26 Aug 2022

Your kitchen backsplash is a place that might be overlooked when it comes to your home design, but it can be a great way to change the look of the entire room. Backsplashes are a great place to add something fun and unique without making any major changes. If you want to update that boring old backsplash, then have a look at some of these fantastic ideas!

Get Tiled Up

Simple tiled backsplashes are timeless, and they are one of the most common styles you see based on the fact that they are so easy to clean and maintain. Subway tiles have become increasingly popular in the last few years as you can use them in so many ways to brighten up a space, but you can also get a little fun with them if you want the backsplash to be an excellent focal point.

Using the same tile but swapping out the colors can give a fun look to your backsplash, and you can do this in so many ways. Try adding a border using darker tiles or pops of bright color by scattering a few white tiles in an area with primarily dark colors. Tiles are one of the best backsplash ideas because they are quite durable, so we will be mentioning them quite a bit.

Get Geometric

Another hot trend that has been coming up in the last few years is geometric tiles. These tiles are hexagons, octagons, or even triangles, and they are a clever alternative to the popular rectangle or square shape. They can be pieces together in the same way, and they give the room an exotic look.

You can stick with one color or go with a fun mosaic style to add some texture to the space. You can even mix and match them and use them with other “conventional” shapes to make the room look unique.

Get Old School

Old school pattern repeating tiles made of ceramic or even tin have come back in with the farmhouse trend, and many people have been using them to brighten up their backsplashes. These tiles are meant to look slightly aged and give the room a vintage feeling.

The first kitchen backsplashes were meant to be functional over fancy, and they were used to ensure no food would make its way onto the walls. Keep the pattern of the tiles muted for a rustic kitchen, or go bold for a modern one to add a splash of brightness to the area. A repeated pattern ties the room together while being a lovely background accent to the space.

How To Choose The Right Backsplash For Your Kitchen

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Get Retro

Home décor is just like fashion, and it tends to revolve in a circle that comes back to trends from yesteryear. Many people grew up with backsplashes that had gaudy pictures or funny-looking fruit, but that has started to make quite the comeback. Cottage core is a new home design trend that turns your modern apartment into a cabin in the woods.

People have started to use older color schemes like burnt orange or olive green to make their kitchen seem warm and welcoming. This has led to a fun resurgence in that funky backsplash tile, but these ones are slightly updated. Mushrooms, frogs, and even flowers have become popular designs to scatter through the regular tile to add some nostalgia to your delightful-looking kitchen.

Get Personal

If you want to get away from the tile, then look into some other options, like wallpaper or vinyl. There are plenty of high-quality wallpapers on the market that can stand up to the heat, steam, and messes in the kitchen. You can do so many amazing things with wallpaper that can give an illusion of brick or wood paneling without the hassle.

Another fun way to use wallpaper is to look into getting some custom-made to suit your tastes. One clever idea that has become popular is to use the handwriting of one of your loved ones to have a clever saying like “let’s eat” or “yum” repeated throughout your backsplash wallpaper. Custom wallpaper is a creative and delightful way to add some personalized touches to the kitchen.

Get Stoney

Stone and marble are always a classic look that makes the room look glamorous. Natural stone goes with everything, and it’s sturdy enough to hold up to multiple scrubbings and spills as long as you choose an option that isn’t too porous. Stone backsplashes have been one of the big kitchen backsplash trends of 2022.

If you love the look of stone, but it isn’t quite in your price range, then you can always do a faux stone look using a stick-on tile or wallpaper. Some wallpaper is even textured in a similar way so you can take the illusion one step further. There are plenty on the market that can look identical to everything, from old brick to tumbled river stones, and they are relatively easy to apply.

Get Massive

Traditional backsplashes used to be a few inches high and travel behind the counters, but modern backsplashes can go all the way to your ceiling or even higher. Some people have made their backsplashes into art pieces and extended them onto their ceilings or across the walls behind their countertops.

You can extend your backsplash as far as you want length-wise or heigh-wise to make the room feel cohesive. You can also use a similar paint color as the backsplash you’ve chosen to spread the color throughout the room. You can also use the backsplash color as an accent color to coordinate your kitchen accessories and make the backsplash pop.

Get Dark

When it comes to color trends, you can go quite a few ways to make the room look completely different. For kitchen backsplash inspiration with white cabinets, go with dark tiles to make the cabinets pop. Another color scheme that always goes well with bright white cabinets is bold colors like royal blue or rouge red.

If you have darker cabinets, then stick to a backsplash that has a lighter tone, or look at adding some lighting to brighten up the backsplash area. Add some lighting to your stove vent or under cabinet lighting to brighten up the backsplash area without changing it too much.

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Get Matched Up

If you have tile in another part of your kitchen, then it can look amazing if you use a similar tile for your backsplash. Some kitchens have tiled islands or other areas that have a pattern, and it can look really classy if you pair it with your backsplash, even if it’s in another area of the room.

Another way you can coordinate is by using your regular decor. Use a gorgeous leaf pattern and add some plants around the kitchen or stick with some copper hexagons and surround the kitchen with copper accessories. There are so many ways you can coordinate your backsplash with the rest of your kitchen.

Get Shiney

Another upcoming trend has been backsplashes that have a bit of heavy metal involved. We’re not talking about Kiss or Metallica, but naturally occurring metals like gold, silver, or bronze. Mirrored tiles are also another great trend that brings some shine and sparkle to dull areas.

If you are using a metallic accented backsplash, then try and tie it in with the rest of your appliances or features. An all-silver kitchen with silver fixtures might look odd with a gold accented backsplash. You might not be able to change the color of your appliances, but you can easily change things like the cabinet hardware and other décor pieces to match the metal you’ve chosen.

Get Wild

There are so many different tile and wallpaper ideas out there that might feel too outlandish to put in a whole room, so this is the perfect place to release your creativity. Graphic print or crazy-colored tiles are trendy, allowing you to get a little wild in a smaller space. Multicolored glass grid mosaic tiles have become very popular with people who want to add some depth and color to their backsplash areas.

There are plenty of unique-looking tiles on the market that are shaped like flowers, beach waves, or look like tumbled stones, so you can add a bit of flair to the space. Unique backsplashes with rainbow tiles or wacky patterns can be a great focal point that draws people into your kitchen. Mosaic designs are also popular, and they can add an artistic flair to the most boring kitchens.

You can do so many things to make your backsplash a fantastic part of your kitchen, and with the right look, it can enhance the entire space. You can use the backsplash to make the rest of the room pop or use it as the main focal point for your kitchen. Have a look at some of these great ideas if you are looking for some amazing kitchen backsplash inspiration.

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