13 Sep 2017

Building your own home can be a challenge – but it is exciting! There are many reasons to build a custom home as opposed to buying a prefabricated home or an older home that has already been lived in. There is something to be said for building your very own dream home and watching it develop from the ground up. Are you ready to embark on a journey and create your “Forever Home”? Here are 15 reasons to build a new home.

You Get To Choose The Layout

Have you looked at about a million homes by this point? Do none of them jump out at you? You might be tired of it. You can’t seem to find what you want. The next best thing is build a new home, with your own personalized layout. You pick and choose. Open concept or seperate rooms? It’s your decision.

All The Brand New Finishes

A new home means everything is brand new. No one else has used any of the appliances or fixtures before you. You will be the first to soak in that welcoming bathtub. You get to be the fist to cook in that spanking new kitchen! You won’t have to worry about updating any of the appliances. With a new home, you are set.

A New Home Means a Warranty

Older homes often have run-down bits and pieces to them – parts that you will likely have to fix. When you buy or build new, most things are still under warranty. If they breakdown, you’re covered. You likely won’t have to dish out any of your own cash.

Everything is Built to Code

Newly built homes are built to the most recent building codes and regulations. You can rest assured knowing that electrical components and construction meets the required standards. .

You Are Guaranteed Quality

You select your builder. And hopefully, it’s one you trust (it should be!). If you have done your research properly, you should be guaranteed quality materials and a quality finished product. At Forever Homes, we guarantee only the best!

You Won’t Have To Deal With Repairs

A new home comes with little to no maintenance. You won’t have to replace the roof anytime soon. Or any other appliances for that matter. Plus, everything is under warranty. If it does breakdown, you have a back-up plan with next to no additional costs for you.

You Get To Choose Your Neighbourhood

… Sort of. Normally, builders build in certain areas. But again, you get to select your homebuilder. Check out what neighbourhoods they build in before making that decision. Determine which location you could see yourself and your family living in. Either way, you have way more options than buying old. If you like an older house, you get stuck with whatever neighbourhood it comes in. When building new, you have many options to choose from!

You’ll Save Big on Energy Bills

A new home means new HVAC systems and appliances. Nowadays, everything is built to be energy efficient. This means it saves you money on monthly utility costs and bills. Surprisingly, you can save thousands of dollars a year with a new HVAC system when compared to the older varieties.

Rest Easy, Knowing Your Air Quality is On Par

Past air quality requirements aren’t like today’s. In today’s newly built homes, the air ventilation and filtration systems are far more advanced. If you have someone with asthma in your family, this may be a particularly important aspect to factor in when making your decision.

You Get New Community Amenities

First, the state-of-the-art material vetted and utilized by Forever Homes will maximize energy efficiency; something that often saves over the long term, and even in the short term depending on the condition of any random existing house. The second form of efficiency is that no square inch goes unwanted when you’re calling the shots. No wall has to be demolished to attain a more liberating living room; no half-bath that’s already, eh, kind of superfluous to begin with, needs new tile.

It’s Safe

Again, everything will be up to code! This means your home is as safe as it can be. All new materials are used and there is no danger of asbestos or mold.

You Get To See Your Vision Come To Life

You get to watch your home come to life! It’s fun – the anticipation. You can do drive-bys and see when the foundation goes in. Maybe check out when they finally put in your windows. It can be fun and exciting. It’s your dream becoming a reality.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

…For the most part. There are more energy efficient systems in place, and if you want to go all out for the environment, you can. You can take that extra step and make sure your home is as environmentally friendly and conscious as possible.

You Get Exactly What You Want

It’s all made and built to your exact specifications. You get to select everything. You get exactly what you want. No more shopping around and finding homes that only incorporate half of your must-have list. With a new home, you get it all!

You’ll Feel Proud!

Studies show that building one’s home can fuel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Yes, the entire process takes longer. But you are creating something from nothing. Home ownership should ignite feelings of pride.

If you live in London, Ontario or surrounding area, take a drive through Forest Hill and Creekview areas to have a first-hand look at some of the homes designed and built by Forever Homes.

Are you interested in building a home in London Ontario? Contact us to learn how we can build your dream home.

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