20 Apr 2018

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is a place where you prepare meals, where guests gather, and where you and your family create memories.

When you go to design your kitchen, you want to keep these aspects in mind. The kitchen design you choose determines the room’s atmosphere and functionality.

The following are 10 design ideas for your new kitchen.

1. Industrial Style

The industrial look is in. It includes modern technology and trendy features such as exposed brick. A popular option for this look involves reclaiming old materials. You take something old and salvage it. Often these aspects create character and great conversation pieces. The industrial style particularly caters to those looking for a more minimalist and open concept vibe.

2. English Country Style

The English country kitchen style takes a page out of 19th century. This style conveys a homey and comfortable atmosphere. The colour scheme is typically open and cheery with pastels or bright colours. Hardwood floors and arched doorways frame the room. The decor for an English country style often consists of flowered teapots and rustic antiques.

3. White or Black Neutrals

Neutrals typically never go out of style. For a bold statement, choose black colours to make the counter or cabinets pop. The traditional plain white colouring for cabinets and walls is also a viable and easy go-to.

4. Quartz Countertops

Quartz counters are still many individuals’ top choice. It doesn’t stain, is very durable, and gives a more natural stone look. Further, quartz comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

5. Smart Storage

No one likes clutter or hunting through various drawers and cabinets to find the pan you need. Good organization and smart storage make a kitchen space that much more enjoyable to use. Appliance garages, easy pull-out drawers, and having most things off the counter creates a more appealing and easy-to-use space. Utilize each area underneath and above the counters to its full potential.

6. Technology Savvy Kitchens

In recent decades, technology has made things more efficient. This is no different when it comes to kitchen design. When choosing appliances for your new kitchen, consider smart fridges, wireless thermometers, and 2-in-1 cooking systems. Although they may have a higher price tag, depending on your lifestyle, it may be worth it.

7. Ceramic Tile or Hardwood Floors

Both ceramic tile and hardwood are popular kitchen floor choices. If you have a more open concept kitchen layout, having the same flooring as the rest of the space can create a more integrated look. Choose hardwood if the rest of the room includes it. Choose ceramic tile if you want the rooms to appear more separate.

8. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands add counter space and storage. They, also, help connect living or dining rooms to the kitchen area. It opens up the room and can even offer extra eating space.

9. Natural Lighting and Pot Lights

Natural lighting via windows brightens up the kitchen and creates a space you enjoy cooking in. Pot lights are another trendy and efficient lighting option to ensure the room is brightly lit and you can see what you are doing.

10. Add in Some Shelves

Cabinets are great. However, shelving opens up the space and creates room for plants or decor to bring out character and warmth in your kitchen. Combine shelving units and cabinets to create an inviting atmosphere where you’ll want to spend time in and host guests.

Kitchen designs have evolved and changed throughout the years. With technology and creative space-saving ideas, there are more choices than ever before. Explore your options and find a kitchen design you love.

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