08 Jan 2019

We all spend a lot of our time in our kitchens: it’s where we make food for our family, and it’s where you host your friends. Life is easier when your kitchen is looking and functioning great.

So, how can you make your kitchen the most efficient kitchen you’ve ever had? We’ve got a list of ideas – 10 to be exact. Check out our article below to make the best use of your space and your time.

1. Use Empty Space

When designing your kitchen, consider those corner cupboards. Often, they end up as a waste of extra space. But wait! You can use them. Make it accessible and usable. Have a pantry-like door that folds out so that you can get to that far corner under your counters. Or have a spinning shelf in it so that you barely have to move a muscle to reach for that dish that always ends up in the back.


Another thing to note here is the empty space above cabinets or the fridge. Consider wall or ceiling storage for some items. Think vertical wall storage. Hang your pots, pans, mugs, or certain utensils. It’ll come in handy for those kitchen items you use all the time.

2. Go For the Kitchen Island

At gatherings, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. As much as you try, it’s almost always going to happen at some point or another. So, why not make it friendly for those gatherings? A kitchen island is the perfect trick for this.


Friends or family can sit and eat appetizers while you prepare the rest of the meal. It’s easy access to the fridge for more wine or beverages. And you can actually chat with your guests. It gives you the space to cook, cut, and do as you please – while also inviting everyone else to hang out around the space.

3. Try a Flat Glass Ceramic Cooktop

This looks fresh, sleek, and clean. And creates a usable space when you aren’t cooking something on the overntop. It also goes with most styles. In other words, it looks great and is entirely functional – yet hidden.

4. Install a Spice Drawer

Say bye to the cluttered look brought to you by the spice rack. Instead, do a spice drawer. It stays hidden, clears counter space, and helps you avoid any unnecessary and accidental spice spillage. You can also do it yourself by adding inserts to any drawer for your spices. It keeps them organized and tucked away.

5. Use Cabinetry to Hide Your Dishwasher


It makes everything look better. And it still offers full function of a dishwasher. Another thing to note here is to make sure your sink is close to your dishwasher. You don’t want to be walking across the kitchen to put dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. It’s much more seamless to stand in one spot and fill it up!

6. Install Plug-In Lighting Strips

Ones that come with motion sensors are best. When you open a drawer or cabinet, they turn on! Easy! And while we’re talking about lighting, really think about where you put spotlights and that in the kitchen. If you go to make a late night snack, will you be able to see what you’re doing? It’s important to consider.

7. Plan to Put Items Where You Use Them the Most

Pots across the kitchen in a cupboard beside the fridge isn’t doing you any good. Think efficiency when designing your layout and where items will go. For example, your cooktop utensils should have a spot near your stove and oven. Your spice drawer should also be close by. Glasses should go over by the fridge, and so on. These things will matter when it comes time to use your brand new kitchen.

8. Think About Outlets & Appliances

Do you use your blender on the regular? Is it going to go in a cupboard or out on the counter? And the big question: Will it be near a plug? When planning your kitchen layout, consider where the outlets are going and what you regularly use them for. Does it make sense? Do you need the outlets for anything else? It might not seem like a big deal but it could matter down the road.

9. Install An Energy Efficient Cooktop

It has zero open flames, putting safety first. And it’s more efficient than gas cooktops. It generates the heat directly to your pot or pan. Plus, it looks great. It’s smooth and easy to use. It’s also easy to clean up any messes that happen – you simply wait for it to cool down then wipe a cloth across it.

10. Try a Grey Palette

A lot of people go for whites in the kitchen. The problem with this is that it can get and look messy fast. Grey can still be bright, but also hides any flaws or messes you may miss. Also, with greys, you can add bold accent colours in darker hues and shades, such as dark blues or blacks. Think darker colours for your cabinets or cabinet knobs. It gives your kitchen that extra oomph, and it’ll be a room you’re proud of.

Bonus: Get a Multi-Purpose Sink

These are all the rage lately. A cutting board or something that fits right in that sink grove can create another usable space. It can also help you cut back on the mess made across your counters. It can be great if you’re hosting a lot of people and need the extra counter space to prep the food (as well it makes it easier to clean fruits and veggies, and chop them up all in one go).

Start Building Your Functional Dream Kitchen Today!

Add some of the above features, and you won’t be disappointed. Making meals and doing the dishes just became that much easier. Plan ahead and you won’t have to worry about a dysfunctional kitchen ever again.

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