28 May 2018

Selling your home can potentially involve a lot of work.

However, certain aspects can make the whole process that much easier. Here is our list of top 10 tips for selling your home.

1. Make your listing and home look picture-perfect.

Clean. Get rid of the clutter. If you don’t have room, rent a storage unit or start going through your items and determining what you don’t need or use. Be prepared to stage the place to look it’s best and sell at it’s best.

2. Find a good real estate agent.

Shop around. Check out what other homes they have successfully sold. What do their past customers say? Find a real estate agent with experience and one you can trust.

3. Get those small fixes done.

Paint and spruce up the place a bit. Fix that downstairs toilet finally. Or secure that cabinet that has never seemed to shut properly. Fix all the small things that may not matter to you, but will matter a lot to a potential buyer. Make your home move in ready.

4. Make sure you price your home correctly.

Get a professional opinion or better yet, get an appraisal done. Do your research and find out the price at which similar homes have sold at.

5. Get any inspections done ahead of time.

This will give the buyer a peace of mind. It may, also, help the selling process move along a little faster. If the roof has been checked and a home inspection has already been passed, it’s just one less worry for the buyer.

6. Select a pre-approved buyer.

Strictly limit your buyer options to those that have been pre-approved. This way it won’t be a let down if they aren’t approved, and also, again, the selling process will be faster.

7. Accept advice from your real estate agent on changes that could be made to improve the selling rate and price.

Trust the expert. They have done this before and know what sells and what doesn’t.

8. Update your home.

Do you have an older kitchen? Is the house full of old and outdated flooring? Update these aspects to boost your home’s value and the likely chance it will sell.

9. Focus on the first impression.

Make the front of the house look nice and welcoming. Spruce up the garden. Bake before showings take place to give the house a cozy and appealing smell.

10. Make a quick pamphlet or booklet outlining recent changes and updates done.

This can include papers from the home inspection, receipts, floor plans, and even what is close by in the neighbourhood. It lays it all out in a simple, easy-to-read format and may answer any questions potential buyers may have.

Take the selling process one step at a time. Don’t panic, and consult with professionals to help you move the process along.

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