19 Aug 2019

Although every room in your house requires a lot of planning and care before you decide how it should look, the living room is special. It’s the room you spend the most time in. Moreover, it has a great influence on your overall mood, and it’s also the first room your guests see. As such, it needs to look good and reflect a part of yourself.

How are you going to do that? Well, with the simple tips below, you’re going to have a beautiful living room with little effort. 

  • Add Curtains

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/peacock-curtains-window-screens-3680365/

Curtains are amazing not only because they protect you from the disturbing light, but because their design can also contribute to the room’s beauty. Overall, it makes it really easy to add a splash of colour and personality to your living space. 

Before adding the curtains, you also need to make sure you have matching curtain rods. From classy and elegant drapery hardware pieces to wooden curtain rods, there are so many beautiful decorative pieces you can choose from. Afterwards, you must make sure you choose a curtain style that suits the room décor, as well as the windows. You need to think of the colour, pattern, fabric, material, rod thickness, rod length and the type of rings and holdbacks you would like to use. It’s a process that requires some effort, but curtain rod websites like www.draperycurtainrods.ca make it very easy to put together the perfect drapery hardware pieces for most types of window treatments through their easy to use website interface. 

  • Hang Artwork

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/MEg4nFInY3Q

Who doesn’t like a little artistic touch? By adding a painting or two, you aren’t only making your home look more beautiful, but you’re also supporting someone who is hard-working and maybe needs recognition. Moreover, artwork can significantly improve the look of a wall that was once empty. A bare wall can look sad, so why not improve it by adding colours to make it less depressing?

You can do this in many ways. You can either find one big artwork that will cover a considerable part of the wall or make a gallery wall. Framing it would add to the aspect too, but if you find that too pricey, you can seek the Internet’s help (Pinterest, in particular) for ways to do it. 

  • Consider Adding Rugs

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/color-colors-comfort-comfortable-276771/

Area rugs may not be the first thing you’re looking forward to when it comes to the living room design, but they are pretty much an important part of every house. They aren’t there only to serve as something soft to feel under your feet when you get out of bed. They also contribute to a room’s beauty. In addition, they are there to give structure to space and help contain a room and the furniture in it.

That being said, you need to pay attention to the rug you’re choosing. You have to choose a proper size, colour, pattern, and material that will look amazing. You can also layer multiple rugs in one space to add more patterns and visual interest. Since rugs are something you step on all the time and they will stay there for years to come, you need to care for them and maintain them for a beautiful aspect. 

  • Add a Mirror

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/kVBzVaVa7Q0

When you think about a mirror, the first thing that comes to your mind might be you gazing at yourself while trying to fix your messy hair. Although it does serve that purpose, it is also a way to decorate a room. Basically, a mirror is an amazing décor because it helps you get more light bouncing around in the room. 

Moreover, if the living room is not the biggest one, a mirror can do the trick by making it look more spacious.

  • Use Lighting

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/EQz1tZWS1hM

Lighting plays an important role in the overall aspect of your living room. After all, you don’t want to sit in a dark room the whole day. That being said, you should consider placing some light sources at different levels throughout the room. You should also include the three main types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent. 

In addition to this, make sure you add a table and floor lamps, overhead chandeliers, and more. Lighting is important because it can elevate your mood throughout the entire day.

Final Thoughts

With the proper amount of attention and care when it comes to decorating your living room, you can get a cosy look that you’ll fall in love with. Lighting, rugs, curtains, artwork, and mirrors can really enhance your living space. They will make the room look amazing, but they will also put you in a good mood.

If you carefully go through each of the steps presented above and adapt it to your tastes and budget, you will be able to build the living room you’ve been longing for.

Zana Dodig

Zana is a window treatments consultant with over 20 years of experience. 

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