26 Mar 2018

The home building process is an exciting time! You get to choose the exact specifications and features of your brand new home. Home builders tailor each detail to you and your family’s needs and lifestyle! It is a place you will build memories in and for some, raise a family. However, it does take time and money to make this happen.

So, how can you ensure a smooth home building process from the get-go?

1. Have a financial plan and stick to a set budget.

Have a realistic budget in mind beforehand. When calculating out the expense of building your new home, make sure to take into account the building fees, property tax, construction costs, the lot pricing, landscaping cost, and interior design price. Stick to your budget and communicate the budget with your home builder. Transparency sets clear limits and won’t leave you struggling to budget your expenses after the fact.

2. Have an idea of the design or style you want!

Check out other homes! Take pictures. Explore interior designs online. Decide what colour scheme or hues you want in your home. Will you be expanding your family here? Does there need to be a place for the kids to play? Will you be hosting family or friend events? Plan for these things with enough rooms and space.

3. Make your expectations clear.

By having an idea of the design you want and your budget, you can communicate clear expectations to your builder. It saves time, avoids miscommunication, and minimizes hurdles or delays. Make a list of your wants and needs. Make sure the builder knows your priorities. Take into account the interior design, colour schemes, flooring, counters, cupboards, porches, decks, and exterior design that you want. The whole build process will go smoother overall.

4. Understand how long it will take.

Time is a virtue. Or so they say. Plan for delays. It is not ideal, but in construction, they happen. If you plan for them, it will be less of a surprise if they do occur. Make sure to get an ideal time frame from your builder. Most builds take about a year to complete. Be realistic about the time, and have a general plan.

5. Trust the builder you chose.

Do your research before selecting a homebuilder. Trust that the builder knows their stuff! They are the experts. Make your expectations clear. Your builder will cover the rest.

At Forever Homes, we strive to ensure a smooth home building process with all of our customers. We work with you to ensure we capture your dreams and ideas, building not only a house, but a home.


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