. Overhaul Your Furniture with Simple Slipcovers

Switch it up! It’s casual and adds a snug feel to your room.

  1. Contrast the Red and Orange Hues with Black

This creates a bold statement and can help bring the room together.

  1. Pile White Pumpkins in a Trough

This works great for empty side tables or long tables. Throw in some succulents for an even cooler look.

  1. Create a Wooden Table Run

You can likely find slats for this at your craft store (or maybe even something you can use – meaning no glue or string necessary). Get creative with your rustic fall theme.

  1. Use Cut Logs for Hot Plates

Having a potluck or banquet style gathering? Place the hot dishes on cut birch logs for an old-school farmhouse feel.

  1. Try a Silver and Orange Fireplace Display

The silver can play into a more elegant vibe – especially if the rest of your home is more geared toward this feel. You can still add in that fall look, without compromising your other decor items.

  1. Create a Rustic Wooden Tray

Or buy one! You can likely make one from yet again reclaimed wood. Serve your charcuterie board off of a vintage-style and rustic piece.

  1. Bored of the Same Old Pumpkins? Bring Your Artsy Side Up a Notch

On white pumpkins, paint glittering orange leaves or dark orange leaves for a more original look.

  1. Group Unique Frames in a Fall Themed Display

Cluster frames together and fill them with leafy pictures or fall sayings.

  1. Replace Side Tables with Woven Baskets

The woven idea has been brought up before, but you can even replace furniture with it – adding yet again to a more fall and homey space.

  1. Stack Different Sized Pumpkins for a Dining Table Centerpiece

Start with the big ones on the bottom and stack 3-4 on top of each other. Throw a wreath around the bottom one and you’ve got one killer autumn centerpiece!

  1. Throw in a Sprinkle of Autumn Leaves

Lay them casual across the coffee table or your bookshelves. It’s settle but again, adds to your space!






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