24 May 2022

There are so many different places where you can find inspiration for decorating your home, and decorating blogs are one of the best places to find new and exciting tips. These blogs are full of curated ideas that have been tested out and reviewed, so you can guarantee you’re getting some great information. If you’re looking for some great blogs to follow for décor tips, then have a look at this list of the 20 best home decorating blogs to follow.

1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an excellent blog for anyone who lives in a smaller home, but it also has fantastic tips for every space. It’s one of the most comprehensive guides to making your small room look unique. They focus on budget-friendly ways to make your space look terrific, design trends, plus excellent product reviews. They have plenty of categories for their content, including “How to,” “Style,” and “House Tours,” so there is always something new.

2. House Beautiful

One of the best blogs for your entire home is House Beautiful. This website features many new and upcoming trends for home interior and exteriors, plus they have guest blogs from great industry experts. Another great feature is their home tours which have homes from all around the country, so you can get great ideas that are local to your area.

3. The Spruce

If you are looking for some of the best blogs on doing just about anything in your home, you need to check out The Spruce for its excellent DIY articles. They have detailed guides on making improvements and changes to your home and many different product reviews. The website is updated daily with incredible content from 45+ writers and experts.

4. Young House Love

For new home buyers looking for some ideas on how to make improvements, check out Young House Love for their incredible tips and house flips. They show readers every step of their personal home design ideas and projects so you can have an idea of what it really takes. The website’s before and after’s are incredible, and they link to every item they use, so it’s easy to recreate their looks with your own spin.

5. Centsational Style

If you are looking for a home decorating blog for the designer on a budget, then Centsational Style is the best one out there. This is an excellent website with weekly updates full of interior design inspiration for every budget. They have inspiration from all over the world, and they feature many different home improvement project ideas that are perfect for any level.

6. Style by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has been using her website to share her unique ideas for the last ten years, and people love the human connection they get from her blog posts. The website features many different projects in her home and elements from Emily’s life so you can follow along with her journey. If you prefer a more personal touch to your interior design blog, then this is a fantastic choice.

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For amazing photos of gorgeous and exciting spaces, check out the design blog, COCOCOZY. Los Angeles resident Colette Shelton designed the blog, and it focuses on beautiful spaces along with great fashion trends. The blog has posts about different interior design trends, gift guides, and tips from design experts on incorporating high-end trends into your home.

8. Houzz

Houzz is an excellent guide for those looking at some ideas on home improvements, but it is also an ideal place to find a professional to help you with the design projects you like. If you see a well-designed closet, a gorgeous home interior or a beautiful shelf, you can easily find an expert in your area to help you add it to your home. While DIY is great, it isn’t for everyone, and Houzz is the best place to find contractors in your area that can do the job for you.

9. ELLEDecor

Elle is known for its fashion advice, but they are also one of the best places to get expert advice from interior designers worldwide. The blog focuses on high-end interiors, and it’s a great place for anyone who stages homes to find ideas. They have posts about many different new décor ideas as well as trending design topics and home tours that showcase exciting and unique spaces.

10. Mad About the House

Kate Watson-Smyth is a prolific writer with years of experience, and she’s a great interior design expert. Her design blog is geared toward those looking to brighten up an investment property or those interested in an advanced interior design idea. The website is fun to find modern ideas and great interviews with designers.

11. Ideal Home

This blog is based on the best-selling magazine that showcases some of the most popular design trends that are happening right now. People have been using the magazine for years to keep up with what will be popular next, and the digital edition is just as impressive. Their posts are even sorted by room so you can find ideas to suit the space you are looking for in a flash.

12. Interior Style Hunter

For those who take their home décor seriously, head over to Interior Style Hunter to see some of the top interior design experts discussing the latest ideas. The blog also has an accompanying podcast with interviews and panels about new trends. It’s the best place to find artistic style combined with a home design, so if you’re looking for a modern edge, then this is the best place to look.

13. Vintage Revivals

Anyone who loves to fix up an antique item or use older style décor in their homes will love the posts from Vintage Revival. They have unique and straightforward posts about everything DIY along with tips and tricks to help you find new DIY Ideas. They showcase fantastic room makeovers so you can get great ideas about how to transform your own space into something fun and exciting.

14. Happy Interior Blog

Plants have become very popular in the last few years, and this is one of the best blogs for plant parents who want to design a space with their greenery in mind. It focuses on exciting ideas for your home that you might not have thought of, along with fantastic plant ideas for your home. The blog also has plenty of intriguing interviews with design and home experts.

15. Swoon-Worthy

Swoon-Worthy is one of the top UK design blogs, and it has plenty of DIY features, along with sections for each room in your home, which makes it easy to find the design advice you need. This blog has won numerous awards for its excellent content, which includes a “Shop My Home” section where you can buy items you enjoy from the posts you see.

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16. Fresh Design Blog

This blog is all about modern and contemporary designs for your home, and it’s an ideal blog to follow for those that prefer to keep up with the current styles. They have posts every few days on a wide range of home design topics. They also feature specific articles about things like layout, home accessories and furniture so that you can get curated advice on smaller topics.

17. Maison De Pax

For an overall lifestyle blog with fantastic décor and DIY tips, check out Maison De Pax. With excellent advice on decoration, design, and photography, you can find many great tips to help your home look its best. The blog is run by Rachel, a homeschooling mom of 4 who has an eye for everything beautiful, so you can be sure to find great advice for your interior design.

18. Homey Homies

Homey Homies has the cleaning tips and décor ideas you’ve been searching for. Their website has plenty of different ideas to help your space become unique, and they are big believers in showing real-life interiors so you can get a good idea of a lived-in space. This website is great for budding young professionals who are looking for some modern and exciting décor ideas.

19. Home Designing

One of the most comprehensive websites on this list is Home Designing. They have a library of articles, blog posts and reviews for you to check out that have been written by many experts in the industry. The website also features inspiration articles that showcase new design ideas you can use in your home.

20. Cate St. Hill

Minimalism has become very popular in the last little while and many designers have been turning to a less cluttered approach for their designs. Cate St. Hill has a great blog with plenty of minimalist ideas you can take inspiration from. They have everything from bedroom décor to kid’s toys ideas from a minimalist perspective, so you can get a better grasp on using minimalistic style in your home.

There are home design blogs out there for every type of home, and they are one of the best ways to find new ideas and upcoming trends. Have a look at some of the blogs on this list to see if they are the right for your home inspiration ideas. Each one has its own specific focus, and it’s a great feeling when you find one that suits your needs.

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