15 May 2018

Moving is an exciting time. It means a new home and a new chapter. However, it can also be a stressful time. Everything has to be packed up and moved out within a certain time period.

During this hectic time, there are a bunch of ways you can make your life a little easier. Here are our top 15 tips for moving in London, Ontario to help your next move go as smooth as possible.

1. Use soft items such as pillows or blankets to protect fragile belongings.

2. Put tape across picture frames and mirrors. It will hold the glass or mirror in place and prevent damage when it is moved. Make sure to put the tape across the front in an ‘X’ pattern. This will hold best.

3. Take pictures of what cords go with what electronics, or use tape to label them. It can be tough to figure out what wire goes where once the whole sound and TV system has been boxed away.

4. Keep your clothes on the hangers. Put them in a garbage bag or suitcase. When you settle in your new place all you will have to do is pull them out and re-hang them.

5. Label boxes based on priorities. What will you need as soon as you move in? Will you want a few pieces of cutlery and dishware? Create a separate box for these items so that the first night you are in your new place you’ll have an easy go-to for the things you will need right away.

6. Use plastic wrap to keep items in places, such as drawers or cutlery.

7. Get free cardboard boxes from a local store. Wine boxes can be particularly useful for glassware providing protection and separate slots for each glass. Don’t bother paying high prices for boxes when you can drop in a store and get them for free.

8. Label screws, bolts, and small parts in plastic bags. Use a permanent marker to label each bag separately. This way you won’t be confused come assembly time.

9. Invest in plastic storage bins for seasonal and holiday items. For certain things you only use once a year, label and keep them in easy-to-open reusable plastic boxes. You can buy these at your local Walmart at a relatively cheap price.

10. Drain the fuel and liquids from your lawn care equipment. This is not something most people think about but it can save you a huge mess and provide a safer way to transport these items. The gas is flammable and can pose a pretty risky hazard.

11. Colour code your moving boxes according to the room. Make yellow for kitchen items and green for yard items. It makes things easier and more identifiable once all your stuff is moved into your new place.

12. Pack the moving truck tightly. Excess space will only leave room for items to move around, which could cause breakages of more fragile items.

13. Plan in advance and throw away items that you never use. Take this opportunity to declutter or ‘spring clean.’

14. Let hydro and internet services know in advance that you are moving. This way you’ll have lights and internet when you move in, and won’t have to pay extra for a late cancellation.

15. Defrost your fridge a few days before moving. This may seem obvious but with so many things on the go it can be forgotten about. Make sure to do this the week leading up to your move, so you don’t have to worry about it the day of.

Try to enjoy the time. Crack open a bottle of wine or blast some of your favorite tunes as you unpack. Make it fun as best as you can. From our team at ForeverHomes: Happy moving!


30+ Insanely Helpful Moving Tips That Everyone Should Know

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